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  1. Damn.. yeah I noticed last night, Tommy Jarvis was breaking my grip instantly. Had to slash to death. Figured they had some type of mod or hack. Oh well, cant win with people sometimes.
  2. Can keep you alive for long periods of time when nature calls. Keep in mind when she does come a calling, she never dials the wrong number. ? But on a serious note, yes hiding spots are still handy when Jason is in hot pursuit and stamina is getting low. Especially in cabins with multiple beds. If can duck under before he comes into room, he has to play a guessing game that is in your favor, or half the time he doesnt hear sliding under bed sound or thinks you jumped out the window and just keeps running by.
  3. I'm a fan of dubstep/house/edm. I havn't heard the term techno thrown around though in years. Prob way back when I was listening to The Prodigy smacking up bitches.. ?
  4. I think I have irritable bowl or something. Seems every time I start playing this game, I have to take a shit.? I've never been bounced if I duck in a hiding spot, although maybe I just beat the timer. There have been times though when I was killed, run to the bathroom, but by the time I get back a new game started and I was bounced already for inactivity. Prob had a pissed off lobby before hand yelling at me to ready up, while i was on the pot. Should integrate status symbols to use on account for situations like this. "Gone to shitter. BRB ✌️"
  5. I got my buddy that plays on ps4 to get F13 on pc. Hoping some others follow suit. Can use a refresh of the steam population for this game!
  6. I still think the biggest disadvantage as Jason is that they took away the ability to position a grabbed counselor in between you and other counselors to get the kill without being stunned. When in groups, counselors no longer fear being grabbed as there is someone always there to get instant stun and release no matter what. Now we are stuck blocking and slashing which is pretty ineffective against hunting parties especially when they have medic and a couple sprays. Mask will be off well before you kill 1 let alone enough to make them scatter.
  7. You forgot the "S" in your response. Dont worry, I got you: S? ?
  8. Yes, Its been announced that this will be fixed in upcoming patch
  9. Good news! Now the question of when will probably be asked a thousand times. ?
  10. Shifty has said a few times now that they are working on shit. I'm sure he would let us know when he has the info on when it could be ready to drop.
  11. Wouldnt be surprised if they all spawned with them too
  12. The point of the exclusives is to get backers to throw more money towards the new project. Why would I back $100 savini tier if I know savini would be free or even a dlc for $5 later on? You pay the $100 knowing that is the only chance to get him.
  13. The old underground railroad went through just about every town by me. Can swim right across boarder if really wanted to.. was done thousands of times way back..
  14. Interaction locked Jason hunting parties sounds like music to my ears....
  15. Survivor play could be interesting. Have 2 different realities. Real life, then the dream world. In real life you are battling sleep and trying to stay awake. Searching for pills/cokes/whatever to stay awake. Trying to solve the Freddy mystery. If other sleeping survivors are found you have a chance to wake them and maybe save them from freddy. In the dream world is where the battle takes place or atleast where Freddy can exist and kill you. No tell tale sign of which reality you are in would be really cool to. Think you are waking another survivor and possibly saving them only for that person to morph into freddy and give you an instant scare and then kill!
  16. Pretty much what I was thinking. I'm not anywhere close to the best player on here but pretty sure I would escape at some point. Guaranteeing to beat someone at this game is laughable. So many things go into how a match plays out. Even being an average Jason I'm pretty sure I could get a kill on OP...
  17. Shit, I forgot about that one. Happened to me for the first time the other night.
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