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  1. I know this thread is ancient, but I still play because this game is the most fun out of any other in my steam Library. Even with a bunch of randoms in QP last night i was still smiling ear to ear just about every match. Although i did got called the worst player in multiplayer gaming history by a guy that kept jumping in the car trying to start it over and over when there is no chance. I saved him about 3 or 4 times but my bat eventually broke and I had to just stand there and watch him die. He wasn't happy he died and it was all my fault evidently.. 😂
  2. these are not "bonus" kills. Its the game glitching and rewarding a kill, but the counselor survives. Its mainly with the environmental kills, but will also happen with regular kills when tried to close to other objects. Its something I believe the devs are working on to fix for the next patch. The fact that this doesn't happen much for you is a good thing, well unless you are trying to farm points. I can tell when its going to glitch for me by watching the screen frames. If you see a little jiggle after a grab, you need to walk away from that and wait until frames settle down before executing kill else this glitch will happen. It also seems to happen a lot after tipping the boat and slamming the kill button. You will hear the sound queue multiple times and if lucky on the last time they will actually drown, other times they can crawl back into boat and you have to wait and tip again, rinse repeat.
  3. oof, hope this doesn't spread. Sounds alot like the stupid Jarvis porch glitch where i had to spend the last few mins gathering knives and hope the guy doesnt stand there in block taking them all and spraying..
  4. Took the little one trick or treating in a pretty steady rain. She didnt complain one bit. Had about an inch of water in bottom of her trick or treating bucket at the end of night. luckily most of the packaging is plastic and repelled the water.. haha.
  5. I don't need the double XP or tapes anymore, but when they run those events, at least the player count seems to increase a bit for the newer players that are trying to grind. Saves me from waiting forever for a lobby to fill up. I did notice it was half price on steam, so i guess that was their something...
  6. Yeah, decap kill is all I do now in hallways or small rooms. Its the only one that seems to never flake out and give the counselor another life. It does seem to make people saltly though, almost like they are hoping for you to use another and glitch out, so they can run away..
  7. I'm in the same boat, but still need phd in murder. Wish it showed a checklist of what kills were needed, as I have no clue what ones I still need since I've been playing for so long.. lmao
  8. I've had many of these. Just the other night though, I had a guy jump in car and try to run everyone down. His reasoning was the Jason was new and we should all just let him kill us for points. That's not my style. I said the only way hes going to get better is to actually learn how to use the skills provided. Because i wouldn't let Jason kill me he thought he would run me over. Luckily it was Jarvis map which has quite a few trees leading up to the exit on the main row. I was able to avoid Jason in the line of houses, and outside, run tree to tree avoiding his run over attempts. He finally gave up and just drove to the exit to block and run me over when i tried to get by. I faked to the front and he drove forward i faked to go down the side towards the back but immediately spun back to the front and he backed right out of the way for me to run by and get out. I laughed so hard as it was actually pretty fun, and he was pissed he didn't kill me. 😜
  9. huh? Someone bumped a 2 month old dead thread with a double post and you are telling me to grow up why? I am gladly exiting this one.. cya..
  10. You came back after months to double post(against the forum rules btw).. I don't remember you at all. No tears here, but cool story..
  11. Could he just not log in anymore? His contribution to this community is rather non existent..
  12. I get this all the time and usually the person crying out tryhard has all the "tryhard" counselor perks equipped and giving it his all as "tryhard" counselor to escape/survive. People are funny.. I usually just say sorry not sorry. Get good... 😃 If hes playing with some friends, may even get lucky enough for them to team up on you next match when one of them are Jason and can make them look like fools when they can't kill you. 😜
  13. No one wants to play a game where a ten year old is Jason and gets beat on for 20 minutes straight either with not much of a defense. I think the Rage mode resolved this issue for about 80% of the matches. If you run into players that want to kill Jason, then the beat down will resume and end with death. I think the majority of players that have stuck around and are still fans prefer a stronger Jason then counselor, but doesn't really matter at this point as I don't think we will see anymore balance changes coming in the future.
  14. I run a good enough system that the game isn't effected for me. I feel for ya'll though that don't and have no option to disable it.
  15. What mistakes? I haven't had any issues with either. Although i did have one match where the cb radio never spawned. Have never seen that before nor has anyone else that I have talked to.
  16. From a bug fix standpoint, i think we really only need 2 more patches. Fix the kill glitches, and then the car glitches and this game would be in a good place(just dont break anything else!). 2 more patches after that to play with perk system and fix minor bugs would be nice afterwards too. We will see..
  17. The hacks are running wild again on PC. Infinite shift jasons and infinite stamina counselors are popping up just about every night. I haven't seen this one yet. I do remember glitching out way back once. My body disappeared on my screen(like in that link above) when i came out from under a bed. Other players could see me just fine though so this is def something different. If he didn't have a weapon, he could just hide in a house and never be found. Pretty F'd up hack if you ask me.
  18. Sorry Jason, you are already too OP. This call will cost you 10 more hit points. 😉
  19. OK, so you are saying it is balanced when an experienced Jason is playing against a bunch of scrubs in QP. Gotcha. I would agree there, but experienced Jason against experienced counselors dies just about every time, minus hiding in water or morphing to hide the rest of game.
  20. Interesting, I never noticed stamina being effected by damage. If true, makes those knife throws even more valuable for your favorite marathon jogger even if you can't get a couple hits to get them limping.
  21. sure, ignore all other objectives to just save your life(yes I will escape by car or cops if you are busy defending a power box). That sounds balanced. and that 50/50 shot you pick the wrong box, you are dead. So if you think dying 50% of the time in game as Jason is balanced, then we have rather different views on who Jason should be. But this horse has been beat to death, so not much of a point. I don't care when I die as Jason cuz it is easy. I will kill that person right back next match in return.
  22. ut oh, some flexing going on here! All I know is I can kill anyone in here and prob die by anyone in here too. lol Its all good. Just have fun while doing it.
  23. Agreed. Told the guy that much too. Actually had a girl we were playing with that spawned as Tommy run with him the game i was Jason and mirror everything he was doing. Guess who ran out of stamina way before Fox!? Perfect 10s Tommy... lol Yeah i run into him all the time on PC. He has a foreign accent that sounds Russian to me, which is no surprise. I usually avoid those types at all costs, but hes actually kinda fun to play against, cuz hes not very good even with the hacks. lmao.
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