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  1. @mattshotcha was having some issues getting into qp lobby last night on PC. Im in new york region. After searching/cancelling search at 2mins a bunch of times i finally got in, but then i would see people pop into the lobby with me, then fall right out. This happened a bunch of times until a few actually stuck. We played a game and then it kicked back out to search for new lobby after, in which i searched for about a half hr and never could get back in. This was around 9:30pm est. It would say searching for dedicated servers, then checking session for room, then it would show search cool down. Rinse repeat. Almost like it was finding a server but the server would reject the connection. 

  2. On 9/13/2019 at 4:31 PM, Ahab said:

    I would like to see Gun play with forum and other community members too... Not the community against them, but working with them. It should not be the community against Gun... well, depending on who is playing Jason that round anyway... But if more than one person from Gun was playing in such a match, then it will never be Gun against the community... It would be counselors vs Jason... as it should be.
       This game promotes teamwork... us vs them is the wrong way to go about it. If they were playing with a kill squad in every match perhaps they would see what people here are talking about... A night with a kill squad always sees many Jason deaths.

    I agree. My post on read back does sound like i was putting it out there as us vs them, but wasn't my intention. I was just trying to say they need to play more against people with that objective in mind and see how easy it really is. Sure if you are playing qp and no one is going for the kill but a handful of times, it doesnt seem like it is hard. When every time someone does go for it and someone is dying, you have to start thinking, hmmm, maybe this isn't what we originally intended and need to tweak it a bit. I don't want the kill removed from game, I just don't want to see it become the meta since it is one of the easier escapes from match at the moment. 

  3. I don't feel this is a win or lose type game. I feel good as a counselor if i repair a car, distract Jason while others get away and I still die. Jason killed me so he prob feels good about that since i was a thorn in his side. Its all about the experience. If you are playing this game and having fun, you are winning. I don't feel i have to survive every match, or go 8for8 as Jason. I know some really do, and you can usually tell by their reaction on mic when things don't go their way, but whatevs... 😁


    Edit: I didnt realize you guys were talking about tournament format.. lol

  4. 15 hours ago, Somethin Cool said:

    One hit Buggzy is epic/legendary slugger, epic/legendary thrasher, and whatever other perk you want

    Indefensible hits are only indefensible if you don't know that you can dodge them before they can do damage to you. Very very rarely have I seen anyone get the timing 💯 to where Jason is defenseless against the attack.

    Looks more like bugsy took a bad angle and swung just a bit late, is the reason for the miss rather then Jason being elusive coming out of stun. Later when he hit you when you tried to move the same way was a better swing and that one lands 100% of the time. 

  5. On 9/11/2019 at 5:48 AM, OCT 31 1978 said:


    You seem to fail to see how there is team work involved....one person stuns Jason usually with a blunt melee weapon or shotgun another player other hits you while stunned with an axe or machete causing full damage that you can’t defend against....( this is not rare it happens a lot.)

    If it was just team work with skill ....

    no problem but unfortunately it’s not....it’s a loop hole in the gameplay mechanics that allow for cheap hits...that Jason can not defend against no matter how skilled the player is.

    A good kill squad will equip fire crackers perk too. Cant even block those and when they are flying from 3 or 4 different directions at once, its a guaranteed stun. Then just watch the bugsys waiting for their free heavy attack after and boom, mask is gone. Ive seen the best Jasons die this way and there is really no defense at all. Well i guess run and hide and never make counselor contact, but if that was the original vision for this game then it shouldn't have been made by this team, im sorry...

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  6. 4 minutes ago, DasMurich said:

    I've put a lot more time in this game and it's genuinely fun. I've given up on Last Man Standing though as the rewards are exponentially better in Escape. 

    The map for escape is obscenely large and takes some getting used to. Think of it like combining all 5 large maps in Friday and then doubling it. Enormous.

    Essentially the way the game plays is everyone is a survivor. You earn darkness and once you've got enough you can become a killer. It's intense when you've got a full lobby. There can be more than one killer too. Most I've seen at once is 7. 

    So you're trying to escape with as much darkness as possible, it's what you use to upgrade perks which are unlocked by leveling. If you're a survivor and attack a killer, that killer will drop darkness and you can nab it. The inverse is the same. 

    There's now 4 killers in the game and more to come. Essentially one survivor that's highly customizable and then you build it to your liking although some perks feel essential. Especially silent steps which allows you to use portals to jump around the map.

    The game is a ton of fun, simple and straight forward. The design is okay, but the atmosphere of the environments I particularly like. Great use of shadows and lighting and fog and such. 

    Definitely recommend this for anyone on PC right now. 

    Im an original backer too. I actually haven't played the game since the first couple of betas as its really ventured off from what the game was expected to be for me. Ive been meaning to hop back in at some point and give it a go anyways. Just recently heard the game is getting a complete overhaul again, so what you see now is going to be totally different, again..

  7. 59 minutes ago, DontZzz34 said:

    Speaking the truth. I’d like to see Matt play against a kill squad as jason or play with a kill squad as counselor and see firsthand what we’re talking about. Then after that, tell us nothing needs adjusted. And if he still thinks nothing needs done he’s lying

    I was honestly thinking the same thing. Lets set up some matches with Gun vs forum members and test this theory. Hell Gun against a lobby of squeakers that are told to just kill who ever is Jason. They will die every time and I bet not have a very good time. Delusional they are at times..

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  8. I have seen an uptick in kills again recently. The newer players have figured out the kill is much easier then trying to repair objectives and escape, so that seems to be the new meta. Them being "new" means they don't have much skill, so it gives you a chance still to keep your mask and prevent them from getting sweater, but it is still how the game seems to be drifting. 

    One match i ran all over the map with Chad, not only shuttling the parts, but fixing things too. I had the car repaired, tracked across the map for keys that someone had no need for, was making my way back only for the Jason kill animation to show up. I was like wtf! spent the whole match running all over doing everything myself only for it to be meaningless in the outcome of the match. Next time ill just hide in a closet and wait for the animation i guess, would be less frustrating.. lmao

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  9. 1 hour ago, DontZzz34 said:

    Nooooo we need a lock on for counselors and Jason. It’s still important in combat even though it can be annoying at times. To fix it-

    for counselors- only allow it to lock on to Jason only

    for jason- allow him to toggle between targets

    I almost forgot about the annoying counselor locking on to other counselor issue! haha im guessing that was put in when you could do damage to your fellow campers.. its completely useless now, but they prob don't know how to take it out without breaking a million other things, so there it stays...

  10. Im fine with removing lock on. Only purpose it serves to me is having Jason twitch out when im trying to break down a door and a counselor runs to the close wall to right or left to mess with target. Also in group fights you are stuck locked in on the same counselor instead of being able to switch to the guy behind sneaking up(atleast allow for toggle between targets!). the lockon is so pointless in current state..

  11. I escape/survive the night quite a bit on pinehurst. of course if you are just concentrating on looting and not getting parts to objectives, you will get behind the clock on Jason and be in some trouble. Dropping a part on the map when it is at opposite side of map helps no one. Run that shit on over and worry about getting your meds and knifes after you have done your part. 

    Survive the night you can setup nicely. there is usually a big cabin up north and 2 small cabins with traps. There is always 2 big cabins and a small with trap over at camarillo. across the bridge at turtle pond is a big cabin. can work down to 2 small cabins to make hop over to southern camp that usually has 2 more big cabins. from there is reckless ridge house and then barn up north. and that still leaves you with the main house that has all sorts of rooms with doors and exit windows to gain some stamina and continue onward. Manage that stamina and dont blow your load and it is possible to survive.

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  12. 1 hour ago, Mamadee1987 said:

    Hey guys there is another glitch that I'm not sure has come to your attention. Excuse me if I don't make sense I don't really know how to put it but it's when counselors swing their weapon they can do something that makes them jump ahead making it impossible for Jason to grab them. If you could look into thisbthat would be great 

    you have video of this? not sure I know what you are talking about. Nothing ive seen yet anyways.

  13. 7 minutes ago, Gottaevil said:

    Its normal. The servers are down since 1.35 patch in PS4.

    11 days without servers..in Online multiplayer game.


    Well there has to be some servers, as people are reporting being able to get into games after stopping/starting search once it hits 2 mins. Sounds like a lot of non functional ones though are mixed in.

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  14. 10 minutes ago, HowAreYa said:

    Yeah, I've encountered some teamers last night as well. Some guy was walking together with Jason and unlocking all the doors I locked to let Jason in. It happens most of the times when I play online matches which is THE reason why I hate playing online and prefer killing bots. They may be very predictable, but at least I have fun playing the game, which I don't have when I'm playing online. I've always said that players who party up together should NOT be Jason in online matches. Private? Fine. However, online they'll most likely team up. Or Jason kills everyone except them and you have to wait 20 minutes to gain exp. So I'm forced to leave the match which I do most of the times I see players teaming up with Jason before Jason is able to kill me.

    Another example of Jason teamers: players who repair the car and drive the car to Jason to present the players to him. This only happened twice so far, but this one really pissed me off.

    What I am trying to say is that online play has some serious issues which make the game not fun at all. And the worst part is that the developers haven't tried to do anything against it so far.

    yeah ive seen someone run to a repaired car with gas can in hand and start the car. proceed to drive around not letting anyone in and Jason not even bother with them. anyone Jason had trouble with, they would run over. gotta love those matches....

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