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  1. Marathon, Restful, Thick Skin, Medic, Preparedness and Nerves of Steel are great all around perks(the meta). Perks like my dads a cop can be great, but really situational. My Legendary my dads a cop with legendary hypochondriac i think yielded a 3:38 start time Which really puts the pressure on Jason. But if you never call the cops the perk is useless. Sucker punch and swift attacker(old meta) have taken a big hit with the Rage buff since there powers are only beneficial pre rage, and still don't want to use then because you know you are speeding up that process with every hit. I won't even run them anymore, but sometimes wish i had them when you are getting chased down to hell in early game and could use a stun stamina boost..
  2. Keep rolling until you get a +20% damage resistance with a +1% stumble 😜 In all seriousness I have this same confusion as many others on here have with the legendary perks which is why most of us are hoping they rework them and the system all together. It was silly to put a negative on any of the legendaries, especially in a range that could be worst then epic. Instead should have just been 2 positives. The main one the same or slightly higher then epic, but then a bonus side bump perk in the second positive. Or a slight negative on the 3rd that would never be worst then epic. That way you could always be excited about your legendary and not have to ponder these dilemmas we currently are left with.. Edit: Reading back, does -5% actually reduce your stumble rate??? The epic says 1% stumble chance, so I'm guessing that would increase your chance by 1% meaning more likely to stumble?.. These are soo confusing.. haha
  3. Hmm, not sure. Ive always played with xbox360 controllers both wired and wireless. Just recently I noticed some lag with my wireless, so was thinking about going back to wired. Saw a deal on a sport red xbox one controller though, so I grabbed that and hoping to not have similar issues as this one will be bluetooth instead of the wireless over adapter bs.. I believe the ps4 is bluetooth also but required some tweaking to get working on pc? at least outside of steam? maybe its something with your created profile in that app for the controller not linking up right.
  4. People with mics still refuse to work with you. It all depends on who you run into when in QP. Ive had a guy follow me over to car I drop battery because im Tiff and they are Deb and say here put this in ill watch your back, and they so No! F U. Dont tell me what to do! So im like ok cool, guess im solo this match.. lol
  5. On PC, when the random counselor happens, the Jason that match is usually a Glitched looking patchwork mashup of a Random Jason. Nothing purposely being glitched just the game engine spit out some random bs and said here you go, now kill for mama! 😁
  6. I played as chad for the first time in a long while last night. His strength was high luck and he was very good at battling Jason because of this(lots of weapon hits/stuns). You are right since the Rage buff though, that serves no purpose and I find myself playing as the more stealthy counselors. Chad still has good speed and high luck also gives decent skill checks if you spam it a few times, so hes still useful. The ol' battle chad is silly now though as Rage kicks in faster and Chad will just be dead..
  7. Ouch, sorry to hear man. Maybe reach out to @mattshotcha to see if he can clarify the ban? Maybe even lift it as they have done that in past for many others that did not deserve the ban to be lifted. On the subject of macros, my second match as Jason last night a player tanked all my traps around car and was immediately out. I shifted and grabbed him just as he ran to back of car. He immediately broke out of my grab, and there was no knife in my neck animation. I asked him how he got out so fast and he said wouldn't you like to know. First i thought he was using the infinite composure hack, but then i thought about him breaking out of traps so fast to, which makes me think now he had to be using a macro? Either way i said good day and left the game. He tried friending me after prob to talk shit, but i just blocked him. Tired of all the dang cheats. Hope Stepson learns his lesson. Also hope you can get your 150lv account back.
  8. Best strategy in either state is to not let them get it in box, so still think trapping box is a good idea to keep track of it on map(those darn sneaky quiet knives!). Get there as fast as can if you hear trap sound/skill check sound or just see the trap sprung while checking map. A lot of times can shift and grab the person putting in fuse then get in front of box so no one can put it in and then defend from there.
  9. I want to say it was from beginning 2018 until engine upgrade. you could not stop him from hitting box once the action button was pressed. I started playing in Feb 2018 and remember making a big deal about it when that changed. Some OGs like yourself informed me back then it was always that way, but others confirmed what i saw which was you were not able to stop the animation for awhile. Maybe it was a bug and unintended but it indeed was a thing for a bit on PC and it was still balanced fine. Fire crackers and stuns before he was able to hit action button were still in play.
  10. Its usually newer players that aren't very good at Jason yet. Which always is entertaining, because all of the helpers in the world sometimes are still not enough for them to get the kill. Other times its just trolls trying to get a reaction out of you.
  11. Yeah, i've seen this a few times. The worst was that little hut on packanack before you could unlock doors. They would take parts in, lock the door then hop out window. So glad that is no longer an issue. Hoping roof isn't much longer either.
  12. I'm OK with this in Private match, maybe adding a toggle to turn on/off, but in QP?? Hell no. Slasher_Clone is right, people will randomly hide the parts to troll. Sure they still grab parts and run off refusing to repair, or pickup the keys and refuse to drive, but eventually they die(as long as they weren't teaming) and I know where part is to go pickup and still have a chance to complete objective.
  13. Mic issues on PC too, where mic will not work in game. Next game mic will work fine. Usually lose the ability to hear game audio briefly in lobby when this happens. Everything goes like dead silent. Then i go to use my mic and nothing. In next load scene going into match I will have audio back, but still no mic. Its been random.
  14. Is that just a ps4 thing? I don't think i've ever had an issue with knife throw glitching on PC.
  15. Knives still serve a purpose. They are just not a 100% accurate. Some games I'm dead on and can't miss. Others I can't hit shit. My favorite use is at the window inside a cabin. Many times a counselor will stand by a window when you are breaking down door and then let you start running in after them a bit before they go to climb out. I hit them with a quick knife throw and they end up back on inside stuck in an animation for a sec giving me time to get over to them for an easy grab kill. 😀 Also when on outside, knife them before they get in a window. After they are bound to leap through the window knowing you are close. This leaves them stuck in a standing up animation and enough time for your knife throw to regen and hit them with another. As long as they don't have thick skin they will now be in a limping state. 😜
  16. Actually teamers have been known to hide out somewhere and tell jason where everyone were. They would just hang out with map open and watch where everyone was. Notify him when people were at objectives and what not. Pretty much the reason Devs stopped banning teamer's because that is really hard to prove, especially if they are chatting through discord and not the game. Like in your case you are just playing the game and someone would report you and you would get a ban and be like WTF I wasn't teaming! But you are correct, a lot of people take dying in this game way too seriously and want to immediately point to cheating or glitching as a reason for their death. Lately just to fuck around i've been letting lobbies beat me up a bit in the beginning, so they think im a terrible jason, to the point I start hearing the oh we should kill jason! Then i get rage and wipe the lobby in a couple of minutes. Usually someone in that group will get salty and throw shade my way, and ill just be like stop beating on Jason and go fix shit dummy! 😀
  17. That is not true. There was a long time where you were not able to stop the animation(on PC anyways). And to me the animation is just silly. You can combat stance windows and doors, why not the box too? This would at least allow you to block an attack and then hit the box. Current state you are stuck in a 3 second animation where you are vulnerable to a hit to stop it at anytime. I hate it even more from a counselor point of view. I like a good battle with Jason. Some of my best moments in this game were at the phone box where it went back and forth and you finally just get the call off, or Jason gets everyone and its like damn, we were so close! either way its a gg.
  18. I haven't seen this. I was killed under a bed the other night actually(was hiding while had to answer phone call from wife.. lol). In past when bed was glitched you would usually see the person sticking out. Either just standing there in bed, or laying on top. Did you see anything out of the norm, or just the missing action press?
  19. This game has been in a bad light since the beginning. Had multiple delays after original production announcement. Was eventually picked back up and released though. I watched a lot of the beta streams and it looked like a fun game. There were supposed to be new maps and killers from what I heard. I stayed away as I'm not a fan of the buy here only "exclusive" stuff. Was supposed to be released on Steam a certain time later, but guess they are still holding off on a new patch. A shame, because it will be hard to get players back. Dev Team Update (03/18) 18/03/19 Hey everyone! We wanted to share an update on the development of Last Year, upcoming content releases, and the Steam version. For the past three months, we’ve been listening to your feedback and pushing patches to improve the balance, address bugs, and add polish features. The team sincerely appreciates your commitment and support as we build Last Year into an amazing franchise together, and we’re excited to announce that the next update will not just be another balance patch… it will be so much more. We’ve been working on a significant content update and listening to your most requested features, and we think you are going to absolutely love what is coming. In addition to the new content, the Steam version of the game will be released alongside the update to ensure that both the Discord and Steam versions of the game are identical. The content update needs more time “in the oven” before its ready to go live, and so the Steam version will be available once the update is ready. As you know, Elastic Games is committed to delivering quality experiences to our community, and that attention to detail takes time. We are not revealing a release date on the update just yet, but we will have exciting news to share with you in time. Until then, we look forward to playing Last Year with you at our next community play night, or in discussing the game’s future in our Discord server! Sincerely, The Elastic Games development team
  20. OP, please don't spam with duplicate threads. Thanks.
  21. Ive gone out the Pack windows with the slow crawl animation without issue. Usually don't have to dive out those ones as there are so many windows and usually time to get to them. This happens every time you dive out?
  22. This has been discussed in a few other threads. If the content existed somewhere else in the game, I guess they can take it and use in other places. Ive seen pallets in the car garage, not sure about the car screech. Maybe it has always been there and intended but was never audible due to bug(like the boat start sound). This is indeed a grey area, and no one knows for sure. I'm guessing what ever they want to do/change in the game goes through some sort of review process and if it passes as not being new content then its in, if not its out of question...
  23. Her ass was trash. It needed fixing. Did it need to be done right now? Prob not, as it should have been one of the non priority things. Guessing it didn't take much time to fix, so wasn't a bunch of wasted time. Maybe its too big now for her to fit in any of the other pants. Big booty problems!! 😜
  24. Apology? I expressed my concerns with this patch and lack of timely response that was well warranted. Not sure what you are getting at here. I want shit fixed just as much as the next guy, but when I have an off feeling about things I'm going to let it be know. That's just me. Sorry if that rubbed anyone the wrong way. If there is no standard to be held to things will just fall apart even more. Just sayin..
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