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  1. There was leaked footage of Grendel map. Pretty sure from Gun responses it was real too..
  2. They suspend people on this forum? I can see if you only created an account to come troll, but seems like you were a pretty respected member on here. Go figure.
  3. Appreciate it Shifty! Those are the only 2 that really bother me at this point. If everything else gets fixed later, its just gravy.
  4. Isn't paid dlc incoming revenue? Id be fine with that if $$$ the only thing standing in way of new future content after settlement. Other devs seem to have no problem with this model.
  5. I still cant believe gremlins was PG. How the heck they pulled that off, I have no clue. I remember liking it as a kid, so let me daughter watch that thinking oh this cant be that bad, only PG. My wife just about killed me.. lol As for remakes I would like to see: Chopping mall Slumber Party Massacre Pet Sematary(I've heard this might be on the horizon)
  6. I have no clue. I just saw counselor running down the road with it in hand. I killed real quick and then looked at the map thinking maybe they added boats in new patch. No boat still though.. stupid counselors! or maybe he was going to build the boat....
  7. I saw this last week. They sure are getting smarter. Now only if there was a boat he could put it in... ?
  8. I thought this had something to do with it. Sometimes Ill get in a lobby and it looks like everyone has it on random. I usually go in and change mine around a bit and come back to lobby and then see everyones set as normal. really fucking weird. But sometimes after I will still spawn as random, so doesn't really matter I think.. lol
  9. High end pc is not needed to play this game, but indeed less people have a dedicated gaming pc then a console.
  10. Jason: Trap and kill. Main was Roy until update made breaking down doors ridiculously difficult. Counsellors: Stealth and hit objectives. Mains AJ and lately been liking chad for a change up(surprised how luck can give a good skill check here and there).
  11. Really? I just recently took to playing P4. The -traps -shift seem to be fine if you put the pressure on early especially on regular sized maps. When counselors are constantly running for life they give up on objectives it seams(or just dont have the time to search cabins thoroughly for parts). Been clearing QP pretty good.
  12. hmmm, maybe its big parties like I said. Im usually in 3 or 4 person parties and never have issues. Think its party host dependent also as the guy that always has low ping is the only one Ive seen have issues, but we didnt split up the party would just die.
  13. Random counselor/Jason selection spawns and early game ends are must fixes for next patch. Fingers crossed!
  14. Hell yes! No one could hustle this case better then good ol' slippin Jimmy! ?
  15. Damn, I bet a ton of work went into creating that shit. Devs have to be just as pissed as us...
  16. lol, If I could only sell the idea to the wife(she doesnt understand gaming, says I should grow up all the time.. lol). Gaming PC was easy. Me: "Honey I need to build a new pc for work" her: "oh, ok" ... She has no clue whats under the hood.. ?
  17. I'm always up for some bonus xp. I didnt even see last weeks announced, so when I saw an x2 on my xp earned page after match I was pretty excited!
  18. Wish I had an xbox to get in some games with you guys. Bet its alot of fun. @AldermachXI let me know if you ever get something together on PC again. I'd def like to join.
  19. Maybe it depends on how many people are in the party? can see some issues if 7 person party trying to join a lobby. Would think it would just create a new one though and wait for 1 more person to join. I'm on PC and have never really seen any issues. I do remember one guy I play with having some issues when he was host of the party as his ping was always shit.
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