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  1. This mental image made me laugh for some reason. (I'm not a grammar or spelling nazi, I know what you meant)
  2. I feel like there are so many people out there that were never taught good sportsmanship as children. No matter the game, try your best, play to win, if you win congrats, if you don't there is always next time and always shake the hand of your opponent. Being a good winner is just as important as being a good loser. Being a good sport allows everyone to have fun.
  3. I fix the car and leave the keys, since I want someone to distract Jason while I fix the phone and call the cops.
  4. Can someone post a regular link to this. I get a weird template error "[[Template forums/front/global/embedTopic is throwing an error. This theme may be out of date. Run the support tool in the AdminCP to restore the default theme.]]"
  5. Chevettes were rear wheel drive https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chevrolet_Chevette Also escaping via the car should be difficult, terrified movie teenagers crash all the time.
  6. My first few matches I was AJ and I was constantly crouched, sticking to the shadows and hiding in bushes and in trees, trying to figure out what to do. How do I survive?! Obviously, after a few thousand rounds it isn't the same but as a Deb main when Jason is around the struggle is very very real. Also I was young when a majority of these movies came out, so even to this day the music/score makes me tense. In the beginning of each match I have to turn my headset down until I after the cut scene.
  7. Yeah I don't know how video slot machine mechanics became such a widespread thing. I mean I know EA is making ridiculous profit off (see FIFA) of it but for any kickstarter or indie game it seems like a poor decision. My guess would be they were hoping for a bit of that "Rogue Like" magic but I would've preferred an RPG-lite element to each of the characters.
  8. Agreed rolling for perks is the worst part of this game. I spent 20k cp over the weekend and didn't a legendary, matter for fact I think I only got one epic. The rest were all grays and some incredibly useless ones, like 2% bonus 13% penalty. It was bad and very disheartening.
  9. I killed myself the other day trying to get just the right trap placement outside a cabin door. Also sometimes the my character just dives through closed windows when i give E just the slightest of taps.
  10. Stop the slut shaming! I haven't played the challenges yet, but they really should've mixed it up. Since F13 is a thinly veiled allegory about the morality and dangers of life.
  11. No you didn't say it, however you implied it whether it was intentional or not. Part of reading comprehension is understanding the implied meaning of the written word. It is literally part of English 101. Also your response shows an exceptional ignorance of how macros and computers function in general. So lets say you're the fastest button masher on the planet, you are still not even a fraction as fast as a macro-ed computer. So in that giant gap between your actual rate of button presses and the near "constant" (so fast as to be imperceivable by humans) input of the macro is where the threshold would be set. Now I do agree with gyaaft, that it should be a QTE or other skill based game. Anything that removes button mashing from any game is a plus in my book.
  12. Too many E presses in a time frame causes your counselor to struggle so hard they have a heart attack.
  13. What about Brunch time? They've ran out of bottomless mimosas! <Insert Chad's Terror Face!>
  14. As I Debbie, there is no better start to a round when I find the fuse and a pocket knife. It gets even better when I disarm the trap, fix the phone with no errors then get to make the call.
  15. My beef is when my character is standing still in front of a window and I tap E to open it and instead she dives through the closed window. Since I usually play Deb 2 of these can lead to a very short round.
  16. Like in a 1st person shooter? Where would he store them all? I think the different weapons should be laying around Jason's shed and on the way out you just grab the one you want.
  17. I have never seen an A.J. or Debbie leading the charge. I wonder why you don't have Jason hunting parties made up of nothing but Debbies? Obviously human nature is at fault here, and everyone assumes there perception is reality. If you don't see people doing anything, well then they aren't doing anything. Right? If they're not doing what you would do in a situation then they are playing the game wrong.
  18. Well in all practicality he can. Once the fuse is fixed and before or during the phone call Jason can re-wreck the phone box and make it totally inoperable and unfix-able. That is always when i have the most stress in this game is when I'm on the phone waiting for it to complete.
  19. What? Is that a thing people complain about? Holy crap! As Jason how are you supposed to win. "Don't slash too much and don't grab spam! Only throwing knives kills and only after the 8 minute mark so I don't die early and feel bad about myself because I suck at video games."
  20. However the fuse in the cabin with the phone box makes logical sense. Do you keep your fuses for your breaker box at your neighbors house? I'm fine with the current game play mechanics, since it wouldn't be much of a game if everything was already done for you.
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