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  1. badassgixxer05

    The Car

    yeah i hit a tree last night but in my screen i was not even close to hitting it. i didnt even get a crash sound. just saw smoke in front and was like oh shit what happened!
  2. badassgixxer05

    Mythos - A Friday the 13th Fan Film

    any update on this project? @BrownspaceFiilms
  3. Combat quick blocking and meat shielding were essential to dealing with the mobs. At some point they got patched out. such a bummer..
  4. Gun has already said they would like to make more content. Whether they can or not is another thing. We shall see. Mean while, where are the bug fixes????
  5. badassgixxer05

    Patch Notes - 09.26.18

    Any news when black tower's first patch will be coming?
  6. badassgixxer05

    More buggy lately?

    Most Jasons ive come across in this circumstance will just slash you to death anyways. Last time it happened to me, i was shooting flare gun at same time jason shot a knife at me. the knife stopped in mid air and was just spinning next to me. Some freaky matrix shit. but then i was locked all game. Luckily it was a new jason and he never really put any pressure on me. i was able to make it to cops and survive..
  7. There has been a huge boost in quitters since halloween sale on PC. Dont think any of the new players know anything about the salt mines. Hope they learn quickly cuz it is rather annoying..
  8. ^^^This.. i can get lucky with chad and get 5 skill checks sometimes. just spam it until you get one you like. Jason will not be alerted for stopping a check and starting again.
  9. badassgixxer05

    October Event Celebration!

    Damn! 1mil!? My eyes were burning with exhaustion after only burning through 50k cp.. lol I rolled 5 legendaries though, so it was a good run. Hoping to find some more useful ones though. At least i finally got rid of all my rare perks and only have epic and legendary currently.
  10. badassgixxer05

    October Event Celebration!

    those damn tommys sure are tricky to find. havnt seen one in months myself
  11. badassgixxer05

    October Event Celebration!

    Damn, i must have been having some good luck and should have kept on rolling last night. I got 5 of them and only spent 50,000 cp
  12. badassgixxer05

    October Event Celebration!

    Getting a legendary perk once about every 10,000cp spent. How is everyone else faring? So far the only decent ones i got are hypochondriac and my dads a cop.
  13. I think they nerfed the my dad is a cop perk awhile back. Used to be able to shave off a bunch of time, but then they cut it back..
  14. badassgixxer05

    Thick Skin question...

    think it depends on how much damage you have already taken. ive been slashed by jason 2x go into limping, use spray, get slashed once and already limping again, so dont think spray heal means u are back to full health at times..
  15. badassgixxer05

    Issues with the car controls

    haha! the ultimate showdown!.. But one thing ive noticed that helps is to never touch your pan camera. keep it straight ahead and only use directional to steer car. Ive had pretty good success speeding all over map when i do that. as soon as i turn to look who got in car with me is when it goes all haywire.. Also will get the occasional weapon blocking view bug too, which makes driving really interesting.. lol ***Edit: oops i just realized u said it has only happened starting today. What platform? I can test tonight and see if anything similar happening.