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  1. I was thinking more of a motivational speaker. Breaking down the doors to a better life or some shit... ?
  2. You have spent over 5hrs of your life, just breaking down doors... ? Edit: or 2hr.. fuck math these days, my mind doesn't work anymore
  3. Yeah, I stopped dropping keys when some dick picked them up and ran all the way across the map to the other car when there were keys on the map by that one already. I was running behind him shouting dude there are already keys at the other car, drop them!. His response was, maybe this car takes 2 keys to start. I got them back when they washed ashore after he escaped with them, but of coursed died by the time I got back to other car. Bastard!
  4. Yup, my dad had them all on VHS. Anytime him and my mom went out and my sister was watching me those tapes were going in.. Of course I didn't sleep all night and was usually crying Jason was going to get me when my parents came home.. ?
  5. Yeah anytime I take a day off from work and hope to get a couple games in, there is no one else around it seems. Best play times on steam are def after 7pm est.
  6. These are my audio settings, but doesn't seem like any would apply to your issue. I have heard of people having issues tied to there gamer tag. Try logging in with a different gamer tag and test. If don't have one to test out try logging out of gamer tag, rebooting xbox then logging back in.
  7. Im on pc, but under audio there were 3 different settings at bottom that were all set to on, and I turned them all off. 1 had to do with push to talk, other might have been push to listen. I dont remember exactly. I can check later and let you know. settings may be different then on xbox though not 100% sure.
  8. I remember a couple different sound settings I had to disable when patch came out as it reset everything back to default options. Review and make sure there isn't anything in there causing issue. You get game sounds just not the voice chat sounds?
  9. Yeah I pound the shit out of the button, so if they ever change back to just one hit id never know.. ?
  10. I have to hit grab twice to grab out of shift. once to stop then once to grab. Been like that for awhile on PC...
  11. Some details on the issue would help
  12. Its the discord hunting parties that make this look easy. When I look at map and within first minute see a group of 4 or 5 counselors already all in one spot I know something is up. Always fun to see them meet a really good Jason and watch them all quit after first 2 go down rather quickly...
  13. There are also Door, window and hiding spot rubberband issues also Ive seen if not reported.
  14. So the rumors are true. Nice! Good riddance to these POS hackers/exploiters.
  15. Yeah if a running Jason Morphs right at beginning and ends up right next to an AJ, Then could be some trouble. I usually do my best to juke them around but stamina will eventually run low and that spells trouble if no more cabins around to run to. Some I get away, some I die. Its whats so fun about the game.
  16. Yeah, I'm not sure who they had testing this game, but that needs to go another route. Noticed bugs in prob first half hour of playing that have been replicated many times over the weekend. Unless they knew about the bugs and couldn't fix them in time before the 1year, but in that case, maybe they need some new devs...
  17. I have a fun one: Was grabbed out of car by Jason. Walked over to the front, but he lost grib right when he got there. The car was also started at the same time and Jason stunned by a counselor. The car started driving and I some how was linked to the car. I was gliding(not running as my feet were not moving) around at about 20mph. I could move in any which direction I wanted, but could not exit the glide with any actions. Finally the car crashed and the glide stopped and I was able to move as normal again...
  18. From reading most of the posts on here today, I'm going to guess only very few would agree. I'm still holding back judgment. I didn't expect every bug to be fixed in this patch as it was a pretty major overhaul. I had fun playing last night as I always do, but I get where the frustration is coming from for a lot of the original players on here. Ive only been playing since February, so guess I'm still pretty gullible that they will get things right eventually..
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