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  1. I’m pretty damn sure Jason has a faster running speed than Jenny when she is jogging. I have to haul my ass FAR ahead of Jason while playing her because he catches up QUICK. Then again, I’m bad at math what you said about geometry is probably correct.
  2. Slower counselors can out jog Jason for a while but he will quickly catch up if they don’t start running. Even as Tiffany, I can only out jog Jason for a little while before I have to start sprinting. Pretty sure the only counselors who can out jog Jason is Buggzy, Chad, and Vanessa. Tiffany and Jason are about the same speed. Jason is about the speed of a counselor with a 6 or 7 speed while jogging.
  3. I do wish that Sony told you all of your gaming history similar to what Microsoft does on Xbox One. If they can pull up all your hours on your gaming history then they can CLEARLY add a feature that lets you see your total hours whenever you want. I also wish they had a progress bar on your trophies. Those are the only two things I really envy about Xbox. We can only hope the next console from Sony implements these things.
  4. I did this early in the year when my friend tagged me in a post on Twitter about it. In 2018 alone I had 748 hours and I played A LOT up until around June then I dropped off and only played sporadically so I’m pretty sure I have around 1500-2000 hours if we also include 2017. How many hours are you guesstimating that you have?
  5. Kenny is well rounded (obviously) but he doesn’t serve a great purpose as the others do. He isn’t a runner/distraction character like Tiffany and Vanessa. Putting Marathon on Tiffany and Vanessa only makes them more viable and can get much farther than Kenny. He can’t do a “No Fear” build like Jenny. His weapons break easier than Chad, Jenny, and Victoria. He can’t repair as well as Deborah. Buggzy will unmask Jason faster. He is decent but he is outclassed in every single stat by another counselor. If you can play Kenny effectively then that is great. Everybody has a different counselor they do well with. I personally do the best with Tiffany and Jenny.
  6. It’s dependant on how good the counselor at cabin hopping and maintaining stamina. Jenny’s composure will keep her stamina pool pretty high until she gets to high fear. I’ve survived the clock MANY times with Jenny, she is highly underrated. Although it is much easier to do it with Tiffany or Vanessa. If the Jason is very good at catching counselors then it doesn’t matter whether you play Jenny or Vanessa, once he hits rage mode you are probably dead. I’d put Fox above Adam honestly because Fox has a little more stamina to work with and she can carry the sweater. Both are pretty similar in stats but she’s just a step above because she can hold the sweater.
  7. The main counselors I see are Vanessa, Deborah, and Tiffany. Vanessa and Tiffany are kinda the same honestly. Both with high speed/stamina and low composure and repair. Maybe I’m bias but I’d put Tiffany in at least the Top 5 due to how long she can run around Jason and keep him distracted, she is the best counselor to run around Jason besides Vanessa. I mainly agree with their tier list except putting Jenny and Victoria at the two bottom spots. If ANYONE should have occupied those two spots, it should’ve been Shelly and Kenny.
  8. There is a way you can look back at your PS4 gaming history for the past year. I can’t remember the website though. In 2018 alone I had 760 hours on F13. I played A LOT in 2017 so I’m guessing I have around 2000 hours on F13.
  9. Nah...it takes all the bullying and counselor loops to get better with Jason. If you don’t let him learn and give him pity kills then somebody will teach him through a merry-go-round and probably be much more of an asshole about it. I’m not gonna teabag and dance over a noobish Jason but I’m not going to just LET him kill me because they’ll never learn how to get better if they don’t learn counselors movements and techniques through trial and error.
  10. Join the club...I have too, it’s not a hard platinum to obtain. It’s just grindy.
  11. Pretty sure Last Year will be released on console eventually, similar to DBD being released on console a year after the intital release on PC. At the moment DBD and F13 are really the only two games in the multiplayer survival horror genre that are really popular. Of course there are other games like Alien Isolation, Remothered, or Perception but they are single player story based. I’m anxious for Last Year’s release on console or other games that follow the multiplayer survival horror genre. I put so many hours into DBD/F13, it’s become a little stale.
  12. Agreed. Either reduce the stun chance by 50% or reduce the stun time significantly. I don’t really think Jason should be COMPLETELY immune to stuns while he is in rage mode especially with flares and firecrackers. I survived six minutes as the last counselor left, my only match post patch. Can’t say it is too OP as Jason does need counterplay, but it doesn’t make since to give Jason counterplay by taking away A HUGE chunk of the counselors counterplay/defenses.
  13. I played this game throughout May 2017-June 2018 nonstop. It was one of the only games I regularly played. I had 770 hours alone in 2018, it was only a matter of time before the map layout was memorized. I just played a SHIT TON over the past two years. Unless you’ve regularly played since launch, you won’t learn as much because you haven’t been through all the patches and the playerbase has dwindled significantly since then. 12 minutes IS a very long time, but I’ve seem many people survive for that long. We all potato at time though....I’ve died first, last, and anywhere in between, just because I play a lot doesn’t mean I don’t die. Honestly, it’s all about how you conserve your stamina, bait a grab so you can get a stun for more stamina, and loop cabins. It’s not much more to explain than that. Not trying to be egotistical, just stating how I go about the game and what I’ve done since launch I never watched YouTube videos for F13 by the way, only thing I watched was beta gameplay.
  14. I’ve had matches where my whole team was wiped out within minutes so it was up to me to last about 12 minutes. You don’t NEED to stun Jason to survive, you simply need to outplay him. I have well over 1000 hours in this game, needless to say I know the map layouts and where to go to do the best cabin loops. Not trying to boost my own ego but I’ve had countless matches where I simply just outplayed Jason, you just have to adapt to their playstyles and know the map layout and where you are and aren’t safe. I rely on my teammates to fix a lot of the time because I play Tiffany and Jenny, not really worth trying to repair ESPECIALLY with Tiffany. I will however repair if I have to.
  15. So is it no longer possible to kill Jason while he is in rage mode? It says he is able to be stunned by Pamela’s sweater but will he be able to be stunned by a weapon to drop him to his knees for the killing animation?
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