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  1. Still too many pocket knives

    I’m all for changes, but if they were to change the sprays into a med kit and it took a while to heal then they would need for something to be done about Jason. Yes, I’ve heard it all “Jason should be OP” blah blah blah...the point is that all Jason’s would cripple the counselors then even if they have a spray they would be able to do anything until they get to a safe spot which they could due to limping and Jason can just sense them like the terminator anyways. An injured counselor would be certain death. Look at Part 1 with the hitchhiker girl, her leg was busted up and she still managed to run a LONG way away from Pamela before being killed. Adrenaline can do a lot to the body as you stated. I also hate it when a counselor steps into a bear trap and they get injured and hold their arm, I wish they had a second limping animation for the leg. I do run medic on some of my counselors and rarely is there ever a round where I do not have two med sprays. I’m an admitted hypochondriac (not the perk, I just hate not having a spray so I scramble to find one) in the game and will at all times have at least one spray on my character. There is a lot of sprays, but the mechanics on the sprays should not be reworked unless at least the limping states are reworked and Jason’s ability to sense an injured counselor is reworked. It’ll just make Jason’s who already dominate a round that much more powerful. The game is supposed to be challenged, not impossible.
  2. Private match boosting to help with about two or three badges. I did all of them legit besides the boat tipping and electrical boxes (I hate destroying electrical boxes because it causes me to not be able to see anything and I typically play Part 3 who has a weak sense). To be honest my last badge was the Tommy badge because I NEVER come back as Tommy. The boat escapes and boat repairs came naturally as I always tried to escape on the boat when the map had a boat.
  3. Bump down strength and stealth and put points to composure and luck. 5-6 tops with strength and maybe a 3-4 stealth. Composure: 6 Luck: 6 Repair: 1 Speed: 7 Stamina: 8 Stealth: 2 Strength: 5
  4. Bump down strength and stealth and put points to composure and luck. 5-6 tops with strength and maybe a 3-4 stealth.
  5. Still too many pocket knives

    No...not unless you make it like DBD where you run just as fast while injured that you do when healthy. I’m fine with taking a while to heal yourself but you need some kind of balance. If you are injured after jumping out of a second story window then Jason will simply morph and catch you. If we are talking about realism then Jason wouldn’t shift or morph and would have to catch his victims on foot. But that would make counselors OP obviously. For gameplays purposes you have to make the counselors have somewhat of a fighting chance while injured. The way the game is played now, counselors would just be sitting ducks while injured if it took a long time to heal yourself. Of course it isn’t realistic but nothing in this game is 100% realistic. There is no need to nerf sprays when there is only 3-5 knives MAX per round.
  6. I love animal print but it doesn’t go well with Jenny trope. She’d look good on them no doubt but that’s more Tiffany and possibly Chad’s style. Some people don’t like animal print but I’m quite fond of animal print if it looks good.
  7. I have all badges and all Pamela and Tommy Tapes...I just need to play Jason 500 and 1000 times to get the platinum for the game. Sometimes my friends and I will grind out matches on private matches. I’ve been keeping track since the launch day and currently if my count is right, I’m at 370 Jason matches.
  8. I’ve never liked the Nightmare on Elm Street movies although I can agree that Nancy is a legendary final girl. F13 has a lot of legendary final girls, the first four are legendary. Alice, Ginny, Chris, and Trish are LEGENDS in the F13 series. I also say that Sidney Prescott is a legendary final girl in slasher films, she doesn’t get enough credit for her appearances in the four Scream films.
  9. Oh yeah definitely no small feat at all...but the thing is that the next three went toe-to-toe with Jason and with a little assistance took out Jason while Alice was snuck up on and died. She never really had a fighting chance because Jason snuck up on her. I’d love to see Alice in the game along with any of the other final girls.
  10. I think they are revamping Jenny’s hair...look at Victoria’s picture with Jenny in the background. Jenny may be blurry but her hair looks like it is a little bit more teased and better than the mop we currently have.
  11. It’s honestly just the starter clothes that Jenny has...she should have a seperate skin for Chris with curly hair and her outfit with the jacket in the final chase.
  12. I would say Parts 1-4 and 6-7 have great final girls. Tina is a little too overrated for my taste and Megan is underrated. Megan saved Tommy from drowing and broke Jason’s neck with the boat propellor. She risked her own life to save Tommy’s life which is extremely heroic. She doesn’t get enough credit for what she did.
  13. Trish had the most intense and best chase in the series. Ginny is clearly the most resourceful, she used her smarts instead of strength. Chris used both, she kicked Jason’s ass throughout the final 10-15 minutes of the movie. Trish dealt a lot of damage and used her speed AND power to deal with Jason. Honestly I wouldn’t complain with any of the final girls being added at all, I just feel like Trish is one of the better options to add...just my opinion. I love Alice, but she never dealt with Jason. She killed Pamela but she never went toe-to-toe with Jason who is a MUCH bigger threat than Pamela.
  14. If it wasn’t for Trish and Tommy being a dynamic duo they would’ve both died. Same with Ginny and Paul, Ginny delivered the final blow and did most of the work but Paul came in last second and saved Ginny. Chris had help from Ali or else she would’ve died. And the final girl in Part 5 (forgot her name) had help as well with Reggie and Tommy. My memory is foggy from Part 8 but I’m pretty sure whoever the final girl was had a running buddy with her. Part 10 didn’t really have a definite final girl I don’t think. Off topic but what about Laurie Strode? She pretty much was THE final girl in any horror movie and she had help from Dr. Loomis in the first two movies. The point is that just because Trish didn’t deliver the final blow doesn’t mean she is any less of a “final girl” because a lot of the final girls had help from somebody in some shape or form and not just in the F13 series.
  15. Possible stats Composure: 5 Luck: 6 Repair: 4 Speed: 3 Stamina: 8 Stealth: 3 Strength: 6 She’d be kind of a wild-card...she freaked out toward the end of the movie so she’d have average composure. She killed Pamela but got killed by Jason so above average luck I’d say. She was kind of slow in the movie but ran for a long time so she’d be slow like Jenny but have a lot of stamina. She did cut off Pamela’s head so she’d have a bit of strength on her. I like Alice but I still feel like Trish Jarvis is THE final girl to add in the game.