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  1. Welcome to the forums @macky10491! Here's the Rules: http://forum.f13.com/topic/3-friday-the-13th-the-game-forum-rules/ Read them, follow them, and cherish them... Jk, but seriously. Do follow the rules... Have fun! -Mr.Bad Guy.
  2. Same, I always wanted to go see Queen live. I mean i still can, but without Freddie. Its not the same... Apart from Freddie, i probably would've liked to see Jimi Hendrix, Elvis, The Beatles, Bob Marley, Micheal Jackson, ACDC(Bon Scott), The Doors. There's a ton of bands i wish i could've saw live...
  3. Love Pantera and Slayer, here's both of my favourite bands performing live: I love these songs, I think there better live tbh.
  4. I meant the people that keep asking if Savini is every going to be sold... I just don't understand why those people want Savini...
  5. I didn't back the game, but if i had. I really wouldn't care if they released Savini and the backer exclusive clothes. I never get why people want Savini? There's already 8 Jasons to chose from... And you could just put the spear on part 8, Boom! Theirs Savini Jason for ya...
  6. Basically what @Methodicalize said... Epic Thrasher, sucker punch, and slugger on Buggzy, Chad, Vanessa, Adam, or Fox. Use axe or machete to demask.
  7. No, but. Whats the game like? What do you do in it? Is it a free to play game? I might download it if it is.
  8. Its a crime if you don't... Friday the 13th is Jasons day, and if you don't celebrate it. As Kane Hodder said: "I'll kill you and your entire family".
  9. Watching all the friday the 13th films. I do it for ever Friday the 13th.
  10. Same, I'd have either back in black or this for my funeral:
  11. I'd like to know. It would be nice if they could tell us future dlc ideas and concepts.
  12. Im on sick leave, so. I've just been relaxing and listening to some Queen and Metalica while catching up with an old friend... Jack Daniels.
  13. Naughty Dog are the team behind Crash Bandicott, Uncharted, and The Last of us.
  14. Well, Naughty Dog before they turned all sjw. @Slasher_Clone An original game by them both would be great as well.
  15. I like that song, but this one is a close second for me. @The Wolf with that Toast looking for Emigrate and Linderman on Spotify right now. My favourite Rammstein song is me in Land as well. Body breakdown is a good song, but I think fury of the storm is better.
  16. True, if i had to choose any AAA developer to make a asymetrical horror game, it would be Rockstar or Naughty Dog. Both studios can produce great story modes, would like to see their take on a Halloween and Texas Chainsaw Massacre game.
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