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  1. Last sale they had was in Feb. when I bought it. Havnt seen it on sale since. A shame, cuz I know multiple people waiting to buy on pc that just dont want to pay the full $40 to get on another system.
  2. Did anyone get in on the kickstarter? I ended up backing at hunter pledge to play with my nephew. They hit all the stretch goals already and still have 5 days left. Devs have been pretty active on discord with backers. Could be some good post summer fun ahead.
  3. It was noticeably hard getting a full lobby last night for the first time since I've had the game.
  4. Im not so sure I'd call leaving a lobby after a game quitting. Or am I reading this wrong?
  5. Ill be playing on pc all week as usual. nothing has changed here. Still love the game, new content or not.
  6. WTF, well thats why i never saw the new content on pc.. Thanks man!
  7. All the matches that ended early on me last night were when Tommy was killed mid game. Seems like there is a kill Tommy glitch.
  8. Yeah, hopefully next patch. Only bug that really getting on my nerves when I play. A room full of Vanessas, I choose AJ to give repair a better chance and I spawn as Chad instead.. lol
  9. addressed, not fixed. Will find out with some more testing i guess. Seems like a difficult one for them to nail down. Don't think they want to say fixed then get crucified when it happens again.
  10. I'll be hitting up double xp waiting to find out. Would be nice to see something drop soon, but either way i'll be playing...
  11. Before I met my wife, the only live music I went to see was my sister's school choir. Since then have only scene Skynyrd. I think they easily outrank the choir.. ?
  12. Will be interesting to see what they do to tie in, but this would def make sense...
  13. I already feel hungry just thinking about it.. ?
  14. On pc it sits there a long long time waiting for someone to fill. Think thats y I get loaded there so much.
  15. I was just thinking, on pc, sometimes I'm loaded into a match that is post lobby but still pregame. I sometimes will leave that if I don't like the counselor or Jason that was set and there is no option to change from there. Do we get salt if we leave from there? Its technically not in game as it says waiting for players at top still, but map has already been loaded as you can see it in background.
  16. People love the game and want it to be the top played?.. idk.. lol Im fine as long as I'm filling lobbies. when that goes dry maybe ill bitch a little.
  17. Yeah, maybe I used the wrong terminology. Was not referring to any exploits. Just the ability to let the counselor take a pipe to the head instead of Jason then be able to execute the kill. After this latest patch, you hit a counselor and Jason gets stunned.
  18. Yeah its almost impossible to get a grab kill with 2 or more counselors working together. I usually have to time combat blocks or get beat up for a second and wait for a weapon to break to get a grab kill now in groups. was nice to have the body block to be able to turn grabbed counselor into swinging counselor and not get stunned.
  19. This sounds reasonable to me, assuming Jason player is average to good. Current state I believe is good, as long as they bring back body blocking...
  20. I was thinking more of a motivational speaker. Breaking down the doors to a better life or some shit... ?
  21. You have spent over 5hrs of your life, just breaking down doors... ? Edit: or 2hr.. fuck math these days, my mind doesn't work anymore
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