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  1. I run Tiff without any stealth perks and many times Jason still cant find me when in rage, especially on the large maps. Had a match the other night on Pinehurst and I was up north. I got the battery to car over at camarillo and noticed there was just me and another guy left with Jason on his ass by the main house. I realized there was no way to get car fixed so i set up some weapons and sprays and began building my kiting route all the way back to the most north west house. I set trap by door and waited a good 3 or 4 mins in that cabin after the other guy died before Jason finally found me. I went cabin to cabin all the way down and over to camarillo as planned and he just grabbed me with under a minute left and got the kill. His first comment though after was, damn man i was looking everywhere and couldn't find you! My only thought was I didnt see him the whole match until then so my fear level was prob really low.
  2. Thats the thing, she is a mix of AJ and Vanessa. Best of both worlds. 😊
  3. but grabbing just takes oneπŸ€”... I prefer to knife, slash, then grab. That's really taking it to them. And if they have a knife, they usually still limping away. If they have a spray too, good for them and ill get them again. Its all just part of the game. 😈 The other week I did shift slash someone dead and got called a fag after. It was soo perfect though. They gliched out of my kill and crawled out window. I heard them limping so just left alone and went and killed someothers. Circled back and there were two left. the limper and another without sprays or knives. I shifted and heard "help me"! I immediately slashed and killed. then the guy in front was turning and running to help thinking i was going to grab kill the limper, but got to grab kill him instead. They both were pissed.. hehe
  4. Its been pretty bad lately. Lots of new players getting triggered for dying early match. Instead of sticking around and spectating to learn some shit and try to get better they leave right away too. Makes no since to me. I learned so much in this game from watching others play after died. I'm also not sorry for being a no mercy Jason. Begging for me not to kill you will never work. 😈
  5. LMAO! You didnt even slash kill him. You gave him some nice headbutts. Not sure why he was so salty. You used the tools you were supposed to. Knives and slash to slow down, then finished him off. People are funny. "I never slash!" makes since cuz hes prob a trash Jason too.. πŸ˜‚
  6. Nah, I've ran good Jasons around the map with slow running repair counselors many times. Just have to manage your stamina by jogging cabin to cabin. The ones that are dying quick are the ones that all out sprint and blow their load. Also don't just jog in a straight line. Veer back and forth to avoid quick knife throws, and also change directions quickly when Jason is shifting. Make it hard on him to land that shift grab. Lastly, only fight him if its the last resort!
  7. Teaming is not a bannable offense anymore. Its just bad etiquette.
  8. Jason cant slash you if you don't let him get close enough to do so. I hear ya on the do everything yourself lately though. This uptick of new players just wants just hide out in cabins and do nothing or bum rush stun Jason like back in the old days. They will learn, which is what the update was intended to do. Huge consequences for beating on Jason. I like it still though. It's playing on hard mode. Makes it tough to escape that way. I have no problem dying to a skilled or unskilled Jason. They were better then me that match and i deserved to die then if they caught me. I think that's why most hate the patch. They only want to be killed by the best Jason's and troll the bad ones like look at me I'm really good! Can still do the same with this patch though if you get good at kiting. Not my style though really. I'll take all the chances and try to escape even if it means dying to a Raged lvl 1 Jason.. hehe
  9. Im talking during rage chases. there is no chance with a speedy counselor. I have done it a shit ton of times as repair counselor.
  10. Ill add to this that Vanessa is the best to have if Jason has rage and your intent is just to kite, as she really doesn't have a chance to get shit done. A repair conselor is still useful when Jason gets rage though on the contrary. Kite Jason away from objective, wait for them to use shift, then sprint back and repair. rinse repeat. Or better yet he is off chasing someone else and you waltz right in and repair under his nose. another drawback for Vanessa late match is her composure. Her fear level is bound to be high by the time rage comes, and with the added pressure she is a stumbling machine by that point. As Jason, knock out power keep on pressure and Vanessa will wilt.
  11. Yeah, i refuse to play on EU. Have ran into it a couple times on US, but thankfully not often.
  12. np. Sometimes you do have to choose your poison though. Many matches i've had multiples all trigger at once. Have it in your head which is most important and go for that one first. For me it is phone>4 seater>2seater for trap sounds. A 4 seater car start sound though will trump a phone trap for me as I know I have on average 4-5mins to get the counselors after cops called, but only about 30 seconds to stop the car before it is gone. I usually choose defending the phone over 2 seater/boat start sound. Everyone has there own strategies though. I never trap the shack, unless my mask comes off and I still have a spare. You will here mothers laugh if someone tries getting in and still have mask on, so thats enough to get over there and get them.
  13. Watch your map. The trap that is triggered has a little dot in the middle after. I try not to use morph unless I see this. Otherwise you morph somewhere at random and almost 90% after that a trap will be triggered and you have no way to get over there. At least that is usually my luck.. lol
  14. I think if you step in a trap that the other person set it doesn't count as suicide. 2 traps 2 counselors a couple sets and triggers and one is coming back as Tommy. Jason vs groups has been needing a buff for a long while. Rage buff still never addressed this for early match unfortunately. The only revenge you can get on a kill squad is killing them as Jason the next match. Most have spawn pref on counselor, but I was lucky enough to catch one that did not. He killed a low level Jason with his buddies and was talking so much trash to the poor kid. Next match he came back Jason and I made sure he met the same fate, explained how easy it is to kill Jason and to not be such a douche next time.
  15. Howie Mandel Killer! Sign me up! πŸ˜‚
  16. Sounds like a location issue? I'm in NY and in a lobby in about 30 seconds or less currently. Its been super quick since there are thousands playing again with steam sale.
  17. Surprisingly with all the new players, I haven't seen any glitchers yet. Think that's the kinda things players start to do when they get bored with a game. Right now everyone is new to it and enjoying for what it is. That hotfix is coming out this year though right??? 😁
  18. It is funny how slow the trap set takes. Maybe it was a trade off for being able to reset the traps over and over? Funny how some still dont know you can set the trap in one motion rather then dropping it then setting it. Also the traps have no effect if they are not close to door and center, else Jason can walk right around them.
  19. Yes! More asking for Savini or new content!.. hehe Nah I'm right there with you. New people to chat with is always good. They can bring a different perspective since they just getting eyes on game now. We have been staring at the same game for years and get a little tunnel vision when discussing topics.
  20. Still peaking at 4500k+ every night. I'm sure this will go on for about a month as it did at last big sale on Halloween. Its a lot of fun with the new players. Being able to scare people again with stalk, and having to fix every objective your self as counselor. Brings back memories of when i first started playing. If they could now get a patch out to fix the enviromental kills it would go a long way to keeping these numbers up. Lots I've talked to really enjoying the game. Afraid bugs are going to scare most away again.
  21. Yeah as long as they get client side saves working and switch matches back to p2p I think all will be fine when dedicated servers are shutdown. At least playable anyways. If they don't do that then all we would be able to do is play against bots or single player challanges which prob wouldn't be enough for me to keep the game installed. The fun is in multiplayer for sure.
  22. Environmental kills work about 90% of the time for me in QP. When it does glitch i just make sure i use regular kill right after and it works. Also try to let the person know that I glitched on that they are really dead and not to try to escape as it won't allow the game to end if they do.
  23. Lots of teamers with all the new players buying in Steam summer sale. The funny thing is the Jasons are all pretty terrible so it just about evens out, so I can't complain.. lol
  24. On PC lobbies take a bit now also to fill up. Def not an hr though. I'm guessing something was messed up. I always cancel search if it goes over 2 mins. starting search again usually will get me in right away after I do that.
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