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  1. This. don't get into a mob of 4 or 5 players that all just stand around trying to do the same thing. Split up and hit all the objectives at same time. Increases chance for escape exponentially.
  2. Getting hit while grabbing knife or setting trap was more of a pre rage buff thing when the main focus of some counselors was trolling/distracting Jason. I havnt seen this in awhile either so not much of a concern to me. Jason should be invisible during these animations though, shouldnt have to worry about doing a cancel.
  3. Some think its an exploit and not supposed to be in the game. I just like the game to be fun. I get 7of7 or 8of8 probably 95% of the time im Jason without using the strafe shift, so yes, i would feel bad using it. lol But I dont knock anyone that does use it. I prefer to face the hardest version of Jason I can in this game. If it helps them catch me better then so be it, but still need good luck trying! haha
  4. Same. I grew up a console gamer. Never been able to adapt to keyboard/mouse play. Controller is just natural to me.
  5. Ive always thought the graphics were pretty good. Im on PC Epic settings on 1440p 75hz 32".
  6. Im not sure exactly. I played with it awhile back in offline match. I know you can hold shift in place by holding back on the left joystick and holding down RB. also can shift back and forth instead of just straight by holding RB and directing left joystick left or right. Can also shift turn on a dime by using left and right joysticks at same time while holding RB. Shift length is still the same though so it doesnt help with getting someone that is far away. Just gives more precision getting around objects/in and out of doors etc. There is also a weird shift that happens if you activate shift right after aiming a throwing knife..
  7. Same, and yeah i run into shit all the time. Also accidentally go into combat stance when i try to make a quick turn at times or start jogging when i turn sprint and am an easy grab(this happened to me twice last night).. lol
  8. I play with xbox360 controller on PC. If I hold down RB after activating shift you can have full control on which every way you shift. People that use this are really really good at shifting inside cabins/houses and getting you where ever you may be hiding out. I have never mastered it or use it in QP as i think it gives too much adv. to jason, but its in the game(not sure if its supposed to be, so may be thought of as an exploit)
  9. I lost track.. 😂 I died 4 or 5 times as Roy, switched to pt3. Didn't die for a long time, then got killed once. Switched back to roy and have died a handful of times since. Its too easy to kill Jason, so I don't lose any sleep over it. When they actually make it difficult again and I'm still dying, I'll have to start questioning my skill level a bit.. lol
  10. I used to think this too, along with crouch, but found recently a raging jason is easy to evade in a big cabin with a couple of rooms while walking. You make no sound or visual pings. He can rage through every wall/door possible, but if you know where he is and where he is going, you can walk just on the other side of wall in opposite direction and never cross paths for him to notice you. I did this the other night for quite some time and the Jason for sure said he thought i was glitching. Also crouching in corners behind furniture against wall makes ya hard to spot also.. 😊
  11. I do the same on pc and am also on US servers. Works for me too. Never more then 2 and a half mins to get into a lobby.
  12. Hey I have a pt3 bloody skin with machete build i used to use quite frequently... 😄 I've been maining Roy though again lately. Bloody skin with cleaver. I was called a try hard last week after i cleared the lobby and said GG in the chat lobby after. The guy that said that was a the try hard of all try hard counselors. Running the top perks and doing all the kiting/baiting tactics(not knocking him cuz that is me too), but to call me a try hard after I thought was entertaining.
  13. Matt does a good job of sorting threw the chat mess and answering many questions. Also gives many shout outs and hellos. Tune in and drop a few lines.
  14. Prob in a few months. They have to tackle the non kill kill bug, and car bugs. prob a couple months needed on each I would assume when compared to time frame needed on last couple of patches.
  15. No block is slow compared to what it used to be. You used to be able to quick block when you saw a counselor ready to swing. Now it is a hit everytime for the counselor. It was more of an issue before the rage buff as some counselors got really good at circling then attacking and you couldn't block it(not many do this anymore as it leads to early rage). Had to switch to anticipation step backs to avoid hits and then grab or knife after. Slash after will leave you stuck in animation as it is also slow in combat or not and leave you vulnerable to counter hit/stun every time. But yes, combat stance is and always has been clunky since the beginning.
  16. Damn, yeah i havnt tried Jarvis. I usually just play the small maps in offline as its quicker to kill them. Just use for a couple knife throws and shift grabs before going into QP to make sure skills are still sharp when i havnt played in a bit.. lol Usually can clear a lobby in a couple of mins, but noticed this patch i had 4 or 5 killed then couldnt find anyone else. Eventually found a dead stand still bot in a cabin, then had to wait for rage to find a counselor in an outhouse, and another in a closet in random cabin, so i was like wtf? happened every time in matches after so knew it wasn't a fluke. Weird how this got broke.
  17. I've been on vacation for a week, so just started playing the new patch. Not sure if its been brought up, but in offline mode the bots keep freezing up. Its usually just 1 or 2, pre patch a similar thing would happen to Tommy every once in awhile. Ill bust down a door and they will just be standing there. If I hit them with a knife or slash they will wake up and start playing again. Also 1 or 2 counselors will hop in a hiding spot and stay there all match, so stuck waiting for rage to find what cabin they are in and hit all the hiding spots to get them. Not a big deal, i just use it for a warm up and killing 5 or 6 then ending match works just fine rather then searching for a bot in a random closet and like i said slashing or knifing the dead bots will awake them again, but just thought it should be mentioned.. Side note on the Kill bug(not just environmental also happens on reg kills in close spaces), I was handcuffed in a match last night with a Jason and a counselor using this bug to farm kills. The Jason kept grabbing the counselor and throwing through a window at main house. Think he was up to mid 20s on the kill count when i realized what was going on. Had to quit the match as there was no chance he was going to go after anyone else. The new way to hold up a match and farm points i guess..
  18. Yeah probably.. I've had all sorts of bad Jason luck the last couple nights. lol
  19. Thanks for the quick response @mattshotcha. Roof glitch fix will be in this patch also for pc correct? Had one of those last night for the first time in a long while.
  20. seams to be a hit or miss thing. I used to trap way back, then they seemed to not be working anymore, so i stopped. Then they seemed to work again, so i started again if i heard chatter about killing Jason or suspected such. Maybe its just experience of the player. If the counselor doesn't know they cant get around it they just tank it, or they were running and didnt see and ran right into it. I've had people get parts in car around my traps sometimes too. Wonder if it could also be some of these patches. the trap radius gets skewed and shrunk a bit.
  21. I trapped the shack last night. Dead center and as close as can get . Some how they still got in without it going off. I meant to ask the guy after match.
  22. @mattshotcha Do you know if this is still on schedule for today?
  23. Yeah, i got killed last night. Wasn't even a good set of players. Was one good player that grabbed the sweater early, and i spent too much time chasing him around. Boat started, i killed them. Car trap goes off. I get over there to find my sweater buddy and 2 people waiting with shotguns. take one shot, car gets started. I stop car. Take another shot, and car going again. Someone whacks me coming out of stun and there goes my mask. and oh look theres tommy.. I avoided for a bit and got them isolated to a cabin, i shifted inside, hid behind wall and got the tommy to run right into me, but fuck he still had a knife. Coming out of that animation made last ditch effort to grab hopping it was sweater girl, but it was the other Vanessa.. RIP
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