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  1. Sorry to hear, but Im a 35yold male and I get called all types of shit in this game too. Heck i've been solicited sexual acts(from male and female) to not kill them in game and what not multiple times over. Nothing you can do but laugh it off. Sticks and stones. I know thats like an 80s/90s saying, but they really need to bring that back. People are getting way too soft these days...
  2. I'm same name on steam. Always down to play. I'll be on tonight(after 7:30 est).
  3. Counselors tend to move very linear(cabin to cabin) when not being chased by Jason. Searching for the "goods" and then eventually moving to the objectives. When i see a sound ping in a direction i open morph map and look for cabins/objectives in that area and 9/10 I will find someone at that morph spot rather easily. If unsure and there are 3 or 4 cabins/objectives in that line of sight i will split the difference down the middle and sense when i get there in what direction. Funny enough, counselors also tend to move very linear(cabin to cabin) when being chased by Jason too! Many times i just missed shift grab and they run away full speed in a certain direction. I open morph map aim for the cabin in that sight line and have hit many morph grabs this way if they run across that morph landing spot. And if just miss they are likely out of stamina and are mine for the taking anyways.. ๐Ÿ˜ˆ
  4. Im just outside of Niagara Falls. I get tossed into matches with a lot of canadians on said US servers, but have never seen a CA server to this day.. Now EU on the other hand... haha
  5. I havn't seen anyone on the roof in awhile thank god. This is on US servers(NY region).
  6. Nice. I love the knife throws when they are climbing through windows. The best is when you are on there tails and they are trying to get in and you knife them and they are back on the outside again for easy grab kill. Another is when they are inside, you break down door and they try climbing out. Knife and they are back inside for easy grab kill. The response I usually get is "fucking knives!" haha
  7. You would not believe how many QP matches I have had and thought this. Then I die and cycle though players and 2 were under beds and the others Dancing in front of fire at main house.. SMH.. ๐Ÿ˜‚
  8. Only time i've had ping issues with Non US servers(i live in NY) is when I'm in a party. When i play solo, I never really notice any difference. Now the level of toxic players is a different thing. Always run into glitchers on the euro servers, so i tend to rather not play on them.
  9. My brother had one, and that little fucker was stuffed in the closet in hopes to never be seen again after watching the first childsplay.. haha
  10. Probably never owned a My Buddy doll?
  11. I think i remember reading somewhere that they tuned down the graphics due to server over load issue. Not 100% sure though.. better optimization would have been a better choice.
  12. Well he would try to escape and repeatedly get shot in the process.. Poor Jason...
  13. Haha, I need to start streaming again. I have nothing to share currently.. ๐Ÿ˜ฅ
  14. Not to stand up for a teamer, but morphing away is the best tactic against Tommy and Sweater girl. Stalk, throw knives, shift in to strike then morph out. Only chance we have at this point since mask is off in a few hits and will be screwed..
  15. @HaHaTrumpWon that video had to have been taken before the engine update. No way the block works that fast anymore. That's what a lot of us have been screaming for when we say bring back quick block. Combos like that went along way in defense against a group of attackers on Jason. Those were the good ol days.. Meat shielding too, when you could grab a counselor and turn towards his buddy fast enough, so he couldn't free him and you got the kill.. Now we are stuck being called slashing Jason, cuz there is no way im grabbing a counselor when he is Jogging next to a friend waiting to break free and do damage...
  16. Hey, I'm fine with it. Anything we get that's new I'm excited about. We will take just about anything we can get at this point since the lawsuit halt. Everytime a patch comes down, I will be licking at the chops believe me! ๐Ÿป
  17. It came up on Beyond that Wes was bothered by it for some reason. Became top priority evidently after that.. lol
  18. Interesting... Most Tommy calls are made in the first minute of the match. So you have only one morph shot at finding it. The spawn location for cb radio is so random that no one has really been able to pin it down outside of a few clues from intro or luck of draw on first morph... I just let it be unless i see at first morph. First move should have been to trap the shack, and next, hunt down all the female counselors and execute before loss of mask.
  19. Yeah, this was asked way back and don't think we ever got answer as the game was not supposed to be close to eol. We're getting closer now and would really like to have a backup plan for the day those servers get shut off. Fingers crossed they can put something in place.
  20. Nice! I was having some issues getting game to work last couple of nights, luckily someone yesterday tipped me off or I would have spent another night troubleshooting trying to get working.. ๐Ÿ˜‚ What the heck is up with the servers lately. Could this be the end coming? Get this game client side please while there is still hope!!!
  21. This is for sure on US servers too. Infinite shift Jasons too. Not as often as it was a few months back, but every once in a while. I think these trolls got bored and moved on though.
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