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  1. Nice! I picked it up for $20 when on sale a while back. Had a bunch of friends that are 150 on ps4 say they want to get it on pc when on sale again also to start leveling all over. Hoping many more jump over. Current pc player base barely has a pulse..
  2. I get what he is saying though. When over 50% of people are against a decision they made preventing them from doing something, someone will find a hack to get it done and everyone will get to do it anyways...
  3. Don't leave PC! Our player base needs you! Just have to find the right players to play with. We are out there... ?
  4. Yes the majority that voted No for being to high already were over 113, so those numbers are just a little skewed.. I saw a ton of people over 113 vote Yes which carried just a little more weight in my opinion, but whatever. I'm still pumped for the update!
  5. Yeah, Im usually repair counselor. There are times I repair and run inside with time to call also but not enough to consider taking up a slot.
  6. I have a my dad's a cop that I never use. Perk trading system would be nice feature to add to a lobby.
  7. Ever have the one where you die with no small map because of high fear, and come back as Tommy without a small map? Also cant see any of your items...
  8. Snow could be bad ass. Would be awesome to see the blood spraying all over the white fluffiness..
  9. I'm pretty sure at one point the devs said using macros in this game was a bannable offense among many other things, but since they turned the blind eye, I'm not really sure any more. Maybe they go after these people again after the update is released when they have some free time.
  10. I like the idea of being able to find shells/bullets in the drawers. Also, instead of the shotgun being useless after firing how about being able to use it as a melee weapon? Id rather swing a shotgun around then a pot or branch...
  11. Try finding the fuse, have a pocket knife, but then step in a trap coming out of the window cuz you were too lazy to run around the cabin. Sometimes I window hop just a little too much as AJ.. ?
  12. This is something I could get behind. Have a good group of people you meet in QP, get to form a private lobby so everyone can keep playing together all night. When someone drops out can go public again, grab a player then go back to private. PC sucks in public as it constantly will throw you with different people all night long. lucky to get 2 or 3 games with the same people.
  13. When this happens the morph is so off you can't even see the car.. lol
  14. ahhh, yeah, Packanack must be the mile down the road one I'm thinking of.. If have shift, not a big deal but if not its a long walk/run and counselors usually finished obj. by time you get there.
  15. It still seams hit or miss. Same with phone house. I put cursor on side of house that has fuse box and sometimes I still end up on other side of house and have to run all the way around.
  16. Yeah, but if they fix the connection issue and you are just always grabbed and dead after a car stop, then is it really a fix? I think the whole point people get pissed is cuz they want to have time to get away and not be required to have a knife as driver everytime car is stopped. Fix should be give ample time to exit car. Jason has shift and can use if needed. If he used already to stop car then counselor should have advantage. Keep the game balanced.
  17. If anything they should allow knife throws through door. That would back the counselors up a bit. Want to trade blow for blow with Jason through a door? Here take a knife to the head first! Right now I just combat stance and use block if i see strike coming or move in and out and strike from angles. No way you can use regular door stike cuz it is so slow and they will always get a hit in.
  18. I've always wondered what this fix should be. Is it a grab or is it not a grab? I think counselor should have time to open door and get away. But from Jason point of view, he already grabbed you and the game just flaked and made it seem to you like you got away. Only to be brought back and watch the end result of your fate.
  19. crystal lake is the bad one I think. One puts you on beach and the other halfway down the road at times.
  20. Always. Lately I've been trying to quick knife them before they crawl through. Sometimes this gives enough time to catch up and grab or slash them before they attempt again, and if not the cool down is usually over and can knife them again after they crawl through.
  21. I'm ok with a low level Savini. Prob means I can run right by him and have nothing to worry about. Unless it is indeed an alternate account of a 150 player, well then that just sucks.. ?
  22. I've fallen victim to this a few times when going from inside to outside to put fuse in. Guess that's what I get for taking the shortcut
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