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  1. Yeah, Zombie did the Halloween remakes, which were hated by most, but I actually enjoyed. I also enjoyed the F13 2009 reboot, that many didn't like. I'm easily pleased I guess. Just seeing our friendly horror icons on the big screen and not locked up in a lawsuit is enough for me.. 😀
  2. 🤔, I think you are getting this confused with Halloween. But welcome friend!
  3. Really?? You need a special offering to actually kill in DBD?? I know people love that game and all, but the devs really missed a chance at having awesome kill animations by default instead of the boring hook cop out.. Thats how I feel anyways..
  4. I still need a few more Tommys. I always find the Pam's and try to let someone know in the lobby, but I dont even think anyone really cares about them anymore.. lol
  5. Nice! I didn't see this anywhere. Perfect timing as I haven't picked up the game in a bit. Been meaning to get some games in and get closer to that 1million cp mark.. 😀
  6. This has always existed in this game unfortunately. This exact thing happened to me my first week of playing back in early 2018. And it was actually 2 players trying to jump out a window and land in a trap on the back side of packanack main house. I grabbed the one and killed after they missed trap, which made them very salty and started the I'm a trash Jason talk, then i went up stairs to chase out the 2nd, who was dancing while i broke door down, and immediately turned and leaped out window to his death followed by some more trash talking that I wasnt getting 8 for 8. People are funny, I just roll with the punches. In this case they were all dead, so it was easy to just laugh it off.
  7. This is a fun one to look back on being a year later now. Even handcuffed with no new content the game still isn't dead like some were already claiming.. 😁Sad though, when you can see all hopeful ideas people had in their heads for future content and then can realize why everyone went crazy when content was halted.. 😥
  8. My whole comment was in reply to your claim that his 45%+ bump in speed makes him massively OP. Again just showing you don't know how to play this game. We all know by now you prefer easy mode when Jason couldn't catch up to anyone and they could jog all over the map for years, eventually get a bait and quick stun to replenish stamina and then rinse repeat. A real "Pro Tip" : jog just out of jason reach and have a destination in mind(Know your map) to Replenish Stamina! When he gets just outside of grab range, you sprint for a second to gain distance then continue to jog, its called Managing Stamina! Have to watch for quick knife throws too, so avoid linear patterns. Get to that destination spot(cabin,house. The bigger the better) load up on that stamina by remaining still and then rinse repeat. See what I did there! Amazing how I can survive out there with these Massively OP Jasons!!!
  9. And hes still ridiculously slow, especially if you are a walking Jason. Only way you catch someone from behind without ability is if the counselor runs out of stamina because they blew their wad early. Again, Player issue not a Jason issue. Jason is OP.... Pshhhh. 😂😂😂
  10. I left the in game gamma at default and adjusted the gamma on my monitor and it worked great. Not washed out, atmosphere is still dark, but can actually see everything clear. Note: This is on PC
  11. Seems more like a player issue(the person playing the slow counselor) then a Tommy issue. I know plenty of people that play slower counselors and have no issues kiting Jason long enough for me to pick them up.
  12. Go fix a car and pick her up. There are other ways to save. Cant save everyone though.
  13. Tommy does spawn with a gun, so he can stun. And can also try to distract as he has a knife to burn (if not going to use it on a trap or give to someone else.) Counselors should learn to kite Jason without a need for stunning.
  14. Pack small filled with squeakers. Nothing else like it.. 🤮
  15. 😂 This is exactly what happened the last time i was attempted to be killed. A chad and bugsy were chasing me around early match with machetes. I just set my traps and morphed away ignoring them. Eventually the phone box trap went off, followed by 3 or 4 failed sounds right away. I get there and EVERYONE is there. All 7 just hanging out with weapons(and firecrackers they use to stun and hit with machete for free damage coming out of animation).
  16. Nothing happening at the objectives if they are trapped still is what I am saying. I'm out hunting until I have to go defend. That's when I use morph, to get somewhere fast when I HAVE to not just to check an objective, find out nothing is going on there, then have a trap triggered across the map and regen to long to get back over there. Using morph wisely can go a long way, well unless you are pt2 whos regen is ridiculously fast and can take a few errors in stride.
  17. I set traps and then run everywhere usually for this exact reason. I try to only use morph when I hear trap triggered or see one triggered on map. Some times you can't help if traps are triggered in multiple spots(tip for those counselors that still think Jason is OP, make him work!) and have to pick and choose where to go to defend. 4 seater/phone house are usually my top priorities. I will go for morph grabs later in the match though when numbers have dwindled and they have no chance at completing an objective.. 😈
  18. Similar to pinehurst size. People that hate the larger maps would cry every time they saw it, but for me, I love the large maps. Would have been all gravy to me.. 😁 Thanks for posting by the way, i prob would have never found it.. hehe
  19. I think i remember seeing someone actually draw an NES map that looked like it would have fit right into the game on par with the current maps. Cool stuff indeed that was left out.
  20. 😂 Ok I am done talking, I cant even after this statement. good day to you....
  21. Umm, I actually think you should friend. Then come back and show me this evidence of Jason changes that made him OP that you are claiming? He has been weak, and is still weak(Killing Jason is still the easiest objective in game). If you think different hit me up on Steam and I will show you how hard it can be to kill a counselor still and then Kill you and show you how easy it is to kill Jason...
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