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  1. badassgixxer05

    Thought Y'all Fixed This

    Its been like this on pc forever. can never tell what anyone is playing, all you see are randoms even though they have a counselor/jason selected in that lobby. sometimes clicking on player names or reselecting your counselor/jason will refresh and allow to see. At times you will actually get a counselor/jason at random, but not as often as before this last pc patch..
  2. badassgixxer05

    Tommy dead/alive glitch

    yup, someone died and left game while i was calling tommy in beginning actually
  3. When Im driving and car is stopped, I do quick exit and am in a sitting position still. The animation will immediately switch to me running and at this point my use of weapon will be disabled. Climbing through window will fix, and some have said dropping weapon and picking back up will also.
  4. badassgixxer05

    Preventing Ragequits

  5. badassgixxer05

    Tommy dead/alive glitch

    I watched a Tommy die last night and I came back as Tommy again. First I had that happen. Never saw your issue though
  6. yup, its still there, just not as frequent...
  7. badassgixxer05

    Jason bullying

    We still need to get a game in bud! Another way for me to get better is playing against the best πŸ‘
  8. badassgixxer05

    Jason bullying

    Yeah i died for first time in awhile on Tuesday night. I was back on it again last night. Had a match not going my way, but turned it around for 7/8(just missed the boat escape). Next time I cleared the lobby 8/8. Funny thing about this game. Just when you think you are getting good, a match will throw you a curve ball and shit goes sideways at times. You will never find me running or hiding as Jason. I can take my death like a man if I put my self in that position during the match. When i do die it just encourages me to get better and that I will guaranteed...
  9. Is it possible they took some of the pc servers and gave them over to consoles? Ive noticed extended wait times on pc. I know player count is low but it usually never takes 2+ mins to find a server..
  10. badassgixxer05

    Savini Jason Custom Figure

    This is pretty freakin awesome man! You sure have some talent! πŸ‘
  11. Its def luck of the draw. I think i have about that many and been playing since late Feb.
  12. badassgixxer05

    Repair Box Bug/Glitch

    usually the case, something that needs to get fixed eventually..
  13. badassgixxer05

    Jason bullying

    Take away the need to have to double trap doors. 1 trap that counselors cant sidestep to get into shack would be nice too.
  14. Whats the hold up at this point?