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  1. 1 minute ago, Gottaevil said:

    Disaster Patch. Please fix this.

    The Executions are totally broken

    Sorry for my english

    This is a known issue and is being worked on by the dev team. Hopefully will be a hotfix coming soon. If you have any video showing the issue please send over to Jasonkillsbugs.com.

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  2. 17 minutes ago, DontZzz34 said:

    Yes indeed it is a good tactic to use. This is why I either dive out windows now or just try to leave through a doorway to prevent that from happening to me lol

    If you time it right, can still nail with a quick knife when they are diving. If you miss and it shatters window, they usually still take damage and should have enough time before they stand up to get another knife in.. 😀 Can you tell I love Roy and his knives collection??

  3. 16 hours ago, DontZzz34 said:

    Would probably also help with Jason’s who throw a knife at you to prevent you from escaping through it. I haaaaate when that happens to me as a counselor but love dishing it out when I’m jason 

    😂 I get someone with this just about every night. its such a good tactic. Most people get so pissed as they get stuck in the knife hit animation and have no time to move before i get over and grab them.

  4. 5 minutes ago, Slasher_Clone said:

    Missing the betas is my only regret, I miss all that fun being on console. Hide or die looks interesting (I’m pretty sure they read these forums, lol) and some of their additions to the Asymmetrical model have been good ie. re-spawning as an animal, the addition of phones and hunt for the chance to be the killer. I’ll give them a chance when they come to console, they’re not as hopelessly trapped by their game model as Last Year or Dbd and it might be their saving grace.

    There’s two other games coming that are in the same genre but not as firmly horror. The first one I’m looking forward too because we collected the first two games in the series and they’re not bad, is called Secret Neighbor, it’s the first multiplayer in the series. It takes place inside the Neighbor’s house and you have to find out what’s in the basement, the catch is you’re kids and the Neighbor can disguise himself as a kid. It’s basically one of the Paranoia ideas made into a full game. There’s classes, power ups, strategy and combat. It might be the funniest game I’ve ever watched streamers play. The art style is unique and very engaging, at least in my opinion.

    The second is called The Blackout Club and it involves mostly battling AI enemies in your home town but does contain an asymmetrical element as you do missions, Stalkers can invade them and try to mess you up. In it you’re teens trying to solve a mystery, the problem is all the adults are sleepwalking zombies or part of a conspiracy. The town is full of people who want to capture you but you have to complete the mission or who knows what bad things will happen. It has combat, climbing/parkour, cool reward system and ways to improve your characters skills. The Stalkers are other players and they are devious and sneaky. Oh, did I mention the Shape... he’s an invisible (unless you close your eyes) enemy who’s utterly relentless and who may or may not be an evil god. There’s other beings who invade you dreams and a huge underground labyrinth. It looks like a lot of fun and it has a huge amount of potential for growth. 


    Both sound interesting. Does secret neighbor have anything to do with Hello neighbor? My daughter watches this show on youtube and these girls play this game where "Hello neighbor" guy sneaks into their house and steals/hides their toys. He looks exactly like the guy in that game.lol prob where they got that idea from. My daughter would love that game.. hehe

  5. Its definitely a troll thing. I haven't ran across one of these players yet that hasn't talked shit in the mic calling me trash or danced and flashed their light at me if no mic. I used to play along and ignore them, but lately just been saying bye to them and ending the game. This seems to piss them off more, since i usually will get a steam friend request right after of them trying to continue the trolling in chat, but then they just get blocked...

    But back on topic, yes. Please ban them all. Id rather play with 200 player base of straight shooters, then 300 and 100 of them being cheats..

  6. 4 minutes ago, Slasher_Clone said:

    I remember, there was a lot of that leading up to it’s Discord release. 

    I still think they made the game a bit too frantic and hope the next team to dive into asymmetrical horror takes notes about some of the things they did well.


    Hide or Die should be here early summer. I've been in on the beta and the devs took our feedback and are giving the game a complete overhaul. Phase 2 beta should be at the end of this month. I'm thinking this game is going to be really really good. Will know soon enough!

  7. Marathon, Restful, Thick Skin, Medic, Preparedness and Nerves of Steel are great all around perks(the meta). Perks like my dads a cop can be great, but really situational. My Legendary my dads a cop with legendary hypochondriac i think yielded a 3:38 start time Which really puts the pressure on Jason. But if you never call the cops the perk is useless. Sucker punch and swift attacker(old meta) have taken a big hit with the Rage buff since there powers are only beneficial pre rage, and still don't want to use then because you know you are speeding up that process with every hit. I won't even run them anymore, but sometimes wish i had them when you are getting chased down to hell in early game and could use a stun stamina boost..

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  8. Keep rolling until you get a +20% damage resistance with a +1% stumble 😜

    In all seriousness I have this same confusion as many others on here have with the legendary perks which is why most of us are hoping they rework them and the system all together. It was silly to put a negative on any of the legendaries, especially in a range that could be worst then epic. Instead should have just been 2 positives. The main one the same or slightly higher then epic, but then a bonus side bump perk in the second positive. Or a slight negative on the 3rd that would never be worst then epic. That way you could always be excited about your legendary and not have to ponder these dilemmas we currently are left with..

    Edit: Reading back, does -5% actually reduce your stumble rate??? The epic says 1% stumble chance, so I'm guessing that would increase your chance by 1% meaning more likely to stumble?.. These are soo confusing.. haha

  9. Hmm, not sure. Ive always played with xbox360 controllers both wired and wireless. Just recently I noticed some lag with my wireless, so was thinking about going back to wired. Saw a deal on a sport red xbox one controller though, so I grabbed that and hoping to not have similar issues as this one will be bluetooth instead of the wireless over adapter bs.. I believe the ps4 is bluetooth also but required some tweaking to get working on pc? at least outside of steam? maybe its something with your created profile in that app for the controller not linking up right.

  10. People with mics still refuse to work with you. It all depends on who you run into when in QP. Ive had a guy follow me over to car I drop battery because im Tiff and they are Deb and say here put this in ill watch your back, and they so No! F U. Dont tell me what to do! So im like ok cool, guess im solo this match.. lol

  11. On 5/13/2019 at 10:43 AM, Somethin Cool said:

    As far as random counselor, we only get that on PS4 when someone's trying to glitch Jason.

    On PC, when the random counselor happens, the Jason that match is usually a Glitched looking patchwork mashup of a Random Jason. Nothing purposely being glitched just the game engine spit out some random bs and said here you go, now kill for mama! 😁

  12. 30 minutes ago, Slasher_Clone said:

    My annoyance of Vanessa out weighs Chad’s at this point, still not going to pass up the opportunity to kill one, especially one in a speedo.   I think Rage put an end to Chad’s shenanigans for the time being, they’re not nearly as annoying now that they’re more cautious and less likely to come in triplets. 

    I played as chad for the first time in a long while last night. His strength was high luck and he was very good at battling Jason because of this(lots of weapon hits/stuns). You are right since the Rage buff though, that serves no purpose and I find myself playing as the more stealthy counselors. Chad still has good speed and high luck also gives decent skill checks if you spam it a few times, so hes still useful. The ol' battle chad is silly now though as Rage kicks in faster and Chad will just be dead..

  13. Ouch, sorry to hear man. Maybe reach out to @mattshotcha to see if he can clarify the ban? Maybe even lift it as they have done that in past for many others that did not deserve the ban to be lifted.

    On the subject of macros, my second match as Jason last night a player tanked all my traps around car and was immediately out. I shifted and grabbed him just as he ran to back of car. He immediately broke out of my grab, and there was no knife in my neck animation. I asked him how he got out so fast and he said wouldn't you like to know. First i thought he was using the infinite composure hack, but then i thought about him breaking out of traps so fast to, which makes me think now he had to be using a macro? Either way i said good day and left the game. He tried friending me after prob to talk shit, but i just blocked him. Tired of all the dang cheats. Hope Stepson learns his lesson.

    Also hope you can get your 150lv account back.

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  14. 7 minutes ago, Big Daddy J said:

    Hmm. Well it's certainly possible I'm remembering wrong. It happens. I don't ever remember a time when I tried to hit Jason in that animation and it didn't do anything, but it's possible I just forgot or I didn't try during the time it wasn't possible. I also stopped playing for a month or so at one point when I got busy with other games, so maybe it was during that time period.

    Best strategy in either state is to not let them get it in box, so still think trapping box is a good idea to keep track of it on map(those darn sneaky quiet knives!). Get there as fast as can if you hear trap sound/skill check sound or just see the trap sprung while checking map. A lot of times can shift and grab the person putting in fuse then get in front of box so no one can put it in and then defend from there. 

  15. 20 minutes ago, Big Daddy J said:

    I honestly don't know what you mean, unless I am misunderstanding what you are talking about. I've been playing since launch and I can't remember a time when you were unable to interrupt the phone box break animation. Here's a clip from back in November of last year when i did it. It's not unbalanced at all, makes sense you'd be able to stop it. Many times I've been able to save a phone call by knocking Jason on his ass, it's always been a thing.





    I want to say it was from beginning 2018 until engine upgrade. you could not stop him from hitting box once the action button was pressed. I started playing in Feb 2018 and remember making a big deal about it when that changed. Some OGs like yourself informed me back then it was always that way, but others confirmed what i saw which was you were not able to stop the animation for awhile. Maybe it was a bug and unintended but it indeed was a thing for a bit on PC and it was still balanced fine. Fire crackers and stuns before he was able to hit action button were still in play.

  16. 2 minutes ago, DontZzz34 said:

    Why the hell does Jason need a helper to give people’s locations anyways? He has a damn sense ability?! And besides the fact people think Jason needs help is one of the most pathetic things in this game right there alongside of glitching on the roof to avoid Jason.

    Its usually newer players that aren't very good at Jason yet. Which always is entertaining, because all of the helpers in the world sometimes are still not enough for them to get the kill. Other times its just trolls trying to get a reaction out of you.

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