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  1. I looked at getting an ultrawide a little while back, but I heard this same thing from multiple people. If you get it to work the experience is amazing, but it always comes down to if you can get it to work.
  2. I swapped mouse for controller long ago, but still play on PC.. ?
  3. Missing sounds and character spawns were only issues I witnessed. Doors/windows/drawer sounds were missing, but it was only sometimes, not all the time. Once I had Victoria selected and somehow I ended up being Deb. Both issues reported by multiple users. I did have a 1 off when i was grabbed by Jason, but was kind of floating off to the side while he was standing next to me with hand in the air like he was holding me still. He couldn't execute kill, and I got away briefly, but grabbed me again shortly after and ended all hope. Don't really think the game got any worse like some are claiming, there are bugs still both old and new, but seemed to run a little smoother to me. I'm on PC.
  4. yeah I was only on second play through and i was spamming all the buttons to see if it would skip. No luck.. ?
  5. A menu similar to how they did the single player challenges would be nice. Have the option to play same map/Jason or hop back and pick new.
  6. wtf, guess its back to slashing when in groups again...
  7. Is this a thing again now? I didn't really notice while playing
  8. Just hoping its a place to keep them away from me.. But only time will tell..
  9. There was a douche in my lobby last night with Uber skin claiming it really was in the update and that he had no clue how to hack anything. He also left the match right at start when he wasn't selected as Jason. If the salt mines actually do work, eventually won't have to run into him again..
  10. Mine auto updated and installed by the time I got home from work. I just launched and played.. ?
  11. I didn't get any last night over 2-3hrs of QP. I assume they are out there. I found a bunch last 2.3xp event and a bunch on here were saying they still didn't see any then either. Even x2 they are still rare and have to have some luck to find. Like I've said before, I like it this way as I'm still excited everytime I find one cuz they are fn hard to find! ?
  12. I thought this would be great for combat stance door swings, but I still find myself hitting the top of door frame more then the actual door at times. Still faster then the animation swings, but not by much..
  13. Google says its an xbox term. Guess it bounces users to the dashboard screen, which must be their "home screen" on xbox.. Still learning new things everyday in my old age.. lol
  14. I thought it was giving XP. It was saying +xp when i spied or did a kill. Did that just not apply to your total xp after match? I didn't really look at mine to compare before/after single player task. Might just be a bug. I did notice the extra cp though..
  15. Ah, yeah i just call that crashing on pc..
  16. I didn't even see them on my screen to hover over. Just had the 3 choices. On PC.
  17. Its a good high pressure match simulator. Traps going off every which way every few minutes. And I noticed the bots didn't just run back and forth and come right back to you, they actually ran to cabins and tried to stay away from you. Made testing new grab much easier then pre updated bots.
  18. Did they level lock some of her clothing? Only choices I had were blue, pink or yellow...
  19. I increased the gamma in game settings and it made look a little better..
  20. F13 would be smart to do 50% off sale this weekend too. I have a ton of friends waiting to buy it on pc. Lets up the player base please!
  21. Fucker... you got me. I connected remotely to pc all excited only to find nothing... ?
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