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  1. its kinda fun when someone decides to be a prick and run people over. Can already see on status that a couple have been betrayed and they will pull up honking horn like im going to get out and try to get in. ill pretend i am and fuck around with them with windows and trees. Most Jasons will go after the car, so i just wait it out til they crash and are pulled out then ill hop in car and run them over if they had a knife or drive away honking horn and escape if they didnt. If Jason doesnt go after them, the game just becomes hard mode and you have to avoid Jason and the car for as long as you can. ive made both look pretty silly at times as most are not very skilled if behaving like that.
  2. You cant. Cross play was never implemented.
  3. offline matches on pc throws fatal error after about 2 mins in. its unplayable also...
  4. Yup im crashing in offline mode against bots too. Troubleshot the last hour reinstalling drivers and what not thinking it was just me like an idiot. lol rip
  5. This. The good ol days where you could shift into a group and kick some ass as Jason...
  6. Who ever has the rights should do some remakes ala resident evil. They are making a killing on those right now.
  7. Nah, the dangerous part is the quick spread. as long as they control the out breaks, they have enough hospital beds to treat patients that develop severe cases. But just like the flu, most people get it and just have body aches/fever and they will recover after a few days. The important part is not to spread it, so if you think you may have it and are not dying(having breathing/heart issues) don't go out seeking testing/treatment you will just expose more people.
  8. Yeah, I work in IT. All of our clients are requesting work from home solutions, so ive been building a ton of RDS deployments. Some good revenue for us. Were expecting to probably all be working from home ourselfs in the next week or two. if schools shutdown ill have to be home with my daughter.
  9. This is the funniest thing. A pandemic is declared and people are more worried about how to wipe their ass rather then stocking up on food and mainly water. If water source gets shutoff that's when the fight for survival will start. A case of water will only last a family a couple of days. Better have a wall stacked to the ceiling. all the other is just bs. Ill take a shit outside and wipe with some leaves if needed and keep on ticking.
  10. Disease is and always has been our natural predator. Have been over 20,000 deaths from the flu already this year. Its something that has always existed. This is just another virus that will come and go. Live a healthy lifestyle and if have any sort of respiratory issues should always avoid large crowds during these seasons.
  11. Keep submitting them. All we can really do at this point. @mattshotcha can let you know if this is a known bug/glitch that they are actively working on.
  12. Did you submit the video? http://www.jasonkillsbugs.com/
  13. yeah, knife/slash or knife/grab kill. The only thing with knife/grab is you risk them having a knife and climbing out once more for the suicide and prob a troll comment after. I don't worry too much about suicides though. I still consider it a kill even though I don't get points.
  14. You can get a good idea of what kind of player you are hunting by going to break a window of a cabin they are in. If they are standing there in combat stance trying to get a free hit, then you know they are going to use what ever they can in game to survive(btw, knife them in the head then break window, or fake break and let them swing at air and break window while they are stuck in animation). Just have to adjust your game play and be unpredictable. Breaking down doors early in match makes these players sitting ducks and are usually pretty easy to get with stalk as long as you practice shifting through cabins. Don't try running down as it will just become a long frustrating chase. stalk, morph a bit a way. sense. Watch them run in circles for a bit then shift and grab them.
  15. Im pretty competitive in this game, but have never used any exploit. I have been called a troll for taking jason on a long chase, but everything I do is part of regular gameplay. Some Jason's are just too predictable and are easy to evade. I'm not going to lie down and let jason kill me just like hes not going to lie down and let me put last part in car to escape. So chase it is. I did run into a 150 highly skilled Jason the other day. I tanked his traps at car and dropped off gas. He arrived and I led him away. He landed a nice grab inside the boathouse on crystal and I died. I came back later and repaired/started the car as tommy. I was able to avoid him and stop to get the last counselor when suddenly i hear the knife pull and my car flying through the air and left me trapped under the map. Immediately i gave him some shit and his response was I would have killed you anyway stop complaining. Lots of these Jasons are like that where they cant handle someone being better that match and getting away. It really is a shame.
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