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  1. Damn! That fucking sucks to hear. R.I.P. Vinne.
  2. True, it should have been fixed last year. But don't worry! I'm sure this bug will be fixed in the "next" update...
  3. This is awesome bro! I was thinking of cosplaying as either Jason or Mike Myers for a Halloween party that's coming up in October(duh). I'm debating wether to cosplay as part 2 Jason or part 9 Jason. My minds not made up if I'm going or not though. I'll post some pictures if i decide to go. Thanks for the advice @Tjodalv666.
  4. I like the new grab... The only problem I have with it is the fact it locks you in the animation while grabbing. If you miss that grab, the Counsellors essentially got a free stun on you... Apart from that, I think it's good.
  5. Yeah, The classic bug that should've already been fixed by now... I've expirenced it as well.
  6. How are they going to keep the servers up without incoming revenue? F2P is a bad move to make for the games "longevity", i think reducing the price to $15 or $20 is perfect, it will increase the already dwindling player base and will also provide them with revenue to run dedicated servers on consoles. I already suggested reducing the price in my thread, still waiting for a response though...
  7. Its really your call to make... If you want it, buy it. If you don't want it, don't but it I think the games fun to play, and tbh. Thats all i really care about. Doesn't matter if the games graphics are bad, it has a lot of bugs. If its fun to play, I'm playing it...
  8. @deathbat96777 you need to talk to a famliy member or somebody you know about this, this is coming from someone who was an alcoholic for many years. At that period of time, i thought my life was meaningless and i thought nobody loved me. I drank alcohol and took drugs all day every day, i would also cut myself to try and repress my suicidal thoughts(i still have some of the scars left on my body). My brother was the one that finally made me realize that my life did have meaning. And that i had people who loved me. He introduced me to gardening and music(I had always listened to it, but I'd never performed it), i learned how to play the piano, Guitar, Bass, Drums. I started taking a singing course and also i started seeing a Therapist, my life had completely turned around. I stopped drinking so much, i mainly quite taking drugs(From time to time i'll smoke a joint or two). Got back to the gym. This was also the time when i accepted that i was bisexual(i had denied that i had sexual feelings towards men for years, which only made me worse). If it had not been for my little bro, i probably wouldn't be here on these forums right know...
  9. Thats a good idea for a sequel. I'd still prefer them to do something original though... @F134Ever86 I'm not opposed to the idea of a sequel. I'd just prefer them to do something original with the games IP.
  10. Their better of making their own original killer game imo. What would be the difference between a sequel and the current game anyways?
  11. I've just asked wes about making an new killer game. I'll link this topic with the post i just made. Good idea btw. "An in depth CAK"... I would suggest changing that title buddy lol.
  12. What about an original concept? You said before you obtained the rights to Friday the 13th, you were working on a game called... Um... You know what I'm trying to say right? Here's a thread suggesting an idea for a new game @wes: http://forum.f13game.com/topic/20230-make-a-create-a-killer-game-based-off-this-game/?tab=comments#comment-310209
  13. http://forum.f13game.com/topic/20227-questions-about-future-content/?page=2&tab=comments#comment-310170
  14. Well... Thanks for telling us @wes. I know it was a tough decision, I'm sad we won't ever get to experience Jason X now...
  15. Thanks! I was originally going to go with Mr.Bad Guy, but. I think Banan Trees funnier.
  16. Guess its time to blaze up then lol. $50 for a used copy is ridiculously too much, its $30 for a used copy on Amazon. And on Ebay, i saw a used copy going for $15. @The Wolf with that Toast don't worry, i gave you a like. Not a confused reactilon...
  17. It truly needs to be on sale, especially for PC. (Btw dude, you shouldn't care about how much reputation you have. It doesn't really matter on here(At least to me anyways), as long as your honest and you try to be helpful. thats all that matters).
  18. @deathbat96777 Good choice of songs! I don't particularly like Twenty one pilots, i prefer the Stone temple pilots... Favorite Album by them is Purple. And my favorite song is Still Remains.
  19. Can't happen... But hey! Maybe in the future? Who knows... Welcome to the forums as well!
  20. I am now known as "Banana Tree"... Edit: Actually, I'm known as "Cocky Bastard" now. matches my new profile picture:
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