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  1. 3 hours ago, DontZzz34 said:

    I got to disagree that speed/running characters aren’t useful after Jason hits rage. Not everybody is going to die every time. Jason does have a higher chance to win. But I have had many survival of the night as the final survivor several times as Tiffany running Jason around till timer ran out. I have seen this happen with other players before as well. It all comes down to managing your stamina. And holding onto med sprays and pocket knives (if u have one) for as long as possible 

    Agreed. Med sprays and medic perk are still useful post rage. Can hop in and out of broken windows to boost stamina without worries.

  2. 1 minute ago, thrawn3054 said:

    It's more that it feels pretty clunky then anything. I also miss the mind games the old grab allowed for.

    I frequently will warm up against bots, and feel like such an idiot with how many head on grabs i miss. Like they have to walk through me to get through the door and sometimes it will still miss the grab. 😂 Although at other times to my defense, stalk has no effect on bots, they always seem to know when you are shifting and will try to dart in opposite direction and if you happen to hit a shift grab they already some how threw down their firecrackers too.. lol

  3. 1 minute ago, Slasher_Clone said:

    I mess up too figure it keeps it interesting. I like it hard but I’m not looking to punish myself by running Tinker.

    I almost want to ask them why, was it a lost bet? Do you think they’re just messing with us to get us to talk about it, lol?

    Thanks for posting the video, I’d seen it but it’s always nice to chat about things after.

    Me neither. Recently i started running legendary my dads a cop with legendary hypochondriac and stand by the phone while someone with good skill checks handles the fuse. cops come in 3:38.. 😀

  4. Yeah, the menu to select the new emotes is funny. Took me a second to figure out myself. Can only take a small selection of all the emotes with you into the game so you have to apply the new ones you want to your counselor in the slots that it allows on the selection wheel.

  5. @lazerus_86 sounds like any other multiplayer game I've ever played. People are shitty and get their kicks off by trolling other people. This will never change. That's why I try to party up as much as I can. I have a few groups I usually play with that have some really cool peeps and make the game really enjoyable. Last night was a solo night and always comes with its disadvantages.

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  6. 9 hours ago, Ahab said:

      I will say this... Whether I catch and kill you... or you escape in the car, boat or to the cops... you put up one hell of a chase every time!

    🍻I do have my moments. I've been known as that guy that walks right out a window unintentionally right into Jasons grasp and have to spectate the next 10-15 mins.. 😂 The other night I also did a bot impersonation after I jumped through a window. The power was out, and i couldn't see. Ran right into a bed and was trapped running in a corner. Can't win them all I guess.. 😁

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  7. On 3/8/2019 at 4:00 PM, Donmaz7 said:

    By the way a pro Jason can't be trolled . Imagine L 10 Jason kills L150 Counselor easily !!!! how fear is that!!!!!! you  eleminated  the skill element of the game

    Yes any level Jason will still kill you easily when you are lv150 and refuse to adjust your play style post patch. I'm 150 and it takes a pretty good Jason to kill me.

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  8. On 3/9/2019 at 7:54 AM, Strigoi said:

    No Killing Jason has been in every Friday the 13th movie.

    Killing Jason is part of the game.

    Its not to easy to kill Jason its Difficult as it is.

    Jason players need to stop whinning.

    If you Dont like Dying as Jason then play as a Counselor or Dont play at all.

    No its way too easy, I could literally get a kill 9/10 if I went for the kill every match, and that 1 time would be a kill glitch not a Jason foiling the plan. Where is the satisfaction in that? I could team up with a 9 year old that has no clue what he is doing and still pull it off. The only defense Jason has is his mask. When it is off he is dead. Plain and simple.

  9. 2 minutes ago, Donmaz7 said:

    what are you going to do about cousolers who coaporate with Jason? if others coaporate with Jason , how iam going to defend my self if i can't stun Jason!!!!!!!

    Fix things and escape!!

    3 minutes ago, Donmaz7 said:

    What if i fixed the car or the boat and some one came and runaway with it and left me alone with jason on purpose. In the end, Remember that distracting Jason or trolling or what ever you want to call it require alot of skills. It's not an easy job even with the ability of stuning him while he is in a rage mode .

    Get good at kiting!! If you have skill there is still plenty chance for survival. Look outside the box. The meta was the same for so long, people ignored so many fun ways to play in this game, because one way was soooo much easier then the others. That way has been taken away, so now you just have to adjust.

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  10. 7 minutes ago, Donmaz7 said:

     You are wrong. Once Jason in rage mode you can't kill him even if you knouck off his mask . You can stun him with the sweter , but he won't get to his knees.  Therefore, if you want to kill Jason you have to knouck his mask off with out getting him to the rage mode which is gonna be by ethier the machete or the axe and finding them takes alot of time and Tommy Jarvies has to arrive earlier in the match before jason getting to the rage mode which makes it way way harder than before. 


    I guess it's not the right game for me any more . Good luck playing the game 

    You are wrong, that bug was patched and Jason can be killed post rage. If you are trying to knock him to knees with machete, then you are correct in that he will not drop to knees 90% of time.

  11. This has been debated since the patch came out, with the majority by a mile liking the new patch. Wes has also talked about it on the beyond stream. They are going to let the new patch sit and see where the meta goes to determine what balance tweaks/changes are needed next. Their original vision for the game was not to see counselors group up and bum rush Jason. The counselors should fear him and be avoiding at all cost. If it is not fun for you to do the objectives and escape, then maybe its not the game for you any longer? A tip that could help if you don't like doing that, and prefer to distract Jason is just not to hit him. You can still try to get his attention and get him to chase you, but then just kite him through buildings instead of using swift attacker and trying to chain stun. He won't get Rage for 12+ mins if no one is beating on him. That is plenty of time to hit the objectives and get out. Jason can't be everywhere at once, so spread out and make his life hell.

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