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  1. 1 hour ago, BrokenFattHardy said:


    My personal position on this is that as players (customers) began to voice complaints, Gun Media began to show less and less interest in the game. Kind of like a kid who just knows he's gonna hit a home run, but sulks after he only hits a double. 

    From the long periods of silence, to the release of (virtually) untested patches, and promises of content that ultimately never seen (or will see) the light of day...........as the playerbase voice more and more complaints, Gun Media pulled further and further away, eventually using this lawsuit (that they've known about for a long time) as an inarguable reason to dump development.

    But like I said, this is just my opinion based on the stuff I've seen go on since launch.

    true, lets take the art book and soundtrack for example...

    I understand that people paid for the art book and soundtrack, and that those people have been waiting 3 years(Too long of a wait imo) for the artbook and soundtrack. But the majority of the community have paid for the game expecting new content, i understand the whole lawsuit situation is "preventing" them for releasing new content. But the lawsuit doesn't take effect until next month, so Gun/Illfonic could've released him this month. Then released patches fixing him in the n future patches...

    But, we can't all have the things we wanted...

  2. 13 minutes ago, Dead Meme said:

    Yeah, it seems that way. There's a high chance that the Devs, just wanted to make as much money, as they could before this lawsuit announcement cover up, and it’s possible that if they end up getting the all clear for more dlc, they will most likely decline and move on to make another rushed game. 

    Yeah, wonder what next horror franchise they'll ruin? make another great game with?

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  3. Imo, this just futher proves that Gun/Illfonic. Are using the lawsuit to get out of developing future dlc for this game...

    I'm hoping development does pick back up after this lawsuit is over, i don't care if its Gun/llfonic. Or another publisher and developer.

     i just want this game to grow...

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  4. Successful things about the game...

    1. Getting Harry Manfredini, Tom Savini, and Kane Hodder to work on this game.
    2. Good atmosphere.
    3. Models for both Jason and Counsellors look good(well, some of them anyways).
    4.  The maps look good.
    5. The kills are awesome.

    Bad things about the game...

    1. Pretty much everything else...
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  5. 6 hours ago, The Wolf with that Toast said:

    where a lot of SIngers die 

    Vinnie was Pantera's and DamagePlan's dummer...

    But your right, I hope a lot of singers and musicans don't pass away this year.

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