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    Mega-Patch Update?

    Wouldnt be surprised if they all spawned with them too
  2. Everyone always wants what they can't have I guess.
  3. The point of the exclusives is to get backers to throw more money towards the new project. Why would I back $100 savini tier if I know savini would be free or even a dlc for $5 later on? You pay the $100 knowing that is the only chance to get him.
  4. Makes sense, pretty much why they were called exclusives... 😀
  5. badassgixxer05

    "Colombian Express is pulling out, eh" (Canada legalizes Marijuana)

    The old underground railroad went through just about every town by me. Can swim right across boarder if really wanted to.. was done thousands of times way back..
  6. Interaction locked Jason hunting parties sounds like music to my ears....
  7. edit: damn it wrong thread
  8. badassgixxer05

    How bout Freddy?

    Survivor play could be interesting. Have 2 different realities. Real life, then the dream world. In real life you are battling sleep and trying to stay awake. Searching for pills/cokes/whatever to stay awake. Trying to solve the Freddy mystery. If other sleeping survivors are found you have a chance to wake them and maybe save them from freddy. In the dream world is where the battle takes place or atleast where Freddy can exist and kill you. No tell tale sign of which reality you are in would be really cool to. Think you are waking another survivor and possibly saving them only for that person to morph into freddy and give you an instant scare and then kill!
  9. badassgixxer05

    Skilled players only

    Pretty much what I was thinking. I'm not anywhere close to the best player on here but pretty sure I would escape at some point. Guaranteeing to beat someone at this game is laughable. So many things go into how a match plays out. Even being an average Jason I'm pretty sure I could get a kill on OP...
  10. badassgixxer05

    The game is done with me.

    Shit, I forgot about that one. Happened to me for the first time the other night.
  11. badassgixxer05

    Skilled players only

    What platform?
  12. There was leaked footage of Grendel map. Pretty sure from Gun responses it was real too..
  13. badassgixxer05

    Patch Notes - 06.08.18

    Yes this is a noted bug.
  14. badassgixxer05

    Post A QP Warning

    You guys still don't have dedicated servers? 😀
  15. badassgixxer05

    The End

    They suspend people on this forum? I can see if you only created an account to come troll, but seems like you were a pretty respected member on here. Go figure.
  16. badassgixxer05

    The game is done with me.

    Appreciate it Shifty! Those are the only 2 that really bother me at this point. If everything else gets fixed later, its just gravy.
  17. Isn't paid dlc incoming revenue? Id be fine with that if $$$ the only thing standing in way of new future content after settlement. Other devs seem to have no problem with this model.
  18. badassgixxer05

    Top 3 - Horror films you'd like to see remade ...

    I still cant believe gremlins was PG. How the heck they pulled that off, I have no clue. I remember liking it as a kid, so let me daughter watch that thinking oh this cant be that bad, only PG. My wife just about killed me.. lol As for remakes I would like to see: Chopping mall Slumber Party Massacre Pet Sematary(I've heard this might be on the horizon)
  19. I have no clue. I just saw counselor running down the road with it in hand. I killed real quick and then looked at the map thinking maybe they added boats in new patch. No boat still though.. stupid counselors! or maybe he was going to build the boat....
  20. I saw this last week. They sure are getting smarter. Now only if there was a boat he could put it in... 🤣
  21. badassgixxer05

    Random Randomness

    I thought this had something to do with it. Sometimes Ill get in a lobby and it looks like everyone has it on random. I usually go in and change mine around a bit and come back to lobby and then see everyones set as normal. really fucking weird. But sometimes after I will still spawn as random, so doesn't really matter I think.. lol
  22. High end pc is not needed to play this game, but indeed less people have a dedicated gaming pc then a console.
  23. badassgixxer05


    Jason: Trap and kill. Main was Roy until update made breaking down doors ridiculously difficult. Counsellors: Stealth and hit objectives. Mains AJ and lately been liking chad for a change up(surprised how luck can give a good skill check here and there).