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  1. Unfortunately humans can be shitty and some don't know how to play nice. The salt mines don't exist anymore evidently, so just leave the game and find a new one if you get irritated. Lots still on playing the game the right way, but sometimes you will run into some bad eggs in the process. Send in your clip and maybe they will get banned, but most likely not.
  2. Isn't that new content though? If its just a skill check circle that already exists that pops up I think its fine, but wouldn't be able to do a "new" mini game specific to the radio unfortunately. Having the frequency sounds an an animation of him turning channels would have been great though!
  3. To be fair, Savini Jason was a kickstarter reward and the kickstarter was for PC, Xbox and PS4. Makes sense that he wouldn't be in Switch.
  4. Socializing with others is what makes this game most fun for me. Met some cool peeps this way and still play with a bunch to this day. It would still be fun to play if we couldn't voice chat, dont get me wrong, but voice chat just adds that extra element on top. Hope Switch users will get to experience that(Even if it is just a 9 year old yelling obnoxious things through the match.. 😂).
  5. The boat start up noise.... The man, the myth, the legend. Lets please not bring up that debate again... 😂
  6. Not sure how that works, and what is considered "content" but to put in new bug fixes would require new lines of code, and I know they are allowed to do that at this point.
  7. I have seen the ax fail the knee drop stun(not many times though). The only weapon I have never seen fail is the bat. The machete I have seen fail a ton of times as it is not good stun weapon. The game is known to glitch occasionally when trying to pull it off, so never surprised if the kill fails especially if working with someone new to pull it off. I'm not a Jason hunter myself as the kill to me is still too easy to feel any satisfaction afterwards of pulling it off.
  8. @Thunder have some respect man. You are new around here. Tagging and attacking valued members that have been around for some time is not a good look regardless of point.. Edit: I take the new part back, i guess you just don't post much, which still means not too many know or respect your opinion yet. Lets work on that.
  9. I just saw this also. Pretty cool. I was thinking the same thing. More money is always a plus!
  10. @Ahab well you did fool me on pinehurst last week by actually trapping the driver side door before it was started. I ran all the way across the map to find gas with a Random Shelly, run all the way back. Put gas in flawlessly run to drivers side checking map for your location and quickest getway. and smack dab run into the trap. You spawn and the rest was history. Did I mention i hate shelly!? haha
  11. No I have def been hit by some of your knives. I prefer you have an off day. Works better that way for me.. haha.. 🍻
  12. The new maps took a bit of an adjustment because of how they are laid out, but id play Jarvis and Pinehurst a hundred times over before I had to play Packanack small again...
  13. Huge fan of the franchise, being a huge slasher/horror enthusiast. Would welcome any additional games in this genre with open arms. I have to agree with others that 4 killers vs 8 survivors would be amazing game play. I would like to see some of the original characters in the game though, instead of random made up survivors for sure. 😀
  14. Well slower repair is bad if Jason is on your ass. It does make it easier though if you are all alone and trying to stealthily repair things that havn't been trapped. -A tip that works for me, focus on the center of the mini game and just watch for the prompt(R or L on controller). I find greater success doing this then following the cursor around the wheel for it to enter a prompt zone. If you have a decent reaction time you will get good at nailing them.
  15. Yeah i never get that. If they are going to put so much energy into finding a way to exploit a game, why not just put in that same effort to get good? SMH...
  16. Hey whats up wig! Browse some of the current threads. There have been quite a few talking about post rage buff update. Feel free to jump in on any of them and let us know what you think!
  17. can we shorten some of these posts. I have severe ADHD and am having trouble following.. 😂🍿
  18. Yeah, the reasoning for not needing the salt mines anymore really makes no sense. Didn't PC have a salt mine, and that was always on dedicated servers....
  19. Especially after 3 matches in a row as Jason cuz everyone in our group forgot to set preference to Jason beforehand.. 😂
  20. Yes this was last night. The players name had "bond" in it and he was playing a James bond techno song at times to troll. I thought maybe he just got lucky and found a lot of knives, but after I grabbed him a third time and he got out after I saw him use a med spray i was like wait a second, really 3 knives and a spray. Then made a point to grab him more just to be sure. 2 more grabs and he was still getting out. Maybe it was a macro that gave him the instant break animation, idk, but it was def instantly as I had no chance to execute a kill. One of the grabs was right in a door way and I would have seen the prompt I think. Really ruins the game. He was a 150 player and was pretty good at kitting, so I had to put some work into grabbing him. Annoying when you realize there is no way to kill him besides knife and slash, but then he has thick skin and med sprays too...
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