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  1. Ran into a counselor using infinite pocket knives last night. Grabbed him 5 times and had knife everytime, including sprays when i switched to trying to knife and slash him to death. Wasn't streaming, so have no evidence, but such a pain in the ass. Is this known by the dev team @mattshotcha? He was also Jason the match before and was pretty sure he was using the infinite shift as it was coming pretty fast, he just wasn't spamming it every second as I have seen some do that use that hack..
  2. If counselors want to battle Jason hand to hand, then they get slashed down. Did this to a lobby of new guys that still are playing by the old meta. Meet in a bunch and attack Jason. They got a couple stuns, but took a bunch of knives to the head followed by a slash to the gut until no sprays were left and they died. sorry but not sorry.. 😂
  3. Im sure they took teaming off the bannable list cuz they were reviewing hundreds of them a night, with only like 1 or 2 having actual evidence. Its a tuff thing for them to ban if the teamers are using discord where you kinda have an idea they are teaming but the video doesn't really show such. If a Jason is playing with his friends and prefers to kill you first over them, thats not really teaming, unless so called friends help him hunt you. But some would still be pissed and call them teamers and want them banned. But I def agree, if there is explicit video evidence as I have seen at times of a guy running up to you and say oh hey, guess what! i just brought jason. ahahahahaah! then you get grabbed and are dead(this happened to me the other night), well that said person and jason should be banned. especially when after they just danced around with eachoter until everyone left the match.. SMH..
  4. IDK.. Box mac and cheese? I'm a terrible cook. Thank god for my wife.. 😂
  5. The meta for so long was to run around jason, beat him up a bit and survive the night or kill him, rather then escape. Casual players have not adjusted to the patch yet, so most matches you will see these guys still doing the same and dying while you try to fix most yourself. Eventually we will start to see a shift toward the objectives(advanced players already have). Maybe one or two players will be used as distractors while everyone else is trying to repair. And an even further adjustment in this distracting is that you dont want to hit Jason! You just want to keep him close and kite him through cabins and take up his time, but not give him rage!
  6. Try verifying game files in steam and if that doesnt work, uninstall (delete game files) and then reinstall the game. I have a weird one happening for me too. When i launch the game, sometimes it doesnt find my user profile and just sits there trying to load. I have to exit steam then relaunch for it to allow me to load my profile and get into game. Going to try this same thing and see if it clears up my issue.
  7. Could you elaborate a bit? Guessing this post is out of frustration, but it is lacking details just a little.. 😁 Also what is your GPU?
  8. Yeah, QP is a crap shoot on whether you get a productive lobby or not. Last night my first game was with a Jason teamer. Haven't ran into that in awhile, but I just make note of the name in head, and remember to hop out of lobby if I ever see them again. Some people just like to be asses, will never be able to change that. And don't apologize, i have no problem running over useless counselors either. These same counselors 9 times out of 10 would take the car empty stopping for no one and try to escape. I have no remorse.. 😁 Try finding a group of regulars to invite and play with that way you know at least a few in the lobby will be trying to escape with you.
  9. They mentioned on the stream yesterday that they were considering opening up a spot for every perk that way you wouldn't have to worry about selling anything unless you got one that was higher level once you have them all. Im hoping for this as I never really know what to sell when i roll for new perks. Id like to get all legendary, but id get to a point where id be selling useful epics for crap legendary until i got legendary in the good ones. Did i mention i hate rolling period!? 😂
  10. I agree that perk rolling should be available from spectator mode..
  11. Ok, Im an idiot. The screen setting was set to "windowed" fullscreen instead of just fullscreen. Changing to Fullscreen gave me the toggle to change resolution. I wanted to post this up just in case someone else has a brain fart like me.. haha Really weird as im not sure how it got on windowed fullscreen, as it was not noticable and played on my monitor exactly as it does in fullscreen. 🍻
  12. Hey all, I just recently upgraded monitor to Acer ET322QU. It is 1440p @75hz but for some reason when I play this game, the resolution is greyed out in video settings and set at 1920 x 1080. Does it auto detect your resolution and play at desktop default(which would be 1440p) or is this game really locked at only being able to play at 1080p? When i checked the userconfig file out in user app date it has 1920 and 1080 set for both resolution values. Other games I have played like resident evil and tomb raider allow toggle of resolution in settings without issue. If any one has any thoughts on this or experienced similar issue, id appreciate any feedback. Thanks. Edit: I forgot to mention this is on PC
  13. Good news! I know this is prob just as frustrating for you guys as it is for us. Hope to see it out of the game soon once and for all.
  14. Sure a noob kill squad you will survive against most of the time. A highly skilled kill squad and you are dead 90% of the time. IT has been proven on here time and time a gain. New guy joins forum, says hes never been killed. Gets challanged by some good players and he dies. Maybe he puts up a good fight, but he dies. You will die. Jason is still weak against the kill. End of story.
  15. I think its fine the way it is now. If I dont like a lobby, ill just leave and find another. I'm a random map guy myself. I don't mind playing any of them as long as its not the same map over and over again..
  16. Yes indeed you get the kill if you started the animation. I had one of these the other night early in the match. Missed a shift grab and was chasing behind a guy. He passed the first cabin door to go around to the back side. I stopped and opened that door, continued around and broke a window. Noticed he just got in and locked that door, so I went back towards the one I opened. He had to open the inside door to get to front and i timed the grab perfectly just as he got to front door. I slammed is limp dead quitter body in the door with a big smile on my face. 😀. I have seen some get the quit off while still in the grab animation though too. I dont really play for points anymore so its a kill to me, but i can see some that are still grinding being a little pissed they miss out on the 100xp..
  17. The best is when you accidentally jump out a window and you are lying next to Jason assuming death is next, and he hits the grab too soon and you run away.. 😂 I feel bad every time that happens. Like sorry bro, I'm out though! haha
  18. Wow, Just wow.... Maybe thats what some meant when its easier to kill jason now then ever. How the fuck do players find glitches like this. Amazes me more and more everyday. SMH
  19. Try throwing knives, ive heard this knocks cars off the map. 😂 no in all seriousness, The easiest way to stop the car is not let it get started. trap it up and constantly watch your map for the traps being disabled by knife, or sound if it going off from a brave counselor tanking it. Once started. dont morph right to the car. watch where they are going on map. most will drive right down the road in the direction of the exit they are gunning for. enable stalk, morph to a bit infront of that location between them and the exit. then shift at them once you see them glowing with your sense and exit shift right in front of the car. this will get a stop 90% of the time. If they are a really good driver they may have some tricks up sleeve so you want to keep them from getting to main road. Its always a fun battle, so the more car encounters you have the better you will get, ask @Ahab he loves the car chases and pretty good at stopping them.. 🍻
  20. Yes, -trap Jasons are tuff in this way, so I would prob tell a new Jason to try to stay away from them. In the 3 games in a row you were Jason, I got the car going all 3 times, the first time i drove like an idiot into a tree and you hacked my ass up. 😂 The other 2 I got the Jump and got away. I think in both those matches the 2nd car got started also, so always helps. 😁
  21. I have 0 competitiveness in my body. Coaches hated me playing sports growing up. I was just out there to have fun. I never "Have" to win. I play for the enjoyment of playing. But I get what you are saying.. lol
  22. Heck, trap any objective! I feel bad for new Jason's trying to stop objectives without trapping. Its way too easy to escape, due to lack of Jason skill level let alone no deterrence from fixing shit. Game is wide open for the taking.. Use your traps noobies! 😀 Funny enough, new players are for the most part unpredictable. They usually play the game far and away from the meta. Makes things interesting..
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