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  1. As would have Grendel/Uber Jason. Fucking bitch ass law suits and shit... 🙄
  2. I really wish there was a way to open large map when in car. So many times im driving around on the map no where near anyone and the loan guy with me already doesnt have a mic. Eventually we crash or get stopped and die. All could have been reverted if I just knew where those other pesky counselors were running around at so I could save their asses.. 😁
  3. and some ass hat is prob running around out there with the keys and never checks the status of objectives.. 😂
  4. Yeah this has been for sure brought up in the past. Would be nice to have an offline sandbox to test your skills as counselor like we can currently as Jason. When I havn't played for awhile i will always warm up as Jason in offline mode before I jump into a QP game. Would be nice to do the same as counselor. From what I can remember they said the AI for Jason would be too time consuming to implement, as it would be difficult to get him to work properly and actually be able to pressure counselors. The current offline counselor bots still have their own set of issues, but I think they are fine for a warm up, but to each is their own.
  5. Interesting. I've seen something similar when you grab a counselor just as he is escaping. He will get credit for the escape, but you also get the kill and the glitched counselor will keep coming back and you can kill over and over again.
  6. Info has been given to the devs(if you are talking about the counselor stats hack or Jason infinite shift). So atleast they are aware. Whether they can fix or not is another thing. Anti cheat is supposed to catch this, but it does not..
  7. These fuckers find a way around everything don't they! lol
  8. Part2!! Because everyone here knows that there is still soo much more that can be done with this game. The idea that just about everything has been done is laughable..
  9. I went over 500 the other week. If my wife saw that I played that much Id prob be in some trouble. 😂 Still killing strong for mamma!
  10. That guy said they got rid of the skin on ps4? I never heard of that. Maybe one of the ps4 guys can chime in. As far as switch, Gun has said its going to be everything that is currently in game on pc,xbox and ps4 so I would think it would have NES skin. @mattshotcha
  11. yeah, pretty much everyone knows about the knife car glitch now. If you get past a jason and he is out of shift/morph most likely he will be throwing a knife at you. Also have to watch out for edge of fences and rocks when turning as this glitches the car out also..
  12. Any video? That would help a ton. I have not seen this yet myself, although not many Jasons use traps by cabins. The only thing I have seen that happens through walls is when you are grabbed inside and break out with knife it will sometimes throw you outside the cabin if you were close to said wall.
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