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  1. ahhh, yeah, Packanack must be the mile down the road one I'm thinking of.. If have shift, not a big deal but if not its a long walk/run and counselors usually finished obj. by time you get there.
  2. It still seams hit or miss. Same with phone house. I put cursor on side of house that has fuse box and sometimes I still end up on other side of house and have to run all the way around.
  3. Yeah, but if they fix the connection issue and you are just always grabbed and dead after a car stop, then is it really a fix? I think the whole point people get pissed is cuz they want to have time to get away and not be required to have a knife as driver everytime car is stopped. Fix should be give ample time to exit car. Jason has shift and can use if needed. If he used already to stop car then counselor should have advantage. Keep the game balanced.
  4. If anything they should allow knife throws through door. That would back the counselors up a bit. Want to trade blow for blow with Jason through a door? Here take a knife to the head first! Right now I just combat stance and use block if i see strike coming or move in and out and strike from angles. No way you can use regular door stike cuz it is so slow and they will always get a hit in.
  5. I've always wondered what this fix should be. Is it a grab or is it not a grab? I think counselor should have time to open door and get away. But from Jason point of view, he already grabbed you and the game just flaked and made it seem to you like you got away. Only to be brought back and watch the end result of your fate.
  6. crystal lake is the bad one I think. One puts you on beach and the other halfway down the road at times.
  7. Always. Lately I've been trying to quick knife them before they crawl through. Sometimes this gives enough time to catch up and grab or slash them before they attempt again, and if not the cool down is usually over and can knife them again after they crawl through.
  8. I'm ok with a low level Savini. Prob means I can run right by him and have nothing to worry about. Unless it is indeed an alternate account of a 150 player, well then that just sucks.. ?
  9. I've fallen victim to this a few times when going from inside to outside to put fuse in. Guess that's what I get for taking the shortcut
  10. Have to agree though that the mile up the road morphs need to be nixed. They only happen every so often, but shouldn't be happening at all
  11. I almost hit one of these last night, but I was so surprised I morphed right on someone that I totally blew it. Scared the F out of the counselor though for sure.. lol Have to agree though that the mile up the road morphs need to be nixed. They only happen every so often, but shouldn't be happening at all
  12. And here I thought this was an adult forum. Guess I should clean up my language a bit.. Fuck.. ?
  13. I think its fine for the most part. There are those off times though when you hear a battery or gas fail and you morph to car only to find out the morph put you halfway down the road and you have no chance at stopping now. I would def be fine if they got rid of that as it should at least put you in the general proximity of where you were trying to go.
  14. When did you see this? I assumed, but didn't see anything posted.
  15. I usually announce over mic if I have walkie when I find it. Not like anyone listens to me half the time though anyways. How many times Ive fixed the boat or 2 seater say its ready but no one comes. I leave and anyone gives me shit for leaving alone and I'm like did you not hear me calling out and honking for a good 2 or 3 minutes! Not waiting all game.. lol Gotta love though when you announce house then time goes by and you can't find fuse, so you start asking if any one has it. Get no response. You eventually die and watch a guy with the fuse in pocket die even later now no one has chance of escape. Like buddy drop that shit if you don't know what to do with it, I could help you out or even walk you through it.
  16. Ive been known to do that with the hairspray in the early morning hours. Right in the eye...?
  17. Good point and I bet over time they will fill in that gap and it will all make more sense. Just now is so weird cuz like you said there is nothing really high level locked at the moment.
  18. Yeah this is what I do. I don't even attempt to heal them even if I know I didn't take damage. But then there is always that one guy that is limping and I drop for and he just keeps limping away clueless while I'm yelling in my mic, "No! Stop! Come back and heal! AJ loves you!" ah fuck it die then you bastard... ?
  19. Or turn new players off that have to put 100s of hours into a game to get the cool features. Its a dicey roll. Only time will tell how this turns out. Just hoping PC doesn't lose any more players. I truly enjoy playing with or without new cool shit.
  20. I think this is exactly what happened in my game. Except I wasn't trying to be bad on purpose. lol I finally got shit together though and just like you said, the trolls knew they were fucked. And the couple of cool players actually trying to do the objectives were just collateral damage. ?
  21. Been grinding it out trying to get my level up with announcement of new features being locked out at higher then normal levels. Realized I've been a garbage Jason for far too long. I've been watching a ton of good Jasons lately and trying to pick things up here and there. Started practicing the Combat block in offline mode and got it down pretty good. I was in a match last night that was not going my way what, so ever. For some reason combat block was not in my mind again and I was getting chain stunned pretty good. Then I heard the lets kill Jason chatter starting and I just went off. Combat block instant grab tossed dancing chad in fire. Chased a couple more down executed then heard fuse repair fail. Ran over there and heard the one guy say hes coming don't worry I'll hold him off. He attempted swing but instead got blocked grabbed up and head punched. Poor Tiff was sooooo slow at repair I got her too. Right after 2 people quit match. And the last two were trying to kill themselves to not allow me to get kill points. The one was trying to jump out window onto a self placed trap. She/he(still not sure) missed and was limping to set trap again when I morphed in and gave her final slash. The other was locked up in room and when i broke down door they jumped and suicided while shouting no kill for you. Also proceeded to call me trash for only going 5/8. In my mind it was 8/8 since 2 shit their pants and quit and the other killed their self because they knew they were going to anyways. I'm getting there day by day. Can't believe I haven't used combat block more in past. It gives Jason a huge buff to his game. I'm at Lv55 and hoping to be as good as some of you by the time I get up there in the 100s. Until then, happy hunting... or hiding to everyone! ?
  22. Last game was AJ. Started car and should have escaped but after multiple glitches, I ended up dead... oh well shit happens.
  23. Anyone experience a bug where the car just stops driving? I was escaping last night, and make left turn on Jarvis map to main road by exit and the car just stopped moving. I couldn't go forward or reverse. I was able to exit the car and get back in, but still couldn't drive. Jason eventually showed up so I jumped into near by cabin. He knifed me, I used health spray. Heard the spray sound but saw my health spray drop on ground fire crackers go off and my self die. A minute later someone showed up and escaped in my car without issue... ?
  24. You dance or tea bag in front of me and you are dead. I will tunnel you and let everyone else escape. No one leaves camp crystal lake after doing the jig... ?
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