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  1. The main Jason is Part 3. I see all the other Jasons pretty frequently, but Part 4 and Part 9 I don’t see a lot. Now late last year you saw NOTHING but Part 4 and Part 8...now I don’t see those Jasons as often. Ever since the Part 7 buff I tend to see him pop up a lot as well.
  2. JennyMyers1984

    Jason bullying

    Stop acting like your ideas are THE way to go and your making vaild points and nobody else is...you’re so damn opinionated. Disarming counselors isn’t the way period. Adding a stun resistance and a longer recoil for the counselor with them jumping back from the swing is the way to go. You don’t need to disarm them, it’s OP as fuck. Agree or not, I don’t care. It never came from me that counselor should be able to “trade shots with Jason” but a counselor who knows what their doing will put a beating on Jason regardless of any kind of buffs you put on. High levels will beat low levels period. Don’t forget Jason got his ass handed to him at the end of every film. The game is designed to have at the very least 1 counselor left. Not like the devs are going to implement any changes anyways
  3. JennyMyers1984

    Jason bullying

    Well I was going to say something about the VERY long force grab Jason had at launch but I decided not to. Not saying the T-Rex arms in the October patch was okay but the grab at launch was too damn long. His grab now is fine lunge wise. It could use a wider cone and not have Jason as susceptible to a stun afterward. There isn’t much to say about anything else except the “plethora of pocket knives” when only four spawn in a match. A lot better than NINE in the October patch if you ask me.
  4. I rarely see Part 4 Jason nowadays. I used to main him when he was first released but I went back to Part 3. I just can’t get the hang of him...if I wanted destruction and stalk then I’d play Part 8. Part 8 also has a good shift and water speed so the boat is easy pickings. You have to get kills early with Part 4 because once the objectives start going you are screwed. I’ve player against some really good Part 4 Jason players however
  5. JennyMyers1984

    How to Spot a Troll

    Not really smart to do...if she is good at surviving then you’ll be on that sweater for a looooong time. Not to mention if the car is gone then one of them will come back as Tommy anyways. I understand trying to tunnel sweater girl but don’t lose sight of the objectives in the process because Tommy will be coming back if counselors escape.
  6. JennyMyers1984

    Jason bullying

    The game isn’t balanced around 1V1. It is asymmetrical. The “1” is stronger than one single counselor and has the ability to kill them and take them out. It takes at the very least two counselors to kill Jason. You may be able to loop Jason for eternity if you are THAT good but you’ll never kill him by yourself. Dropping weapons isn’t necessary and on top of you suggesting longer heal times it doesn’t make since to say “it gives you time to run away and heal” when Jason can simply shift grab you when you run away from the group. It just gives easy kills. Not to mention if it was 1V1 it would be imbalanced. Don’t remember exactly what he said but @GeneiJin made a valid argument against it. If the game was based around “run and hide” and not “fight and combat” then stealth would actually be useful but it’s not. Combat is counselors go to because it is easier. I’d love for it to be a “run and hide” type game but with it being multiplayer and not a very good stealth mechanic it will always be combat first and stealth as a last resort when it should be he other way around.
  7. JennyMyers1984

    Jason bullying

    Well you see...that’s where we had a misunderstanding. I DO agree that the counselors should have a longer recoil when hit with a melee attack from Jason. If they are in combat stance they simply eat the shot and stun Jason. I hate bringing this up (I really do, trust me) but the only thing I can compare what I’m trying to say to is DBD. When the killer hits a survivor and they get hit farther away from the killer and they hold their side in pain. That’s what I believe should happen when Jason hits a counselor, however they would only hold their arm for a few seconds before shaking off the pain unless they get critically injured. Not EVERY weapon will be a guarentee stun though. I’ve seen bats not stun 100% of the time anymore and a firepoker and branch will very rarely stun. One of the only things I don’t agree with that you’ve brought up before is having the counselors drop their weapons after a melee git by Jason. Jason is actually faster than the counselor when they are both in combat mode believe it or not. However I don’t see very many 7V1 occurrences. I’ve never had ALL 7 group up on me simply because they all spawn in diffetent locations and all 7 probably aren’t going to go to one spot determined to beat up on Jason. I see it mostly when the police spawn.
  8. JennyMyers1984

    Jason bullying

    Yes Jason needs something to help him deal with group combat but it should also be skill based. There is a reason that Level 5 Jason players won’t be able to really trade shots with experienced counselors. Same goes vice versa with an experienced Jason and a newbie counselor. Even if Jason DID get buffed to deal with group combats, lower level Jason players will still get bullied by Vanessa and Chad easily. Skill in combat is going to come into play regardless of any kind of buffs you give to Jason unless you completely make combat null and void for counselors. So are you trying to say bad Jason players deserve a kill? If they are new, they’ll learn. If they are just simply bad then they will be outplayed easily, they don’t deserve a kill if they are bad. All is fair in 1V1 combat...Jason doesn’t even HAVE to swing on a counselor when he can block and grab right afterward. It is an easy way to avoid get stunned by a counselor waiting to pop you on the other side of the wall/door. I have never been stunned from the front while blocking...ever. Jason needs a slight buff in group combat as we’ve stated a billion times, we just don’t have the same mindset on how to buff him 😕
  9. JennyMyers1984

    Jason bullying

    Uh....Trish DID knock the mask off in the fourth movie Mr. F13 superfan. For the ACTUAL record Tommy KILLED Jason but Trish knocked off the mask.
  10. JennyMyers1984

    Jason bullying

    Assuming you aren’t talking about Fox, you do know that it takes about 4-5 machete swings for the girls to knock off the mask right? It is a small strap, not a steel metal piece. After taking damage it will become weak over time. It will break and Trish knocked it off in ONE swing in the fourth movie. Jason shouldn’t be able to tank 10 shots without losing the mask realistically but for gameplay purposes he should be granted a bigger HP pool to work with. Just saying that having Tiffany and Jenny knock off the mask in about four shots is not unrealistic.
  11. JennyMyers1984

    Jason bullying

    Except when you get those Level 150 Jason players who think they are THE shit yet when they are in the killing animation they leave. I don’t go for the kill every single match but it just seems as though higher level Jason players get their pride hurt when they get killed by counselors. I have only been killed one time but that was in a friend group 😕
  12. I also play Part 3 with the pig splitter. The pig splitter/machete are my two favorite weapons. I don’t care for the two axes however.
  13. One time this Part 9 Jason got 15/8 because his kills kept glitching OVER and OVER again
  14. JennyMyers1984

    Your most satisfying kill?

    Honestly when somebody D/C’s when you grab them it can be hilarious. Me and my friend were picking each others Jason and what weapon to use. Of course I was stuck with Part 7 with a spear. I did pretty good and killed everybody by the car and this one Chad (who you could tell was a trolling counselor) kept stunning me as I raged through the door and he jumped into a window and I shifted into the house and grabbed him and as SOON as I grabbed him he disconnected. He was gonna be thrown in the fireplace but it just proved to me that he wasn’t worth a kill. Him and his little Victoria friend both acted like they were the best counselors ever but died pretty quickly. Grab kill wise I’d say Free Kill. Environmental kill wise there are a lot to choose from but I’d say the toilet kill, the repeated knife stabs, and the one where Jason crushes the counselors face against a wall with his hand.
  15. Kill wise I love Part 4 and Part 6 weapon kills. Strength wise Part 3 and Part 8 are the most well rounded. Part 6 is as well but his morph is SO slow. Part 5 is weaker compared to other Jasons (personally I feel this way), not very good strengths the weaknesses don’t really effect him unless in combat.