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  1. Yeah, i just noticed the Rammstein symbol lol. Never heard of turmion kätilöt, i'll check them out. I like Dragonforce, favourite song by them is definitely through the fire and flames.
  2. I love the velvet underground! This is my favourite song by them. Their all good bands. Haven't heard of aria, but. I'm sure their good to.
  3. I agree with you, Capcom are greedy cunts. But, shouldn't this be in "other games discussion"? Just saying...
  4. Yeah, a freddy game would be great. As long as its not developed by illfonic and published by Gun, I'm in for a nightmare on Elm street game.
  5. @Ahab same, alough Queens my favourite band. But i'll listen to just about anything as well. I like mostly classical rock and metal, but. I'll jam to anything thats good. @F134Ever86 love that song, it ain't my favourite. My favourite Judas priest song would probably be "Beyond The Realm". As for five finger death puch, I'd say "My Nemesis" is my favourite song from them.
  6. They said they will continue to roll out bug fixes for the game. They never said when these patchs will happen, so... My guess is "Soon".
  7. True, i don't think their bad... But, their songs suck. They all have the same sound, and their song writing is ok at best. They just need to change up their sound, and hire some new writers imo...
  8. Nickleback? Eh... I love the Jackson 5. Blues away is my favourite song as well.
  9. Very appropriate, we're going through rough times here on the forums...
  10. Just wanting to know... Who's your favourite band and what song is your favourite from that band? Mine... Queen obviously. My favourite song by Queen is either play the game; or Innuendo; But, what about you darlings? Who's your favourite band and what's your favourite song by them?
  11. Yeah, LAN parties are fun to play in. Wouldn't mind having it implemented.
  12. True, but those responses were very vague, they didn't give us any useful information... If the devs respond with something useless and it doesn't clearly answer the question, what was the point in answering that question in the first place... Shifty resonding by saying "ill ask about it" doesn't really answer the question though, we're still waiting for a direct yes or no from them... I just hope its a yes... I grinded hard for those bloody skins, and i'll be damned if it were all for nothing.
  13. They haven't answered our questions all week though... They responded to the lawsuit rumours, but. That's about it... We've been asking if client side saves would be implemented into the game, Shifty said he'd ASK. And we've yet to hear back from him... Forum members have been reporting bugs to them, and they've gotten no direct response... My topic asking if the devs would consider changing the games price, i asked shifty if they'd thought about this, still waiting for a response... There's A ton of topics this week, were members have been asking the devs questions. And they have yet to respond to them... But hey! I ain't going to spoon feed them to you. Alright! Let's get back on topic.
  14. Exactly... Its a shame not one of the devs could just pop on here for a few seconds, and just give us a simple yes or no answer...
  15. We've been asking these questions all week, and they haven't responded with any useful information... The community wants client side saves, Shifty said he'd ask about it. And he has yet to give us an answer...
  16. Oh, sorry pal lol. @PlayerAgainstTheMachine sorry to hear that, i just don't play the game anymore. I find it repetitive doing the same stuff over and over again.
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