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    Looking good! πŸ‘
  2. badassgixxer05

    Level 150-200

    damn i just reached 150. let me enjoy it for a bit would ya! 😁
  3. another tip: watch some streams. A counselor using these methods can last a long time. of course against a good jason you will eventually die but you only need to survive long enough to get objectives completed and escape. the quicker the better. hiding under a bed for 10 mins or crouching in woods and not getting shit done will get you killed when Jason has rage.
  4. Well it looks more accurate as there isnt anymore force grabs, but id say there is a larger percentage of miss grabs. Ive missed so many head on grabs which were guaranteed grabs in the past. It makes the game interesting for sure.
  5. lol, thanks. Yeah i just turned lv 150 last night, and i still warm up against the bots every night before i play. have to keep the skills sharp in this game.
  6. Play offline as Jason until you master the basic skills. Else you will get destroyed in a QP lobby if anyone is a skilled counselor..
  7. Read through some of the how to stickys. The grab is the end all be all in this game, but Jason still has to land it to use it. As you get better at playing it becomes harder for jason to grab you. Dont just stand there and give him the easy kill. Make him work for it. The longer you survive and prolong the chase, the better it is for everyone in the match.
  8. badassgixxer05

    October Event Celebration!

    nice! now pull my name and give me some free shit damn it!!! πŸ˜‚πŸ€ž
  9. badassgixxer05

    October Event Celebration!

    Are the contest winners being posted somewhere? I havn't seen. Think yesterday was the first drawing..
  10. badassgixxer05

    free weekend please?

    Yeah, i'm US., I used to load into Euro servers every once and awhile when servers were busy. havnt in mad long though so maybe they did change that. If you are on PC friend me up and ill invite you to US servers. Never have any issues getting a game going.
  11. badassgixxer05

    got banned

    Guessing you were doing something that was viewed as bannable and video evidence was submitted against you. Should have gotten an email explaining details of ban giving you a chance to dispute. Word of advice, dont break the rules and you are golden. If it wasn't you, dont share your games with other users that can play as you or your shared instance. All will get banned. @ShiftySamurai can maybe take a look
  12. badassgixxer05

    got banned

    what was your username?
  13. badassgixxer05

    free weekend please?

    PC player count has actually been higher this month then the last 2(680). A free weekend would def help us get into 4figures again. Ive heard a few new players say they have picked it up from g2a for under $10. Its well worth it for that price.
  14. badassgixxer05

    Interactions All Bugged

    if you cant attack, drop your weapon then pick it back up and it fixes. I feel your pain, as I died the other night not being able to go through a window with low stamina.
  15. I thought this was going to be another I want savini thread for a sec. 😁 After reading, how isn't this normal behavior? Black tower, please fix even though im still jealous of everyone of these Savini bastards.. πŸ˜‚
  16. badassgixxer05

    October Event Celebration!

    @Ahab the rip was for seeing muffin in this game.😁 sweet info though man
  17. badassgixxer05

    October Event Celebration!

    sweet! I'd like to win some stuff, but im just about as unlucky as it gets when it comes to sweepstakes.. 😁
  18. badassgixxer05

    savini jason

    Yes... Time machine travel...
  19. A lobby full of 150lv counselors does not make this game easy 1 bit. Hella tough for Jason(yeah hes prob dying). Just sayin..
  20. badassgixxer05

    October Event Celebration!

    sweet beautiful baby muffin. RIP...
  21. badassgixxer05

    October Event Celebration!

  22. New players still run away without weapon after grabbed and knife or fellow counselor saved. Still baffles me. I agree if they dropped their weapon after being slashed it wouldnt be much different. heck id rather it so i could pick up that weapon and actually get a hit on jason.. Most are just running away with weapon in hand anyways. Biggest players effected would be the skilled hunters.
  23. badassgixxer05

    October Event Celebration!

    Party @ShiftySamurai's house!
  24. badassgixxer05

    Rainbow Blood

    lets make it a new setting option: 1. bloody 2. Gore 3. Rainbow