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  1. This has been debated since the patch came out, with the majority by a mile liking the new patch. Wes has also talked about it on the beyond stream. They are going to let the new patch sit and see where the meta goes to determine what balance tweaks/changes are needed next. Their original vision for the game was not to see counselors group up and bum rush Jason. The counselors should fear him and be avoiding at all cost. If it is not fun for you to do the objectives and escape, then maybe its not the game for you any longer? A tip that could help if you don't like doing that, and prefer to distract Jason is just not to hit him. You can still try to get his attention and get him to chase you, but then just kite him through buildings instead of using swift attacker and trying to chain stun. He won't get Rage for 12+ mins if no one is beating on him. That is plenty of time to hit the objectives and get out. Jason can't be everywhere at once, so spread out and make his life hell.
  2. Damn, I can test mine when I get home in a bit. Looks like Gunslinger is having issues also, so may be global. @mattshotcha
  3. On what platform? and is this before your profile loads in? I was getting stuck on that playing on pc a little while back, but havnt had issue since i verified game files. Was really weird, the intro and everything played, but when clicked through and hit button to enter menu screen it would just sit on loading profile.
  4. A lot of us have put hundreds and some thousands of hours into this game and have been playing for a long time. You pick up on these things when playing over time. The game play has shifted from run around do nothing and fight Jason, to get shit done and get out. Well for smart players anyways. This in turn has made it harder on Jason to stop escapes as multiple are being hit at the same time. Makes for a hella fun game experience vs the old pinata version we had just a little while back. You still may run into some lobbies where people try to play the old way at the beginning but they all usually die pretty quick(queue the whiners that hate the new patch).
  5. Just to note, people that backed kickstarter for xbox or ps4 then later bought f13 for pc when it went on sale, do not have Savini for PC. Only people that have Savini for pc are people that backed the kickstarter and select PC as platform. Well also the hackers, but thats another story for another day..
  6. Oh snap, I had no clue there was a Warriors video game. One of my favorite movies as a kid growing up.. 🍻 @tyrant666 no no, please not the watches again... 😁
  7. nerves of steal with preparedness. There's a couple others that are solo/team dependent depending on your play style. Look at your perk stats and see which give the higher percentage. could also just throw a perk of your liking with those two depending on what your goal that match is(which sometimes gets derailed depending on circumstance). Thats what is awesome about this game, so many perk combinations that can be catered to your play style. Edit: Level headed reduces chance of detection by sense and decreases over all fear. Here is a link that will help understand the overall fear mechanic: https://fridaythe13th.gamepedia.com/Composure
  8. Well thats probably why. The more you are around Jason the greater your fear level will be. When your fear level is high your counselor will stumble and gasp frequently. If you choose a counselor that has a lower fear level and apply fear resistant perks you will see a huge difference.
  9. How old are you btw? I'm usually the old guy still kicking around in the gaming world at 35. Always good to know I'm not the only one still getting joy out of what some would perceive as children fun(My wife gave up telling me to grow up long ago.. haha). Edit: shit I just noob double posted.... 😟
  10. The game is about to release on switch. The cash flow is still, ahh, flowing...
  11. I think people get fired if it doesn't sell rather then if only a certain amount are playing it. I get people prefer to play what is popular and has thousands of people playing, But i just play what is fun, and this game is still fun as F to me... So not dead.. 🍻
  12. I think you answered your own question there.. 🤗
  13. I get this, but it actually got him the exposure he was looking for in thread. I missed it when he posted first time. I guess he can have a "friend" create an account and be around to assist him next time instead of assisting himself? 🤔 Back on topic, I have found a youtube video out there that shows where to download already pre moded PAK file. Players can copy into game and it bypasses EAC. Gives infinite shift for savini/pt4 jasons along with maxed out states for all counselors which in turn gives them instant break out of grab and traps and instant repairs. I can pm to devs/mods if will help in locking this down.
  14. This has been discussed in multiple threads. Cheaters are the way of life unfortunately with online games, but def with you on wishing for it to be fixed. Link below has details of how they are getting infinite stats. I guess they are modifying an encrypted PAK file and anticheat is clueless. @mattshotcha http://forum.f13game.com/topic/25925-cheaters-in-the-game-ps4/?do=findComment&comment=349204
  15. Yeah i've noticed this too. Especially if they are blasting music. It will mute for a bit then it will come back and have to mute again.
  16. Unfortunately humans can be shitty and some don't know how to play nice. The salt mines don't exist anymore evidently, so just leave the game and find a new one if you get irritated. Lots still on playing the game the right way, but sometimes you will run into some bad eggs in the process. Send in your clip and maybe they will get banned, but most likely not.
  17. Isn't that new content though? If its just a skill check circle that already exists that pops up I think its fine, but wouldn't be able to do a "new" mini game specific to the radio unfortunately. Having the frequency sounds an an animation of him turning channels would have been great though!
  18. To be fair, Savini Jason was a kickstarter reward and the kickstarter was for PC, Xbox and PS4. Makes sense that he wouldn't be in Switch.
  19. Socializing with others is what makes this game most fun for me. Met some cool peeps this way and still play with a bunch to this day. It would still be fun to play if we couldn't voice chat, dont get me wrong, but voice chat just adds that extra element on top. Hope Switch users will get to experience that(Even if it is just a 9 year old yelling obnoxious things through the match.. 😂).
  20. The boat start up noise.... The man, the myth, the legend. Lets please not bring up that debate again... 😂
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