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  1. Im with you man. As long as this bs roof shit still exists, the devs them selves should be showing everyone how to get to the roof as Jason..
  2. badassgixxer05

    Is there a trick to the Jason stuns?

    Nice, i have noticed at times when i come back as tommy i only have one use of spray at spawn(other times I do get the 2). ill have to try this next time i dont see the medic perk working on tommy. I'm on PC btw.
  3. badassgixxer05

    Halloween Game by Gun?

    The possibilities are endless. Makes me warm and fuzzy inside.. 😁
  4. badassgixxer05

    Is there a trick to the Jason stuns?

    wtf? this thread is like a year old.. lmao
  5. Does Jason hear the boat start a second time? I dont recall..
  6. Didnt you used to be able to exit the boat after starting? I hate that when you start the boat you cant just get out right away and be ready for Jason when he spawns. Now are stuck trying to get down stream or dock on beach, which gets the boat stuck 90% of the time..
  7. badassgixxer05

    What Gamma Do You Use?

    I remember having to play with this after the engine update. it was way darker then pre update. so i think i bumped it up a couple to atleast be able to see jason grab knives in cabin. before change he was almost pitch black. could also be my monitor settings too that i didnt play with after calibrating..
  8. badassgixxer05

    Is Tunneling the New Trolling?

    I get tunneled quite a bit, but its for good reason. I try to make Jasons match hell. Tanking traps, hitting objectives and saving who ever I can. Jason's life is a lot easier when im dead. Has to make me dead first though, so can easily ruin his whole match anyways by chasing me the whole match while others get shit done. 😀
  9. badassgixxer05

    Halloween Game by Gun?

    If a kickstarter for Halloween game dropped tomorrow, everyone on here would be backing it, even if pissed at how F13 has gone. Thats just how much potential exists with F13. Its a great game, frustrations with bugs and all. Id be all in on Halloween too. Just saying.. Lets do this Gun! (lets leave the bugs out of this one though, kindly please and thank you 😁)
  10. badassgixxer05

    Best place to hide

    Higgins upstairs bathroom behind the shelf. great place to go if jason appears and ur upstairs searching for items. Just be sure a window is open in one of the rooms first so he thinks you hopped out and left.
  11. badassgixxer05

    Drop em!

    I still play on PC. Badassgixxer05
  12. nah, he had like 4 or 5 knives and sprays and crackers and just kept running around the big house that was purged in beginning of match, its a hack, ive seen it a few times now.
  13. truth. infinite shift is hilarious though when they still cant get you cuz they are garbage at the game.. haha. Also saw an infinite pocket knife guy the other night. counter to that is just slashing jason though so not terrible. Just annoying when you have grabbed him three times before you noticed he was hacking..
  14. haha, yeah thanks to a fellow forum member on here I learned to do this last night. pack small morph spot is a little more difficult to hit then reg pack, but with much practice i was able to got on a bunch of times. Cant wait to chase off those pos dancing roof chads..
  15. badassgixxer05

    Best Jason Music?

    I'm a big fan of pt 5. I also agree that you should hear that jason's music when chasing someone.