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  1. Random counselor and glitched environment kills were a regular occurrence all night for me the last 3 nights(maybe i just had bad luck? This is on PC). I streamed and sent in videos. along with roof glitchers.. also repair animations were kicking me out multiple times. i had to change angle and retry a bunch of times. This was at boat and car battery. When tried to do repair it was almost like something was in the way, but nothing was there...
  2. ehh. the usual f13 patch. Fix some shit, break some shit and have no effect on the main bugs in the game. Rinse repeat. Side note, the random counselor bug is back to being about once every handful of matches like it was way back before it was supposedly patched out. Something they did undid the effect of that bandaid...
  3. Victoria's Ass may need another tweak in the process, so hold your horses...
  4. Is a patch roll back in the cards??? More and more shit bugs being found in this new patch with nothing else actually fixed that is said to have been fixed. @mattshotcha
  5. Still crickets. Just says they are OK with pushing out a more bugged game and couldn't care less. A real shame. Has anyone seen any comment out there on any of there other social platforms? I can't think of any other business completely ignoring their product like this in all of my life. Its just crazy to think that they think this is good for business. Oh well. Maybe its time to hang em up..
  6. Nope they don't care. And if you post here they just delete it. All the trolls know they won't do shit which is why we have this problem in the first place. Add on top of that that they have no fucking clue how to patch it out and we have the nightmare that I was just playing last night. SMH.. https://www.twitch.tv/videos/423748104
  7. Woot!!! More potato coding!.... Glad I dont have a ps4. 😂 I'm sure the game will still be fun though.
  8. The devs vision of this game was to remain authentic to the movies. That will not change.
  9. I got an idea. Remove crouch. It really has no purpose in this game unless you are running that crouching perk to reduce fear or whatever.. Crouch walking hasn't really been a thing since everyone figured out, well fuck Jason can still see me glowing bright red whether im standing or not! Well the occasional new player still thinks it helps, but lets help them out too, by giving it the ax..
  10. I like this idea, but think they mentioned that out of bounds would be tricky to implement especially on structures with second floors. We would run into players accidentally getting penalized for just walking upstairs on packanack, since the 2nd level floor is even or above parts of the bottom roof slant I believe or something similar to that. Think its time to just cut loses and all agree to ignore the roof trolls. Don't give them any attention and they will go away. I havn't seen any in awhile on PC and when i do, i kill everyone else and just end the game right after.
  11. I think jumping out of the car really fast when it is stopped is what causes the interlock. I pound on the exit action as soon as i here the crash sound, and 9 times out of 10 I'm left without the ability to swing. Test swing is good logic before hand if have the space/time/distance from big J. The dead not really dead glitch has been around for awhile. It was pretty infrequent, so don't think its ever been brought up much. I always give the Jason back the kill right after if i happen to survive with the glitch. He caught me and deserved that kill and not to have to chase me around again for rest of game. Fair is fair.
  12. I haven't seen any of those. Good post! Looks like ill be doing some more movie queuing tonight! 🍻
  13. Interesting. Ill have to try that. I know dropping and picking weapon back up fixes for sure. Most time I am dead though, because I go to take a swing at Jason, nothing happens and then I'm grabbed and dead and think, well fuck I was interaction locked and didn't even know it....
  14. yeah i figured much. This was never mentioned in patch notes. I tried bringing it up on stream, but so much was going on at once I think they missed it.
  15. Yes, people were using that to glitch evidently. It was brought up on one of the streams way back. So easiest way to fix was for them to disable open map action until through the window. People are dicks and ruin it for everyone. Can't ever have nice things.. 😭
  16. Yeah this is weird. Put some time into your own game, or hire some play testers that will do such. There are hundreds of us with 500+, 1000+ heck i've seen some 2000+ hrs in the game. Need to know the ins and outs like back of hand if any chance of identifying and fixing. Sadly we will forever be stuck with the bugs, so at this point I think id rather them shift focus to preserving our accounts on the local client side for the day the servers shutdown. I have a feeling that day is rapidly approaching.
  17. I'm sure they thought it was. I will find out tonight when i get home for sure. I guess in mean time get some info over to devs so they can continue to investigate... p.s. how's dat bootie looking on Vicki??? @tyrant666
  18. 😂 Go figure. Person's true goal in this game is to get on a roof. Amazing. They are most likely using the same trap method then, just in another location... Looks like more jasonkillbugs submissions and more months of waiting...
  19. Which method still works? I'll be sure to do some testing also. I know there were a few ways for Jason to get up there also, so hoping one of those still works then too...
  20. I wouldn't care either. Savini Jason doesn't fit my play style. I would never select him if I had him..
  21. This would be gold, but I do know friends that have bought the game for multiple platforms. Not having it crossplatform has actually made them more money in sales for people that want the game to play with friends that are on different systems..
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