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  1. badassgixxer05

    Tapes collected during event

    None yet. still trying. Maybe tonight will be the lucky night!
  2. badassgixxer05

    Sacred Branch Weekend

    That exit animation is rather hilarious. Like they were holding their breath in there for hours not trying to smell the dirty socks
  3. badassgixxer05

    Sacred Branch Weekend

    I could just hide under the bed with a branch
  4. Ive heard party functionality broke in the latest update also. A lot of people chatting in lobbies saying they cant get all of their people in the same game
  5. badassgixxer05

    Patch Notes - 07.03.18

    Yeah, I haven't played all week because of this. They have complete broken the game with this bug. Takes forever to get a match going. Not worth my time. Hoping patch is soon
  6. badassgixxer05


    Hey I have no friends so stalk everyone.... lol jk jk
  7. Yeah, I noted for future if ever happens again, shift away and come back and reek havoc after expires. I remember the tommy yelling at the sweater girl to like how the F did you screw that up! then they got the kill and he was like oh never mind.. lol. I was just like well fuck me.. gg.. hehe
  8. There was a time sweater was activated, but I was still able to run. I thought it didnt work, so I grabbed one of the counselors. Someone saved them, I dropped to knees and was killed. Was really weird that it was still in effect but I had full control and wasn't stunned.
  9. badassgixxer05

    Share Your Spotify Playlist

    nice mix Here is my amazon hard rock playlist if anyone wants to listen: https://music.amazon.com/user-playlists/6331c684e7954009b0bfe754f5eb67f9sune?ref=dm_sh_BDYpkxMuGzleXnlEiZeVXKxw4
  10. badassgixxer05

    What kind of soda do you drink?

    That sounds really good. I couldn't find this stuff anywhere in my area at first, but just found that a local distributor carries it. Going to try to order and see what happens. Can't wait to try it!
  11. I believe this. When will his patch come out? Wouldn't be new content right? 😀
  12. How the heck did you sell all your perks on accident?
  13. badassgixxer05

    We should be happy

    @The Wolf with that Toast Thanks bud! Uber uber mask on uber uber Jason
  14. badassgixxer05

    The real reason he's called Uber Jason

    Ha, sure why not have its own thread. Feel like this should be in a cut/chopped rap video. Read it while rapping southern style. It works I'm telling you. 😂
  15. badassgixxer05

    We should be happy

    Thanks bro! Haha, yeah im a dude. I prob should update and put something in my profile at some point. I've been here long enough right!? lol