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  1. I believe it was determined if you were in range of chase music then the counselors will get static alert. If you enable stalk first though and then morph to just the other side of house, they should not get the second ability notice as far as I know as long as you are not in counselor direct view.
  2. Use combat stance to break down doors. It is much faster then the animation over and over. Also can check your map while doing this to make sure traps are all still good.
  3. Trap objectives, check map frequently to make sure no one disabled with knife, listen for sound queues(triggered traps, gas/battery/fuse/powerbox repair failures, boat/car starts), don't tunnel and use your abilities. If having trouble catching someone. morph slightly away enable stalk and sense then wait for them to come running out of the cabin thinking you are gone. Easy shift grab kill.
  4. I figured much. Can't have nice things anymore because of whiny cry babies of the upcoming generations. Sidenote: Did you ever get a direct answer from anyone at Gun on why your account got banned and if they can reenable it?
  5. Something is def screwed up with the dedicated servers. Devs have been notified multiple times over the last week, so hope they get it sorted out soon. Last time this happened they seemed to have a fix for it, but now it is back.
  6. Last night I got in on first try. A few days back it took me like 5 or 6 tries, then long ass wait to find a lobby. It seems at random which leads me to believe not all of the servers in load are having issue just some. But I don't know what the backend looks like. Something def needs to be reset though to allow for incoming connections on the servers having issue.
  7. Currently been playing Layers of Fear, Hello Neighbor, Rise of the Tomb Raider and Resident Evil 7. Last night I gave Friday a launch and got in the first try. Lobby loaded under 2 mins, so maybe the server issue got fixed? Had a few good games. A player told me to go kill myself in real life after I killed them, so I must have been doing something right.. haha Hide Or Die Beta test phase 2 is Friday night, so pretty excited about that. They gave the game a complete overhaul since last Beta, so not sure what to expect. Just hoping its still fun.
  8. I think people have a right to be frustrated. Its our baby and its not in the best shape currently. But coming in here yelling doesn't really help at all. The Devs have admitted to not being happy with the games current state and are working to fix it. With a small team its going to take some time. I also have fingers crossed they finally nailed this one, then can move on to the next. That being the database failed messages hopefully, then the environmental kills and so on.. Try to stay positive. No one wants the servers shutdown, and if you are feeling that strongly take a break as I have and come back to play when things look better. 🍻
  9. I usually get pt4 with a f'd up skin. Although the last time this happened a month or so back I got pt8 and was terrible since im always a running jason. Took a bit to get used to speed walking around.. haha
  10. Layers of fear 2 dropped today. Im still making my way through the first one and really liking it. Also HOD beta test phase 2 should be any day now. F13 will forever be my goto game and i have faith in the devs they will get this sorted out eventually, but not worth me getting all stressed out and wanting to come in here and yell at people like i did a few weeks back. I'll be keeping an eye out here and have it ready to boot up once resolved. Hang in there fellow campers!
  11. I'm glad they held off on any double xp at the moment. The game on PC is pretty annoying right now. 5-6 times launching game until you can actually get in and not get a database failure message and then wait endlessly trying to find a lobby, with cancels and researches and ghost lobbies. about 30-40 mins just to get a match going and then pray you stick in that same lobby after the match else its rinse repeat for another 20 mins to get going again. Some of you are way more patient then me, and are ok doing this to get a game or two in, but I'm just gonna play something else until all figured out.
  12. The developers yes, but the same Gun team is still on the publishing/marketing side. LOF2 looks amazing though. The first one was really good too. As far as the Steam database error, its still happening for me too. Restarting the game multiple times will get you in eventually but odds of finding a lobby to play in are like a million to 1. Took me about an hour to finally get in a game last night between restarts and lobby waiting. I can only think there is an issue with some of the servers in load which are available but not accepting connections, or they have shutdown servers in my location and the closest server is now super far away so having issues connecting. Either way its not good, and hope can be resolved.
  13. Loading game on Steam is all F'd up tonight. I get database failed message multiple times then eventually it lets me in. Then i can sit searching for lobby for 10-15 mins . Whether or not i stop and restart search doesn't matter. I get thrown in my own lobby by myself and no one comes. I have confirmed this behavior with about 4 or 5 others. @mattshotcha
  14. Good, now I wont keep getting thrown into them so much.. lol jk jk.. sorry to hear. Has this been reported to Jasonkillsbugs?
  15. I was in a match awhile back where Jason did this to girl player and let here go(maybe a form of flirting? lol) He then chased me down for a bit and eventually got me. Executed the kill immediately. I was like what no spin around for me! I got a good chuckle out of him. πŸ˜€
  16. I love pt8, but I'm biased as that was the first i saw of the series when it came out on video in 89. Holds a special place in my heart i guess. Nightmares for days. lol
  17. +1 for Grendal and Lazarus. Would have added a whole another element to the game. The maps would have had a new feel and play style. Would have been fun trying to figure out that meta.
  18. This is a known issue and is being worked on by the dev team. Hopefully will be a hotfix coming soon. If you have any video showing the issue please send over to Jasonkillsbugs.com.
  19. If you time it right, can still nail with a quick knife when they are diving. If you miss and it shatters window, they usually still take damage and should have enough time before they stand up to get another knife in.. πŸ˜€ Can you tell I love Roy and his knives collection??
  20. HAHA, that was a good watch. Good job man! Would love to fall into that lobby with all the abilities though. Would have been so much fun shutting them all up quickly.. hehe 🍻
  21. πŸ˜‚ I get someone with this just about every night. its such a good tactic. Most people get so pissed as they get stuck in the knife hit animation and have no time to move before i get over and grab them.
  22. Both sound interesting. Does secret neighbor have anything to do with Hello neighbor? My daughter watches this show on youtube and these girls play this game where "Hello neighbor" guy sneaks into their house and steals/hides their toys. He looks exactly like the guy in that game.lol prob where they got that idea from. My daughter would love that game.. hehe
  23. Its definitely a troll thing. I haven't ran across one of these players yet that hasn't talked shit in the mic calling me trash or danced and flashed their light at me if no mic. I used to play along and ignore them, but lately just been saying bye to them and ending the game. This seems to piss them off more, since i usually will get a steam friend request right after of them trying to continue the trolling in chat, but then they just get blocked... But back on topic, yes. Please ban them all. Id rather play with 200 player base of straight shooters, then 300 and 100 of them being cheats..
  24. Hide or Die should be here early summer. I've been in on the beta and the devs took our feedback and are giving the game a complete overhaul. Phase 2 beta should be at the end of this month. I'm thinking this game is going to be really really good. Will know soon enough!
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