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  1. 41 minutes ago, SDA said:

    2) When barricading a door, you often get the lock wheel, then your character opens the door; I don't notice it happening to interior doors with the small locks, just the barred doors.

    Ive noticed this happens when jason is chopping door while you are trying to lock it. Havent seen it otherwise. Happens everytime/certain map/certain cabin? or just at random?

  2. 15 hours ago, TimDuke 01 said:

    You slightly are misunderstanding it' is not to the point they are joining my lobbies on purpose( at least I don't think so) It's just with the player base decreasing again on Steam I encounter this person in lobbies more often.

    yeah, the low player base is good when you encounter cool peeps over and over, but terrible when you encounter the trolls. Id just ignore them. They usually go away when you do that.

  3. wtf!? I didn't think you could join someones game unless you were friends. A few times I've had some disagreements with players in game for one reason or another and after they would send me a friend invite, I'm guessing to either post shit on my wall or follow me around and be a dick. I decline those ones fast. Hope you get it sorted out as that sounds like a real pain in the ass. Maybe they have a common friend that is friends with you so they can still track you that way?

  4. 5 hours ago, GeneiJin said:

    Actually yea, that would be cool.  Perhaps if an counselor has an key items they would have a associated dialogue "I have the keys" or "I gotta repair the fuse".  They'll only say this if Jason isn't around (or at least not on their mini-map >:3), gives stalk another utility.

    This would be nice. Had a match the other night where someone grabbed the fuse and happened to be buddies with Jason. the 4 seater was destroyed by another Jason friend by driving it into lake. I got out in 2 seater with another guy and came back as tommy. I wasnt sure who the teamers were as I was on the other side of map getting out with 2 seater when i heard about the teaming. So I went to shack with a guy saying he wanted to kill jason and that was the only way out as someone was hording the fuse. We grabbed sweater and I get jasons mask off. I tell him to use sweater and his response was, it doesnt work. he ran up a bunch of times and just kept saying, nah, it doesnt work. Turns out he was the teamer with Jason and now had fuse and sweater.. lol Needless to say I had to run around and survive the night rest of match. The Jason tried trolling saying how did that fuse and sweater work out for you, but he couldnt gloat much as he didn't kill me anyways.. qp in a nut shell most nights.. lol

  5. 19 minutes ago, mattshotcha said:

    Not abandoned. Next patch is coming this month, includes a couple of key fixes like Environmental Kills, Bots on Jarvis, Pinehurst Drawers, Barricade issues, etc.

    After this patch, we have to work on our prio list.

    As mentioned here, we are looking at ways to ensure people can access the game long into the future, but we aren't at that point yet.

    Not sure if its been reported, but there are issues with bots on all the maps. Bots are found frozen in cabins and will also enter hiding spots and never come out. Not as extreme as Jarvis where all are frozen at match start, but there is always a couple found in this state each match. If you grab/slash/knife them, they will become active again and resume play. The ones hiding and never coming out you just have to hunt down and find what closet they hid in.

  6. 3 hours ago, Dragonfire82877 said:

    They have pretty much said all they are going to do from here on out is try and fix the bugs and at the very end, give us client side save access so that we have all our progress while offline. I wouldn’t expect to see any other changes to the game at all.

    I mean, just think, Wes came on the forums and told everyone they were going to completely re-work the perks. Asked everyone for feedback on what they would like to see. Now that isn’t going to happen, and this was proposed after the lawsuit halted content. 

    Yeah, not holding breath on getting any game changes at this point. I don't think they realized just how badly this game was coded on the backend. That poor guy from Black Tower is probably an alcoholic by now sifting through this shit. Enjoy the game for what it is, and if they happen to fix some issues along the way it will be a plus.

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  7. Have to also look at the skill levels. Cant count how many times ive played Tiffany thinking there were enough repair players in the lobby, for them to all just dive under beds at the start or run around aimlessly because they have no clue. lol. Chad is someone I like in these instances, as he has good speed and his high luck allows for good good skill checks if you spam it a couple of times. he loses map and runs out of stamina quicker then Vanessa/Tiffany so just have to be aware of both. Leave flash light on, get away from Jason when his fear rises and duck into cabins to regain staimina/reduce fear.

  8. On 1/3/2020 at 5:38 AM, tyrant666 said:

    The other night I ran into a Savini level 30ish or something. He had a VAC ban on his record and surprise surprise...he has using infinite shift. He only got 2/7.

    I suppose it shouldn't mean anything. In my experiences, most of the Jason cheaters (Savini or others) are low level probably due to alt accounts. The counselor cheaters I've come across have been higher levels. 

    That's usually how I can tell its a fake savini. They 100% of the time will be using infinite shift eventually. I always spot check levels while waiting in lobby to determine how im going to play the match. When i see a low level savini im usually skeptical and will watch how they play. I had one guy a few months back that tried hiding his infinite shift for awhile and was playing somewhat normal, but when he was unable to catch me for awhile and got agitated, he started to spam the shift. He eventually got me, but i was prepared for it when came back as tommy and led him on another long chase of me being a bit of a dick to him for cheating. lol These low level Jasons arent good with the shift, so the number of times they have it really doesnt matter if you can avoid and get in side cabins, can manage stamina and still give them a headache. :)

  9. 41 minutes ago, F13 Seppuku Squad said:

    The ability to set your preference to Jason or counselor should have been/needs to be an option within the lobby. This is an oversight in the game that has popped up several times when certain friends of mine who are no good as Jason, and only have their preference set to counselor, want to give Jason "another try" but are unable to change their preference without the party having to back out to the main menu. This results in having to endure another long search for a new lobby and can be equally annoying when we play the following day and they've forgotten to change their settings back. But one thing we don't do is quit as Jason because that is just crazy annoying for the whole lobby.

    I agree with this 100%. Theres times i set to just counselor because i dont feel like being Jason, and I forget about it. then the next week im playing and am like why am I not Jason or the same person in our lobby is jason a couple of times in a row. Have to backout and check and switch is just a pain in the ass. A toggle next to counselor/jason selection in lobby to select preference would be golden.

    Even worse, new winter sale players that haven't dug into settings don't even know that the spawn preference exists(like why is it not front and center!) So they just quit like you said when they become Jason and don't want to be beat on/embarrassed/trash talked by some random troll in the lobby.

  10. 1 hour ago, tyrant666 said:


    One of the more consistent tracks of the game.

    Add to that, probably the last update for the game. Even more over, they'll probably shut off the whole double XP thing when they do that update. Yet it would've made more sense to attract people to the game when in theory its in its 'best state' after a patch, so keeping it going or keeping it permanent would make all the sense in the world. Very backwards things have happened like that before.

    I'm just shy of a million xp, Now if only there was a reason to keep collection all of this...

  11. 13 minutes ago, Somethin Cool said:

    Now that depends on the Jason. Some of them are pretty damn hard to kill. 

    Edit: phoning the police with legendary my dad's a cop is the easiest escape in the game. Someone is guaranteed to get out that way.

    Also depends on the Jason. I cant remember the last time I allowed the cops to be called. If they do get lucky enough, there isn't many of them left and 3:40 mins is usually enough time for me to take out the stragglers depending on the lobby skill. 

    My problem with going for  the kill is it takes the fear/being hunted element out of the game which is to me what makes the game fun. Jason's only defense is to go into defense mode and either hide, or try knifing from a distance. Trapping the shack is pointless. Im guessing you are highly skilled an know to go after the sweater only after armed with knife/sprays and a shotgun and have tommy with you. That means two shotgun blasts a heavy ax hit and game over. Not fun. 

    People using their jason kill count as a show of great game play just isn't impressive to me. Surviving the night against a highly skilled Jason is what really shows how skilled you can be in this game(assuming there was no other escape method), but most people in the lobby will just be waiting to yell at you for wasting time after so its a catch 22 i suppose.. lol

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  12. I know this thread is ancient, but I still play because this game is the most fun out of any other in my steam Library. Even with a bunch of randoms in QP last night i was still smiling ear to ear just about every match. Although i did got called the worst player in multiplayer gaming history by a guy that kept jumping in the car trying to start it over and over when there is no chance. I saved him about 3 or 4 times but my bat eventually broke and I had to just stand there and watch him die. He wasn't happy he died and it was all my fault evidently.. 😂

  13. these are not "bonus" kills. Its the game glitching and rewarding a kill, but the counselor survives. Its mainly with the environmental kills, but will also happen with regular kills when tried to close to other objects. Its something I believe the devs are working on to fix for the next patch. The fact that this doesn't happen much for you is a good thing, well unless you are trying to farm points. I can tell when its going to glitch for me by watching the screen frames. If you see a little jiggle after a grab, you need to walk away from that and wait until frames settle down before executing kill else this glitch will happen. It also seems to happen a lot after tipping the boat and slamming the kill button. You will hear the sound queue multiple times and if lucky on the last time they will actually drown, other times they can crawl back into boat and you have to wait and tip again, rinse repeat.


    1 hour ago, Dragonfire82877 said:

    What's wrong with a decap kill? Being that it was in the hall way inside the cabin, if you go back and watch the clip, the first available kill to highlight was the head punch. I don't play the game to accumulate style points. If all kills are available, I normally use "the Pamela" which is another decap kill.

    Yeah, decap kill is all I do now in hallways or small rooms. Its the only one that seems to never flake out and give the counselor another life. It does seem to make people saltly though, almost like they are hoping for you to use another and glitch out, so they can run away.. 

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