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  1. ut oh, some flexing going on here! All I know is I can kill anyone in here and prob die by anyone in here too. lol Its all good. Just have fun while doing it.
  2. Agreed. Told the guy that much too. Actually had a girl we were playing with that spawned as Tommy run with him the game i was Jason and mirror everything he was doing. Guess who ran out of stamina way before Fox!? Perfect 10s Tommy... lol Yeah i run into him all the time on PC. He has a foreign accent that sounds Russian to me, which is no surprise. I usually avoid those types at all costs, but hes actually kinda fun to play against, cuz hes not very good even with the hacks. lmao.
  3. I havent seen that one yet, but I actually wouldnt mind that in game. Jason being able to grab through windows would be sweet.. haha
  4. Yeah, I thought the same too. I think that part of his troll roll though, the oh Im so much better then you cuz im using the worst Jason and still killing everyone bs. Took him 3quarters of the match to kill everyone though, so I was still able to laugh a bit that he hacked and was still not very good. And yeah, i was pounding on the head punch as its my quickest kill just incase he had the infinite composure too to break out of grab quick. He said good job and was actually quiet after i killed him. Of course I gave him a few digs, as he was talking a lot of shit to the other Jasons that couldn't catch him the previous 2 games. Stalking and watching him run around in circles for minutes on end though and him still trying to deny he wasn't hacking was hilarious to everyone in the lobby though.
  5. Is there a new hack out there now that allows for just infinite stamina? This player was playing as Fox and would run for days. They would go into the stumble/gasp phase that normally means they are out of stamina, but then he would just instantly start sprinting again. 2 Games in a row we watched this guy just run all over jumping in and out of windows and using sprays and surviving. Finally i got him the 3rd game when i was Jason. Expected him to have the infinite composure too and break out of my grab too, but he didn't so was very satisfying punching his head off. Has any one else seen this lately? This guy as jason also had like instant morph and he had super fast shift regen as a part 2 so guessing that was hacked too...
  6. I played a match last night and found the radio tower about midway through match. House was already looted but i noticed on objectives that Tommy wasn't called yet. I rushed inside and ran all over the cabin, and guess what!? There wasn't a CB radio to be found. I thought maybe my eyes were just bad, but I had another counselor come over and check it out with me and sure enough it was not there. This was on Packanack small in the southwest most cabin. I've been playing for a long time and have never seen this. Has anyone else ever had this issue? We were stuck in a lobby with a hacker using infinite stamina when counselor and infinite morph/shift when he was Jason, so not sure if that could have had anything to do with it.
  7. the truth.. lol Ive noticed lately though if you dont knock the power out, they are less likely to try and hide, and the ones that still do are the ones you just chased, so remember where you were and can go back later, cuz they will still be there.. πŸ˜ƒ
  8. Wasn't that a promotion for the movie release last year? I remember playing it for a bit.
  9. Never hike alone is still my Fav fan film. Wish this was going to be longer then 20 mins though. Would love for them to put out a feature length film, but I know that would cost crazy money. But a man can dream right! 😁
  10. I wont stop my game, and go there just to release them from glitch when I'm Jason, but If I end up over there eventually I do show them mercy and give a fighting chance. I was stuck there once too when the glitch first showed its face, and Jason was nice enough to help me out, so I just pay it forward and hope others will do the same.
  11. Match making would work fine with p2p. That existed b4 dedicated servers were implemented, so i see no reason why they wouldnt switch system back to that at server shutdown. They haven't denied doing such either.
  12. yes, this was my experience. I play with a wireless controller so maybe it lagged and thought i released the block, idk. That will happen sometimes when im counselor and looking back over my shoulder and i have to let go and press again..
  13. That it did not. I was standing there open to hits after the first and my mask came off when i found this out and died in a match last week. I'm on PC, not sure if that matters.
  14. A weird thing I noticed the other night, when you block a hit, your block goes down and you are open to another hit even when holding down the block button. I know in the past if you held it down you stayed in block and where able to block multiple hits one after another. Now you have to hurry and try to get block up again before next person strikes. The good news is i was able to hold off a mob trying to kill me last night doing this, the bad news is I only survived because the Tommy was terrible. It was fun though to kill that dancing sweater girl after that thought for sure they were going to kill me.. haha.
  15. Matt said yesterday on discord that team focus has switched to investigating environmental kill issue. That will be the next fix it seams. I really wish they would look at the cars too. Everytime i get in a car now it seems a Jason is tossing a knife at me or exploding me off the map with morph.
  16. or drop the knife, toss crackers, pickup knife and be on way.
  17. @mattshotcha was having some issues getting into qp lobby last night on PC. Im in new york region. After searching/cancelling search at 2mins a bunch of times i finally got in, but then i would see people pop into the lobby with me, then fall right out. This happened a bunch of times until a few actually stuck. We played a game and then it kicked back out to search for new lobby after, in which i searched for about a half hr and never could get back in. This was around 9:30pm est. It would say searching for dedicated servers, then checking session for room, then it would show search cool down. Rinse repeat. Almost like it was finding a server but the server would reject the connection.
  18. Issue with PC servers tonight? Took me forever to get into a lobby, and once in i would see people trying to join in then fall right out. I got kicked out of lobby after match and now i cant seem to get in at all. Im in New York btw..
  19. I agree. My post on read back does sound like i was putting it out there as us vs them, but wasn't my intention. I was just trying to say they need to play more against people with that objective in mind and see how easy it really is. Sure if you are playing qp and no one is going for the kill but a handful of times, it doesnt seem like it is hard. When every time someone does go for it and someone is dying, you have to start thinking, hmmm, maybe this isn't what we originally intended and need to tweak it a bit. I don't want the kill removed from game, I just don't want to see it become the meta since it is one of the easier escapes from match at the moment.
  20. I don't feel this is a win or lose type game. I feel good as a counselor if i repair a car, distract Jason while others get away and I still die. Jason killed me so he prob feels good about that since i was a thorn in his side. Its all about the experience. If you are playing this game and having fun, you are winning. I don't feel i have to survive every match, or go 8for8 as Jason. I know some really do, and you can usually tell by their reaction on mic when things don't go their way, but whatevs... 😁 Edit: I didnt realize you guys were talking about tournament format.. lol
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