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  1. That's awesome! I love that show!
  2. Yep, no more good times anymore... Edit: Really... Come on...
  3. God damn phone... I might demolish my phone, thats how annoyed I'm getting lol.
  4. Never said i didn't want to know about the postcards... I thought they were cool, but. I would've liked to know what's their decision on client side servers, more than the postcards. Tbh, the only thing i wanted apart from that, was an answer to my question about an Elias Voorhees postcard(which hasn't happened). (Thanks for the correcting my spelling btw, brain malfunction while typing lol).
  5. Just found this on deviant art, a really cool piece of art imo.


    1. The Doctor

      The Doctor

      Are you excited about Bohemian Rhapsody?

    2. Freddie Mercury

      Freddie Mercury

      Hell yes! I am ready for this movie.

      I can't wait to go see it!

    3. The Wolf with that Toast

      The Wolf with that Toast

      Wow , that´s really awesome!

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  6. An addition to the Virtual Cabin is what I think it would've been.
  7. Yeah there nice, but. Not stuff I'm really interested in tbh. Hell! I asked if Elias Voorhees was a collectible, still haven't heard had an answer form them...
  8. Exactly, if you want chad to be gay. Just use your imagination. It ain't that hard, I've done it a few times while playing a match. Its quite funny when you're in a lobby full of gay chads and kennys. Roleplaying is the best...
  9. Does it matter? Chads a video game character, Chad and the rest of the counsellors ain't real. I don't think we need to dwell on their sexual orientation...
  10. Haven't experienced it yet. But yet again, another patch thats made the game worse...
  11. You can't stop a god...
  12. I play to entertain myself and to kill time, i don't play them as much as i used to. Nowadays i prefer killing time in the outdoors. I mostly do activitys such as hiking, bike riding, siting in the sun, swimming, go for a drink, chatting with mates. Can't do much hiking and bike riding as of right now, sustained a herniated disc while on site about a month and a half ago, just had surgery to replace the disc about 2 weeks ago. Recover time is anywhere between 6-12 weeks, so. No bike riding or hiking for this guy.
  13. Damn! Really is sad to see you go @Alkavian. you've bestowed so much knowledge and wisdom to the forums, I'm not surprised you're leaving. Just sad to see it actually happening... Goodbye bro.
  14. No, ill take the blame. I was the one that brought it up first.
  15. I knew it was going to get locked anyways. It was made clear it was definitely going to be locked after school girls and tentacles were mentioned.
  16. I made the topic just for fun, never intended it to be serious.
  17. Never assumed you watched porn... just a really disturbed thing to say lol.
  18. The pay must be good. flash must be rolling in that "saving the universe " money he gets lol.
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