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  1. JennyMyers1984

    Some counselors just wanna fight

    Well that’s kinda what you gotta do if you have low repair and high speed/stamina. I view Tiffany, Vanessa, Chad, and Buggzy as time wasters and loopers. If Jason falls for the bait then it’s his fault. Never take the bait from a high speed counselor. If you see Tiffany wanting your attention and Debbie crouching in the woods, always go after Debbie. Not worth it to waste your time chasing down The Flash when winded ol’ Lachappa is fixing objectives
  2. JennyMyers1984

    Is Tunneling the New Trolling?

    I don’t know about that, I’ve seen some pretty good Jenny/Victoria players who can endlessly loop and know when to stun to get stamina back, including myself. It’s not too hard. Of course it’ll be harder than with Tiffany or Vanessa but it’s not impossible especially if the player knows how to loop.
  3. JennyMyers1984

    Is Tunneling the New Trolling?

    The Higgins staircase is an extremely strong loop spot. I once saw a Vanessa loop Jason for about five minutes on that one spot. I agree with all except the falling if in high fear for too long. It seems like decent idea but I think only counselors with composure between 1-5 would be susceptible to falling. Counselors with high composure take a while to get into high fear but takes them FOREVER to get back to a normal state. It would be weird to see Jenny and Mitch just flopping to the ground when Jason has morphed away due to their fear still being high. I just don’t know how that idea would work. Things such as how often they fall, how long they stay on the ground, how composure works, etc...would have to come into play.
  4. Other than the obvious Chad/Vanessa/Buggzy/Tiffany quartet of experienced counselors who are really good at looping around Jason but also are very toxic, I see a lot of good Victoria’s and Jenny’s. A lot of players that play those two fetch parts and repair if needed and know what they are doing in a chase. Pretty spicy counselors
  5. Certain situations I’ll slash like when there are a bunch of counselors ganging up on me or that one Vanessa who is injured with no weapon, I’m not gonna risk a knife and spray. Slashing is a legit killing tactic. Boring? Yes. Are there cooler kills that are way more rewarding to see? Of course. I’ve seen some kills soooo many times that it gets so monotonous (choke and head punch come to mind) but if the Jason player wants to spam those kills or slash then it’s his decision. I rarely get slashed (unless I’m just playing like hot garbage, we’ve all had those days) because it is easy enough to keep your distance, especially since I mainly play Tiffany. Slashing doesn’t really work that well. In my own experience it is easy just to go for the grab.
  6. JennyMyers1984


    It’s very boring and anticlimatic to be slashed as a counselor especially when you have NUMEROUS grab kills and environmental kills at your disposal as Jason. Although if Jason is being bullied by a large group of counselors then why would he grab? Only a newbie Jason would grab when in group combat, there is no point to grab when you’ll get stunned repeatedly. Slashing shouldn’t be the ONLY resort when chasing a single counselor, but I understand why at times the Jason player will slash...such as in group combat. Also, if a counselor is out of stamina in the open with no weapon (ESPECIALLY a high stamina counselor) you should probably slash to make sure they die and not risk the inevitable pocket knife. Those same counselors that bully Jason all round will rage quit like pansies when they finally run out of knives when grabbed to protect their own ego.
  7. Any counselor can make a repair without screwing it up. I can do it most of the time with Tiffany since I’ve always played her, I’m used to it. A counselor with a 2 repair can repair pretty easily if Jason is not around. Any counselor with above a 5 repair I consider to be a repair counselor. Adam can easily repair without screwing it up, he can get as little as 3 bars. Not only Deborah can repair under Jason’s nose. People who scream at you on the mic are toxic anyways. I either ignore or mute them.
  8. As somebody who typically plays non-repair counselors (Tiffany, Jenny, Chad, Victoria), I am FORCED to fix objectives because my teammates are either A.) hot garbage and sit around and daydream all match long waiting to die or B.) just die very quickly due to Jason going after the repair counselors. You don’t know how many matches I’ve been in with Deborah’s and AJ’s and I (as Tiffany) had to fix both cars AND the phone box because my teammates refuse to do anything. I dropped the fuse to AJ (next to the phone box with NO trap), she stared at it and left not picking it up. Even if I take the heat for half the round, only Jarvis will be called and sometimes not even that will happen. As of late it hasn’t been as bad though, they’ll normally fix SOMETHING. I’m not gonna chose to be a counselor I don’t want to be just because they repair well. Many Jason players will single out the repair counselors (smartly). The only repair counselor I will usually pick is Fox and sometimes Adam. The only one I have trouble with repairs is Tiffany. Jenny, Chad, and especially Victoria are pretty easy repairs.
  9. I would do that but I swear the game never gives me any counselors I want to play, I get the same Lachappa/Mitch/Vanessa on rotation. I just switch between the four I like Tiffany, Jenny, Chad, Victoria.
  10. JennyMyers1984

    Broken shotgun

    I’ve had problems with flare guns bouncing off of Jason but never shotguns
  11. JennyMyers1984

    Jason is weak

    I’m pretty sure a gust of wind could knock off Jason’s mask at this point.
  12. JennyMyers1984

    Jason is weak

    I didn’t see what you said previously. Was it in the very beginning of the match it was knocked off? Because if so that is just bad luck. After a few swings of a weapon, a shotgun will easily knock it off.
  13. JennyMyers1984

    Jason is weak

    Definitely not a glitch. I’ve knocked off Jason’s mask with a shotgun a few times and then the counselors says the same thing they say when they demask Jason like “I’ll kill you, I’ll fucking kill you” or “I know you can die Jason”. His mask can certainly come off with a shotgun legit. I think I may have even knocked it off with a flare gun.
  14. My Tiffany can last vs any Jason for a good amount of time. I just gotta be weary of my surroundings and make sure I keep track of my stamina bar. That 9 stamina will last a LONG time. I’ve kept a Jason busy for over half the round AND ran out the clock. It is all dependent if the Jason is skilled enough to know how to catch me and not be too grab happy because it is easily punishable. Although one mistake and no pocket knife and Tiffany is as good as dead. Jenny on the other hand MIGHT survive a grab but is much more easily winded. I’ve played these two since launch, needless to say I know how to survive and what I am doing. Careless mistakes still happen though. My Jason however is not as good as my counselor gameplay so Tiffany would probably outlast the entire round. My Jason is decent but Tiffany is top notch. Really depends on the rest of the team and if they get anything done and how fast they die. Tiffany lasting 5-10 minutes isn’t all that hard.
  15. Yoooo...I thought you were but I’m a ditz and can’t realize sarcasm and I’m petty xD