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  1. Guess it depends how QP is. If its slow and dead or toxic Ill play single player/offline mode. When I get bored I'll pop back in and check out multiplayer. Should be fun thats for sure! If anyone sees me on, send me an invite and Ill play some some matches
  2. I got glitched one game and had to do this. Spent final 10 mins morphing around cuz couldn't slash or throw knives. Looking back I prob should have just let them kill me. Not really a big deal..
  3. Oh shit, I forgot about the perks. Is that in this update?
  4. Wonder if there will be any double xp
  5. 3ish hrs of consistent play should get you a level up. Finding that consistent play is the main issue.
  6. What time they usually release? Was hoping to get some playing in Thursday night 7:30ish est until I pass out.. 😆 Friday sick day sounds about right.. lol
  7. Nice! I picked it up for $20 when on sale a while back. Had a bunch of friends that are 150 on ps4 say they want to get it on pc when on sale again also to start leveling all over. Hoping many more jump over. Current pc player base barely has a pulse..
  8. I get what he is saying though. When over 50% of people are against a decision they made preventing them from doing something, someone will find a hack to get it done and everyone will get to do it anyways...
  9. Don't leave PC! Our player base needs you! Just have to find the right players to play with. We are out there... 😀
  10. Yes the majority that voted No for being to high already were over 113, so those numbers are just a little skewed.. I saw a ton of people over 113 vote Yes which carried just a little more weight in my opinion, but whatever. I'm still pumped for the update!
  11. badassgixxer05

    PSA: Update will not drop on 5/26

    You move on to a new game? Nothing lasts forever...
  12. badassgixxer05


    Yeah, Im usually repair counselor. There are times I repair and run inside with time to call also but not enough to consider taking up a slot.
  13. badassgixxer05


    I have a my dad's a cop that I never use. Perk trading system would be nice feature to add to a lobby.