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  1. Nthnbutagoodtimes a pretty good mod as well. Ralph,Bear, Nthnbutagoodtime, and Gertz are the best mods on here imo. It's just a shame only two of the four or on here frequently.
  2. No problem, you're a honest and funny guy, and we need more moderators like that... we need more moderators like @Ralph Wiggum777, he may not be on very often. But, I respect his opinions. He's very honest and down to earth when talking to us. Wish he were on here more though.
  3. I'll be very disappointed(and kinda offended) if it is what I think it is.
  4. I'm not an egomaniac lol. I don't want to be a mod, too much pressure that comes with it.
  5. @Slasher_Clone I'm really surprised you and a few other members have voted for me lol. I wouldn't be a good mod, it would be too much responsibility for me to handle tbh. Either @Cokeyskunk or @TheHansonGoons deserve to be mods imo. (yeah, don't start a gif war guys).
  6. Oh right! Lol, i thought you were talking about me. It would be funny to see what type of gifs he'd use...
  7. @BrokenFattHardy yes, Hanson would be the best choice imo. @F134Ever86 Thanks bro! But, i couldn't see myself as a mod. Would be too much responsibility for me to handle. I'd probably be bad if i was one anyways lol. @The Wolf with that Toast Doc seems to know what he's talking about imo, he wouldn't be the best. But, i think he'd be pretty good. Btw, i wouldn't close every thread with a gif lol. I'd take this job very seriously(sometimes anyways). On the other hand, if they were stupid topics that served no purpose? Your damn right I'd lock them with gifs. those types of topics don't deserve a explanation as to why I'm locking it.
  8. With great power, comes great responsibility. Remember that @Ghostboy20. Remember that...
  9. With the whole situation between Alder and Jpops going on, thought this might be an appropriate time to make a topic asking... If there was to be a new moderator on the forums, who would you want to be selected to be a new moderator? Top 11 members who should be mods imo: @Cokeyskunk. @Truth. @Ahab. @BrokenFattHardy. @Ghostboy20. @TheHansonGoons. @Brigadius. @F134Ever86. @The Doctor. @The Wolf with that Toast. @Slasher_Clone. The people listed would be perfect moderators imo. They all give back informative and very useful opinions on topics, their all very funny. And can actually take jokes(unlike some members and mods on here)... But, Who do you think is worthy of being a mod on here?
  10. Yeah... He sure will be...
  11. @The Gloved One gone too soon indeed...
  12. Oh no! Not another one... Goodbye @The Gloved One! I and the rest of the forums will greetly miss you... And another one bites the dust...
  13. @jameson87, @Shes.A.Rebel.88 i really wish icould help you guys out... I'll be praying for your family. I hope you can make it out of this mess.
  14. Only these: Legendary freiendship. Legendary Medic. Spent nearly all my CP trying to roll more. Eventually, i just gave up trying.
  15. Congratulations @The Wolf with that Toast! You're sorta famous now.
  16. It would be better if it was a offline feature, if it was an online feature as well. I think the majority of players would just have every Jason set to a op setup. An op set up would look something like this imo: Strengths. +Destruction. +Morph. +Shift. Weaknesses. -Can't run(doesn't have +can run set as a strength, so it would automatically set -Can't run as a weakness). -Less hit points. -Water speed.
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