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  1. Im pretty competitive in this game, but have never used any exploit. I have been called a troll for taking jason on a long chase, but everything I do is part of regular gameplay. Some Jason's are just too predictable and are easy to evade. I'm not going to lie down and let jason kill me just like hes not going to lie down and let me put last part in car to escape. So chase it is. I did run into a 150 highly skilled Jason the other day. I tanked his traps at car and dropped off gas. He arrived and I led him away. He landed a nice grab inside the boathouse on crystal and I died. I came back later and repaired/started the car as tommy. I was able to avoid him and stop to get the last counselor when suddenly i hear the knife pull and my car flying through the air and left me trapped under the map. Immediately i gave him some shit and his response was I would have killed you anyway stop complaining. Lots of these Jasons are like that where they cant handle someone being better that match and getting away. It really is a shame.
  2. hmmm, usually takes me multiple tries as Vanessa to the point im just like fuck it and do the 7 or 8 checks. Maybe I need to test this out more though if you think they are the same. Vanessa does have 6 luck though so not terrible.
  3. Mitch has low amount of qtes constantly because he has high repair. Chad has low repair but can get low amount of qtes because of his good luck. Spam the repairs and see for yourself(repair and cancel until you get low qte. usually only takes 2 or 3 tries). Then test this with another counselor with low repair low luck. I believe it is a thing, or I just get really lucky. lol Its the main reason I play chad. Hes the only fast decent repair counselor I have found.
  4. This game was limping along well before the lawsuit was announced. The bugs/glitches is what scared away the majority of player base. The lawsuit was just an unforeseen punishment for all of us that stuck around and still love the game today.
  5. Gun Media isn't currently publishing a game(that I know of), so don't think there is much for them to talk about. Maybe if a new release is announced it would start back up again. Layers of Fear 2 has come and gone, and nothing new with F13 but bug fixes every couple of months.
  6. better chance for easy skill check too ive noticed. I spam it 2 or 3 times at most and get a 5-6 bar check. Not bad for a 2 repair character and the wheel moves pretty fast.
  7. Holy old thread! Cool topic though. Born and raised in Niagara Falls, NY. Still live in WNY area. Same! So much cool shit I had that didn't really care about as a 20 year old kid. Wrestling figures, matchbox cars, micro machines. I could go on and on. I did keep all my trading cards though.
  8. The hate on chad in here is crazy. ๐Ÿ˜€ Hes just luckiest guy in the game!(spam skill checks for a good repair, weapon durability and fast car starts). He is fast at running so you tend to want to mash on that sprint and run out of stamina quick, but there is no need to. Jog around town to stay ahead of Jason and you can easily manage stamina. The only negative i can see is his low composure (high fear), so he constantly will yell out when hiding, stumble and lose mini map. If you are aware of this and don't rely on either then he is just fine. No other serious negatives.
  9. yeah, this has always been a thing so you can identify who is speaking. Just have to mute mic when not talking, or use push to talk. Also, if you mute the Jason, he cant hear you talking either.
  10. If its sweater girl and Tommy without a gun, The battle is on. I can win those battles more then lose. Add a gun to that situation and you are fucked in most cases. Same if its a big group surrounding. You can't defend and attack against them all. I had a really bad match a few weeks back where someone got the sweater right after I morphed. Of course i cross sweater girl and tommy a few mins later and tommy had a gun. So I morphed out to island, stood across water and said come hunt me. Guess who didnt cross? They knew they would die. Same if I crossed that water. So its pretty much a stale mate. The cops came and i tried picking them off with knives. Tommy finally dropped his gun and grabbed the ax and we did a brief battle before time ran out. Of course they called me a bitch for not running in and dying. I called them one right back for not crossing the water...
  11. Some people just hate dying. They will bitch about it no matter how you killed them. Me personally, I enjoy dying. Means it was a good Jason that put in some work to kill me, so he deserves that reward of watching me die if he earned it. Makes no difference to me how it was done. If I'm dead it was the right way.
  12. Hes saying you need to leave that lobby and load into another. Multiplayer games are always toxic in one form or another. Spend some time playing and you will find some cool peeps that you can friend and then lobby up with for future matches.
  13. Don't do that! Make them chase you for the rest of the match. Payback for using a glitch. Most will rage quit when they realize they are never going to catch you and are tired of being embarrassed. I hate to be a jerk in this game, but sometimes its warranted.
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