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  1. You gotta quote me first of all. Second of all it works on some counselors, not all, period. Counselors have the advantage in combat and it is a well known fact. Not saying it should be this way but it is. MOST of the time, if you know what you doing you won’t be slashed. By the way Level 150 does not mean “experienced” you could be 150 and die all the way there. What I meant by “faking a swing” is turning around and making Jason think you are going for a swing so he goes for a grab
  2. Try slashing an experienced counselor and you’ll see for sure that slashing is not a viable option. Counselors can bounce back from a slash easily, Jason gets knocked on his ass from one swing. The host you were going against was a crybaby, don’t try a method you don’t know how to use. It’s not that hard to fake a swing and avoid a slash, I’m confident but not cocky...it’s not the same thing.
  3. Not saying to NEVER slash, just saying there are many more opportunities to use a grab kill rather than slashing then bitching and moaning when the counselor doesn’t die. It is super easy to avoid slashing. Just saying that slashing EVERY counselor in the the lobby negets you XP and makes the game boring honestly. It gives no fear factor. I’m not THE BEST counselor ever but I’m pretty damn good not trying to boost my own ego, but I rarely get slashed because it is THAT easy to avoid a slash and then I’m the one who get swarmed with messages saying I’m trash for not dying to a Jason who slashed when really it is the Jason who should’ve grabbed. Too many Jason players are petrified of pocket knives, it is ridiculous. However yes slashing is what you should do in a group of counselors, didn’t think of that.
  4. Slashing should be used as a last resort or if you are going against Tommy or a counselor with no weapon and out of stamina. There is a reason the devs spend THOUSANDS of dollars mo-capping kills. Yet Jason players get so pissed when they get beaten up but fail to realize that slashing rarely works against an experienced player. An experienced player will take the slash and whack your ass with a bat and will spray themselves while you are laying flat on your back. Go for the grab and if you get hit with a knife so what? There isn’t a lot on the map. There is maybe 4 max? When you see everybody in the match was either slashed, asphyxiated, or decapitated it just shows you rely on slashing or the same kills over and over again.
  5. There is a difference between confidence and arrogance. I know I’m an EXTREMELY skilled counselor and I can fend off ANY Jason for most of the round. Although I won’t sit here and claim that I am the best ever or I’ll never die in the game. Most of the time when I do die it’s because of Jason teamers, they don’t get any XP from me anyways because I’ll quit the match if they are Jason teaming. I really do not care if I wind up in the salt mines because honestly I’ve moved on from F13, I’ll play DBD over F13 on most days. Back onto the subject. She is just trolling, if she gets enjoyment out of beating noobs then so be it. You can be confident without being arrogant and she is just plain arrogant.
  6. If the game was like the films then the last two counselors would always escape and Tommy would be unkillable. Jason was always defeated (sometimes died) in the movies. He was a killing machine up until the final one or two counselors when he became extremely clumsy. How many times did Chris knock Jason on his ass toward the end of the movie? Jason can be stopped and killed as seen in the movies.
  7. If you really want to balance out Jason then make it so his music doesn’t play until half of the counselors are gone. Based off of the movies nobody knew Jason was around until there was around 3 people left. In the Final Chapter...Tommy, Trish, and Rob did not know of Jason’s presence until Rob was being killed by Jason. However I don’t know how that would work in the game because all the counselors in the beginning are aware of Jasons presence which is why they say “I have to get out of here”. Jason does not need a buff. As stated by @AdmiralJT counselors should get stronger as the match goes on. Jason worked himself into a frenzy trying to catch the last one or two counselors and eventually ended up being defeated. You can’t be pissed that you got 6/8 when Jason NEVER killed all the counselors in ANY of the movies. Jason got weaker as the movie progressed as the counselors survival instincts kicked in. There shouldn’t be a kill squad, Jason should simply have a perma-stalk until only 3 or 4 counselors remain (including Jarvis if he was called).
  8. JennyMyers1984

    The pressure playing as Jason / My diary.

    I feel you...I also have anxiety while playing Jason, because I don’t like playing as Jason. I only play as Jason to progress toward the trophies (I only need the 500/1000 matches). I have survival instincts not killer instincts. Funny thing is that unless I’m in an extended chase I never get anxiety while playing a counselor, it’s because I know he’ll never catch me 90% of the time. Not trying to sound arrogant but I’ve learned how to survive the night with Tiffany and Jenny and the majority of the time if Jason tunnels me, me teammates will get objectives done...if he leaves me and kills everybody else, I’ll run down the clock. To answer you question though, it is a game. Sure it is competitve but don’t take it TOO seriously. Stress kills are never fun and you may wind up tunneling the wrong counselor. Do not tunnel that Vanessa, Tiffany, Chad, or Buggzy teabagging you...they WANT you to chase them. Always prioritize fixers and female counselors. If you see it is a lobby full of level 150 Vanessa’s then be sure to trap the shack. They should’ve added the CB tower to Jason’s map honestly. If you do run into the Tommy tower in the beginning of the match and nobody has been there then shut up the power and trap the generator. If you are on Higgins Haven then sometimes in the opening scene you can see the tower behind Jason, that means it spawned at Evergreen.
  9. Useful but I never use it...I much prefer sucker punch
  10. JennyMyers1984


    I like Tiff, Jenny, Chad, Victoria, and Deborah...if I’m Deborah it’s all about repair. The others it is pure distraction so my other teammates get objectives done. However I’m usually forced to repair. I don’t really have a “playstyle” per say...it’s usually dependent on how the lobby is turning out. I can usually rely on getting Jason to tunnel me and have the others fix objectives. As Jason I really don’t care. I trap objectives and kill. Never cared to play Jason and I never will.
  11. JennyMyers1984

    We are all counting on the sucess of Halloween...again

    Myers personally needs his own game along with Leatherface and Freddy. I’m grateful DBD gave them a spot in the game but they need a game dedicated to them. Myers has always been my favorite slasher villain (Myers > Jason). Myers would be great for an Alien Isolation type of game. Running through Haddonfield with an amazing Myers AI. It would certainly need to be by AAA devs
  12. Easy answer...less bugs, less lags, less cheaters and trolls, the ability to farm blood points if the killer wants to, more competitve, more killers and uniqueness, unique perks and add ons, having a REASON to continue playing with the rank system and prestiging your characters, big updates with little to NO bugs and the dev team never go back on their word on when release dates will be. Must I continue?
  13. JennyMyers1984

    More health sprays now?!

    It’s always been that way...knives as well. I’ll name some examples Crystal Lake Small: There is a gazebo up north in between two houses where knives used to spawn (haven’t seen one in forever) however I have seen sprays. Packanack: Go toward the edge of the map near the boat spawn at Woodbury and there is a hidden campsite that is not marked as a campsite on the map and it has goodies sometimes. Packanack Small: The boathouse will either spawn a knife, spray, or gun...I’ve never NOT seen one of the these three items there. Pinehurst: There is a table near the boat spawn going toward Turtle Pond that can have a spray, knife, or a gun. Jarvis House: The two random houses by themselves on the islands have picnic tables near them and will sometimes spawn a spray, knife, or gun There will ALWAYS be a spray and an axe (or machete) at the graveyard on both Higgins Haven maps There has not been an increase in sprays...they have always spawned in random locations on the map. Doesn’t have to be a campsite in order for something to spawn.
  14. It’s frustrating when you die first, Tommy gets called, somebody dies a few minutea after you do, and then THEY come back as Tommy...it’s bullshit. If I die first, me and the other dead player will sit there for about 30 seconds and they will ALWAYS come back as Tommy. If I die second then the first player that died will immediately spawn back in as Tommy. Giving that I rarely die in the beginning stages of the match and usually I’m not in the selection for coming back as Tommy...it happens most of the time that I do die in the beginning. The Tommy badge was the last badge I got. I got all the Jason badges before the Tommy badge. I wish it gave the FIRST person that died the option to choose whether to be Tommy or not. They either say “yes” or “no” and if they said no then the second person will have the option of coming back.