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  1. I'm sure they thought it was. I will find out tonight when i get home for sure. I guess in mean time get some info over to devs so they can continue to investigate... p.s. how's dat bootie looking on Vicki??? @tyrant666
  2. 😂 Go figure. Person's true goal in this game is to get on a roof. Amazing. They are most likely using the same trap method then, just in another location... Looks like more jasonkillbugs submissions and more months of waiting...
  3. Which method still works? I'll be sure to do some testing also. I know there were a few ways for Jason to get up there also, so hoping one of those still works then too...
  4. I wouldn't care either. Savini Jason doesn't fit my play style. I would never select him if I had him..
  5. This would be gold, but I do know friends that have bought the game for multiple platforms. Not having it crossplatform has actually made them more money in sales for people that want the game to play with friends that are on different systems..
  6. I've still never seen a Canadian server and I'm like 30 mins from the boarder.. haha
  7. I've been getting US servers mostly the last few weeks. I'm in NY. I sometimes have to cancel search and search for lobby again or it will throw me in my own lobby and not on a dedicated server if it goes over 2 mins. Not as easy to get in a lobby as it used to, but there are still enough out there playing fortunately..
  8. I think that comes down to, some people are good at this game, and some people are not. Throwing us all into the same lobby puts balance all out of whack. Matchups based on level would have went a long way in helping with balance/OP reactions in either direction.. IF someone is 150 and still not good at the game, not much else we can do for them unfortunately.. lol
  9. I chose all of above, and also want to add the tie back to my childhood. Grew up playing video games and its just something to make me feel young again. Many hours spent back then playing ghost house, tyson punch out and street fighter with my cousins. These days I get to create these same memories with my nephews and someday my daughter!
  10. The time required to put in these bug fixes is a bit alarming. I was expecting a little more frequent of patches when it was announced that all focus would be on this area. Smaller team does have an effect, but shouldn't be at this scale. If we have to wait another 3 or 4 months to get the car/knife glitch worked out I will be really disappointed. That said, I can't wait to test out the new patch when it drops and see what is and what is not fixed, and hoping for no new bugs/glitches being created at the same time..
  11. Ouch, that's brutal. The sounds are essential for getting prepared to stop escape. @mattshotcha not sure if this has been reported.
  12. Most things in here still work to an extent, but be careful as some patch changes/engine upgrade have made various things obsolete.. Still props to everyone who has contributed over the years. My game play was trash before I joined these forums.. lol
  13. No No No.. My eyes still can't unsee Lachappa dancing in that wrestling suit...
  14. ahh, you are right, i rewatched and noticed he had his mini map on the rotation setting. Was first below the car, then next above car by cabin, but then the mini map flipped and he was below it, but really still above it. My words are confusing, but this is me agreeing with you anyhow.. 😂
  15. The boat 1000% has a starting sound. and has since the engine update i believe. On pc that is at least.
  16. 😂 yeah they are like fish in the water, almost unfair. My counter strategy to that is try to get half way and then doc on the beach (depending on what map, choose location wisely for cover). Run away until he loses interest, then go back for the boat. No boat start sound this time as it should still be running, and its smooth sailing on out to the exit..
  17. @Somethin CoolThe only issue i have with calling this rubberbanding, is when Jason grabs him, jason's location changes to where the counselor was. If it was rubberbanding, the counselor would have been brought back to the cabin where Jason was. Car/window/map sand rubberbands all worked that way. This is something new for sure..
  18. Well a good Jason will wreck with anyone. And its OK to disagree, we all have our own play styles. Choose a Jason that works best for what you want to do in match and go kill for momma! I like to trap objectives and then go hunting so a -trap isn't good for my game. @Ahab traps just the phone usually, so he loves him some pt4.. and some car chases. haha
  19. I look at teaming this way: Difficulty mode has just been changed to ultra hard, but not impossible. Use this game instance to work on your skills. Kite Jason for as long as you can. I've ran him out a whole game with his buddies setting traps at windows/doors trying to block entrances/exits. Talking shit in mic telling me I'm going to die. In the end I can just laugh and say they all suck and also got better at my game in the process. Sure its not the way the game was meant to be played, but it is what it is. I still find a way to have fun, and the fact that their trolling didn't piss me off means I won and they lost..
  20. Ill agree, pt4 1 vs 1 is a bad ass, but against a lobby working together he is in trouble. -traps -shift is brutal. oh, and he cant swim for shit either.. lol
  21. Pt4 and 7 are the weaker Jasons IMO. pt5 is a bad ass mofo in the right hands, to the point where its almost unfair... I will admit I stopped playing as pt3 because it was way too easy in qp.
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