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  1. F13 would be smart to do 50% off sale this weekend too. I have a ton of friends waiting to buy it on pc. Lets up the player base please!
  2. Fucker... you got me. I connected remotely to pc all excited only to find nothing... ?
  3. I repair shit as Chad all the time. He has luck on his side remember!
  4. badassgixxer05


    Had a buddy in college that would mix this with a can of tuna. Extra protein he would say.....
  5. badassgixxer05


    Funny enough, I dont mind the chips. Always a surprise though when you grab one at a party thinking it is just a plain ol potato chip and get that extra kick of vinegar afterwards.. ?
  6. badassgixxer05


    kinda like salt and vinegar chips I guess. The smell makes me sick...
  7. badassgixxer05


    Haha, see I knew I'd find someone that does it! I prefer to dip mine in ketchup. The wife likes vinegar on hers. Maybe with with a shot of maple syrup? Hmmm, I think we may have something here... Damn it I double posted again. if only i could merge myself.. sorry admin guys!
  8. badassgixxer05


    Ketchup on eggs is a must! Want to talk weird, Mayo on french fries.. noticed a lot of Canadians visiting from ontario to NF NY side would do this.
  9. Well the steam pool is pretty small, so shouldn't take us that long.. ?
  10. lol, Buffalo guy here. We loathe anything Boston related. Sorry.. ?
  11. Takes me getting hacked 5 times to die in the game. I've never counted the axe swings of opening scene, but there is a chance Rob has a health spray and could be good to go.. ?
  12. Ill wake my PC up around lunch time. Have it ready for dload when it drops. I usually cant play until 7:30ish when I put the little tot to bed, so anytime before then is fine with me.. ? 4pm est sounds about right though as long as they don't have any set backs.
  13. Anyone check out the kickstarter for Hide or Die? Looks like a pretty interesting game. Devs say the game is pretty much complete, but want to refine it and add some more features with kickstarter money. Beta release in Aug, game release in Oct. What do you guys think?
  14. Hey, I thought they said they were saving crystal lake, not flushing it down the toilet! ?
  15. IDK. I actually see dead people in the trailer. This killer actually kills...
  16. I thought the same thing.. ? This is at the main house? There is a shit ton of places to check in there too if so.. pretty cheap glitch and time waster for everyone.. good to know. Thanks!
  17. I'm sure lobbies will be filled with her tonight no doubt. I've given every counselor a chance and play for some time to get a feel. My mains are AJ and Chad depending what the rest of lobby looks like. Her stats kind of look like a blend between AJ and Chad, so I may like her and have a new main to switch up to. We will all get to see how she plays soon enough!
  18. Its really not that bad. Def hit or miss. I've had some really awesome games in QP and some really terrible ones. I've noticed playing later at night during the week has been pretty chill. Most of the kiddy trolls are in bed for school in the morning...
  19. I'm more for the person playing Tommy having to sign up for some sort of badge of honor. Help someone for christ sakes! Fix something. Save someone grabbed by Jason. Just dont push AJ aside, jump in a boat and drive off(I actually saw this last night. Luckily Jason got her, and she was pissed about it too. Was kind of funny)
  20. Yeah running in circles is lame. I at least try to make the chase fun. If I die I die, If I survive I usually have the respect of Jason.
  21. Yeah I can't believe those players that play as Jason 7. Waste my time running around as a counselor knowing I'm never going to die. Wasting everyone elses time watching. The nerve of these people.... ? jk. Ive been killed by Jason 7 many times just as I have been killed or seen 150s killed as Vanessa. To op: Study up and get better, just like the person did that is kiting you.
  22. I actually prefer Chad over Vanessa. I was running away from a lv150 Savini Jason last night as Chad and made him quit. I wasn't even trolling or trash talking, was just surviving. Some people just can't handle not being very good...
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