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  1. Deborah can’t survive a chase. If Jason wants her dead she is gonna die. If you want a stealthy repair counselor then choose AJ. She has better stealth, stamina, and composure. I don’t dislike Deborah but once she is spotted she is pretty much dead in the water unless the player playing Debbie is good. I’ve survived 10 minutes chases as Debbie but the average player will die pretty quickly. The Queen of F13 is subjective but I have a soft spot for Tiffany. She was and still is my main counselor. She can run Jason around FOREVER, just as long as Vanessa can. Can’t go wrong picking Tiffany or Vanessa, those two are easily the best female counselors.
  2. Stealth and composure should play a bigger part in the game period. It would break the meta of Vanessa and give more of a reason to play counselors like Jenny and AJ. It is nice to play AJ or Tiffany and go into the shack unbeknownst to Jason when you have his mask but it’s down to pure speed and stamina if Jason happens to find you. You can sneakily go into the shack as AJ or Tiffany but once you’re found, Tiffany will last much longer than AJ in a chase. AJ is simply outdone in all aspects. You want stealth? Tiffany is equal AND has better speed and stamina. You want composure? Play Jenny who also has better stamina. If stealth and composure meant more I’d place Jenny and AJ above Victoria but they still wouldn’t be as great as the two meta female counselors.
  3. AJ doesn’t have much going for her. Tiffany and Vanessa can easily out run Jason. Victoria can also do this but not as well as those two. Fox can demask and run for a little while Jenny builds up fear really slowly and has luck on her side. AJ has no strength or luck whatsoever and abysmal speed and stamina. She is not great at fighting Jason nor running away from Jason. She is a stealthy repair counselor. Not saying AJ can’t be a great sweater girl in the right hands but she is at the low end of the totem pole. Fun fact...when I was killed as Jason in my friend group, it was a Debbie was was sweater girl
  4. Depends on how you look at it... Obviously Tiffany and Vanessa are the top two, no questions asked. Both can run and run and run and RUN forever and avoid being caught by Jason Do you want a sweater girl who is quiet and won’t alarm Jason? Tiffany is your girl. Do you want a sweater girl who is more likely to knock off the mask and have longer lasting weapons? Vanessa is your girl. Vanessa > Tiffany > Fox > Victoria > Jenny > AJ > Deborah Fox is next in line due to having average speed and stamina and the best strength of all the females. Some would argue Fox is better than Tiffany but Tiffany won’t be getting caught as fast as Fox would. Victoria and Jenny is a tough choice but I put Victoria over Jenny due to higher speed and stamina and slightly higher strength. Both have the same amount of luck. Jenny won’t get scared easily. There is too many upsides for Victoria to put Jenny over her. AJ and Debbie are very weak sweater girls. Only reason AJ is better is because she has higher stamina. Debbie has better luck but she should not be the one unmasking to begin with.
  5. Depends more on the player than counselor. If you have a Level 150 Jenny and a Level 12 Vanessa, you’re more than likely gonna have better luck catching Vanessa. Same goes vice versa. I’ve lead Jason on 10 minute chases with Jenny because he thought I was “an easy target”. It is definitely dependent on player experience because newer players will make rookie mistakes more often. Just because Vanessa has speed and stamina doesn’t mean she knows exactly how to manage it or run from Jason. One shift grab is all it takes. Not saying Jenny is better than Vanessa in a chase because she isn’t but I’ll usually go after the newer player first regardless if they are Jenny or Vanessa because they’ll die quicker.
  6. When you’re running from Jason all that is gonna matter is speed and stamina which Tiffany is MILES ahead of AJ in both. You won’g be repairing anything when Jason is on you tail. AJ won’t survive a chase near as long as Tiffany due to Tiffany being faster and having more endurance.
  7. Jenny is one of the best all round counselors...come at me Part 6 is highly underrated
  8. All the counselors (the ones that were in the game on release) have a line that is just scream when stunning Jason. LaChappa’s is funny as HELL. I swear I laugh every single time. Jennys is funny as well, it’s such a light dainty yelp.
  9. Deborah had a really good voice actor, especially in the Single Player Challenges. I never liked Jenny’s voice to be honest ESPECIALLY the sweater stun dialogue.
  10. I do like Tiffany’s because she sounds genuinely frightened and pissed off when she needs to be. She sounds pissed when she knocks off the mask like she is actually brave and gonna defeat Jason once and for all and frightened when running away. She also sounds shaky when using the sweater, not like she is trying to seduce Jason like all the other females (besides Fox who uses a motherly tone). Tiff’s voice actor was really good, it sounds real...not like it was done in a studio. Victoria’s is good as well because she sounds whiny and bitchy. If I had to choose a male counselor I’d pick Chad and Mitch. Shelly and Tommy make me laugh. “He’s coming help!” “HE’S KILLING ME!!!”
  11. I called that load-out the “Holy Trifecta”. I usually don’t use firecrackers though. My usual goal load-out is two knives and two sprays (Medic perk). I usually give my friends the keys because I’m not the best driver. I’m decent but I like for others to drive. Of course I’ll always spare one of my knives if I am with friends, I don’t typical trust randoms
  12. Will she benefit from it? Yes. It is worth the benefit? Probably not. Jenny is already super slow and a 3% increase isn’t gonna put her on Vanessa/Tiffany level when it comes to running from Jason. I’d play Jenny to her strengths which is a counselor who can bodyguard all the repair counselors because she has very high luck and won’t easily have her weapons break. My perk build is Sucker Punch, Thick Skinned, and Marathon. Is it a generic meta build? Yes, but it works. You can really do any build for Jenny as she is a very versatile counselor, but her strong stat isn’t running...leave that to Vanessa and Tiffany.
  13. Jenny is highly underrated. She doesn’t have any stats that cripple her. Strength isn’t meaningful You can still easily repair with a 2 Amazing luck and maxed out composure Despite having a 6 stealth, it is secretly higher than Chad and Mitch...I think it is even higher than Lachappa’s. She makes little noise. She is slow but if you know how to avoid a shift grab then you should be fine. It’s just not gonna be very easy like it is with Vanessa and Tiffany Average stamina will get her from point A to point B She’s a great counselor but she would be pushed to being meta if composure and stealth meant more ESPECIALLY a “No Fear” build. I honestly don’t think Jason should be able to sense counselors until they’ve reached Stage 3 fear when they are starting to panic. The “No Fear” build is great because you will never slip into full fear which means Jenny will never stumble. She’s still not as great as Vanessa and Tiffany due to the speed/stamina meta combo
  14. I mean...I’ve done it but I play Jenny a lot. I’m very comfortable with her playstyle and how much stamina I have to work with. She’s better at surviving than the repair counselors (AJ, Debbie, Fox) but she probably won’t live as long as the runners (Tiffany, Vanessa, Victoria). She is close to Victoria but Victoria has a slight edge over Jenny. I do which Jenny had the highest survivability due to being the “final girl” trope. Definitely not impossible but not as easy as the other runners
  15. The way you respond to people I can respect. I’ve always loved chatting with you ever since I joined the forums. Not that I wanna have the “last word” but we can agree to disagree, we’ve both said what we needed to. Vanessa and Tiffany are easily the top two meta counselors. Both have similar stats and mainly play the same way except Tiffany being more stealthier. I do wish that the meta wasn’t Vanessa/Tiffany based on their speed and stamina stats alone. Composure and stealth SHOULD play a bigger role. I’d rather the game be hide and seek than fight Jason and make him a piñata. Composure and stealth should keep you off of Jason’s radar and make you less likely to be sense. Vanessa should ALWAYS be the first found due to low stealth and composure and counselors like Jenny and AJ should be the last ones found. I always hated how the high composure counselors will scream when Jason is around. However I did notice that Jenny NEVER screams. Of course she does her voice lines of “Please No!” and “Help, Oh God!” among others when Jason is right on her tail but she never does the generic AJ scream when Jason is nearby.
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