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  1. Can they even tell which codes were purchased from Ebay or not? Somebody could’ve given their friend a code and it worked. It’s not like Sony is going to dig that deep and give them the details on it.
  2. If the game is “dead” and you don’t care about it then why are you still bitching about moaning about wanting people to get banned? If you have better things to do then GO do them instead of telling somebody they have an inflated ego when they were simply stating their own opinion ??‍♂️
  3. JennyMyers1984

    Sharing Savini??

    What could Gun do about it though? It’s well known that there are ways of game sharing and downloading that would give you the same DLC as another person. It’s not just with F13 but any other game on PS4.
  4. And how exactly do you know for sure that all seven counselors are running Medic? You can’t see their perk build. Unless EVERY counselor sprayed themselves over three times you cannot be certain. They could’ve have two med sprays. Not that I am defending the medic perk but I’m not gonna say that I’ve been in rounds where every had the same exact perk when I can’t see their build. “If it can, it will happen”...yeah in how many games? Like 5/100?
  5. Not every counselor in the game is gonna run medic. You’re making it seem as though most of your games it is 7 counselors with hypochondriac and medic. Just not gonna happen often.
  6. For two main reasons... They are both the mostly played survivor/counselor on their respective games and are THE meta when it comes to their games due to Vanessa being the fastest counselor and Claudette being nearly invisible on certain maps due to her dark outfits, she is a certified wall licker. They are also the most prominent characters who players choose to be assholes with. Whether it be teabagging or dancing they are both the most seen characters who will be extremely toxic. It doesn’t have anything to do with the perks or stats but more so to do with how a good percentage of the playerbase plays them due to their advantages in either speed or appearance. Whenever I play a killer on either game it is usually a Vanessa or Claudette who fucks around with you and winds up being extremely toxic.
  7. Dead By Daylight and F13 are two totally different games that only get compared due to being two of the most popular multiplayer survival horror games. Neither are innocent in having their fair share of trolls. Your friend has probably been playing DBD for longer than F13 and when she found out about the trolling abuse on F13 it made her not wanna deal with ANOTHER troll fest...not that I blame her. My point however is that DBD has far more trolls in my own experience than F13 and I’ve been playing F13 for almost a year longer than DBD. It is a lot easier to punish survivors on DBD than counselors on F13 though. Maybe because I’m not great at first person so I’m a mediocre killer at best, but as Jason I can pretty much catch anybody in the span of 20 minutes while on DBD you easily get gen rushed without certain perks. I have friends that would rather play DBD than F13 and vice versa. We all came from F13 and flip flop between games but some rather play one than the other. I never play F13 solo anymore though. By the way...Claudette is DBD’s equivalent to F13’s Vanessa when it comes to trolling.
  8. As a Tiffany and Jenny main I can promise you that Tiffany will lose her mini map and have a black screen before an entire minute of being around Jason. Jenny can hang around Jason for a long time, there are many rounds where I didn't even lose my mini map in a chase. Composure does it’s job, it just doesn’t do MUCH. All it does is darken the screen and make the counselors trip a little bit more.
  9. That doesn’t help Jason NOT get beaten down though. If anything it enforces people to play specific characters to make it easier on them and harder on the Jason player. I mean do you really wanna see Vanessa and Tiffany jog and not lose stamina? They jog faster than Jason runs. It’ll be especially harder on walking Jasons. It does not nothing but make repair character even less viable and make people play the speedy counselors. Cutting their stamina in half will kill any viability they had. Basically you made Debbie and Lachappa’s stamina a 1 just so you could make Vanessa and Tiffany a 5. Doesn’t make much sense.
  10. I wasn’t the one who stated that jogging shouldn’t regen stamina so I don’t know why I was quoted. To answer your question though I believe that slower counselors do have faster regeneration (it was stated by the devs in the beginning of the games release). However in the beta they played with the counselors stats and bumped Tiffany and Vanessa’s stamina stat down to a 7 from a 9, bumped Debbie’s from a 3 to a 5, and Chad, AJ, Jenny’s from a 4 to a 6. However all of these stats were revered back to the original before the game’s release. Only Jenny’s stamina stat was changed from a 4 to a 5, probably because she is the slowest in the game at a 3 speed. All the stats are a lock at this point, I really don’t see a problem with the stamina system at this point especially seeing how slower counselors supposedly have a faster regeneration, I just don’t think it is that much faster. A 1/10 would be virtually unplayable because Jason’s base speed I believe is at a 1/10 counselor speed and he catches up pretty fast to all of the slower counselors.
  11. It would just make anybody not named Tiffany, Buggzy, Vanessa, and Victoria unviable. Why would you use Deborah and Lachappa when they would get winded running to ONE cabin when you can use the previous four and jog to a cabin and not lose stamina? Victoria is the weaker one with a four speed so Jason will catch her, but then again she is a decent repair character so there is no use in using Deborah or Lachappa. The other three however will be the newest meta and Vanessa is ALREADY the meta character. You’ll see nothing but Tiffany and Vanessa with 9 stamina jogging in front of Jason and lose no stamina then when they HAVE to run they’ll already have made it to a cabin because it takes Jason a while to even catch up to them. I don’t see how that is balanced especially for the already weaker repair counselors. It just enforces a Vanessa/Tiffany meta.
  12. You’re not a God at this game and you don’t have any right to say that what YOU say is right and everybody else who disagrees is just playing to be a bully to the Jason player. I’m never going to agree with your stance of Jason being able to disarm counselors and it is as SIMPLE as that, period. Nobody is disagreeing that Jason needs quality of life changes, but the changes you suggest is not what most people agree with.
  13. I wasn’t being serious and LITERAL when I said “20 foot grab” that much you should know by now. Either way it was too long and not realistic especially with that animation, Jason isn’t elastic man. I still don’t agree with you and you know this. We don’t think the same so you can keep in same he should disarm counselors, I’m still not gonna agree regardless.
  14. Sarcasm is the use of irony in an attempt to mock. That’s what I did. Whatever it was it wasn’t meant to be taken literally. It was a very long grab that wasn’t realistic. That’s all you really need to take from it. If I said 100 foot grab I’m pretty sure somebody would’ve taken it literally.
  15. Learn to understand sarcasm. It’ll make it so you don’t come off as so uptight.