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  1. True, that lawsuit really screwed them over here... But, who knows! Maybe they end up getting the fixes right. I feel bad for Gun/Illfonic now...
  2. I'm fine with no new content. Just means they can focus all their attention on fixing the games issues now.
  3. They need to start play testing the game more reasonably... Giving us feedback on what bugs they've encountered in QA and explain to use how they are going to fix them... But overall imo... They just need to start telling us the truth and owning up to their c*** ups. Would be great if they started, telling us what potential bugs could be in their future patches, and what they plan on doing to solve those issues would be a good start... I'm just sick of all the lies their telling us... At launch. This game used to be fun to play(Alough it had really bad server issues and a ton of bugs). But now... It's just a chore to play... (A lot of you may think my opinion and view point on this maybe stupid or wrong, which. Is fine with me, i don't care if you agree or disagree with me. This is just my opinion on the matter).
  4. Exactly ! I don't know what goes through their minds. I really don't... It's such a stupid decision to make, just... Why!?!?
  5. @Kodiak like? I loved it! Just added it to my Spotify playlist. It's so good!
  6. No. Its against the rules to show a players gamer tag on here... Edit the post and delete the screenshot please.
  7. People are free to eat whatever they like. They want to be vegans? Let them be vegans i say.
  8. Sticks and stones friend. Sticks and stones... You shouldn't care about what other people think of you...
  9. I don't think their going to add a child to the game... Adult Jason gets abused enough... Do you really want child abuse to be a part of this game as well? You've got to keep the game kid friendly. You know what am sayin?
  10. It sucks... But, we can't do anything about it unfortunately...
  11. Agreed, this is a really lame strategy @Ralph_E_Fresh... Fyi: hiding until the timer runs out. doesn't count as an "escape", it just means you managed to survive that game...
  12. Yeah. "Guys! I found the space boat. All we need to do is, repair it with the space propeller and space sail out of here". "Guys! I have an extra space pocket knife if anyone wants one?". "Guys! I found Jasons Space shack. Quick! get the Pamelas space Sweater and call space Tommy with the space CB radio!". "Guys! I found the space map stand. If anyone is looking for a space map?".
  13. Probably after dedicated servers and, the Jason X content...
  14. @jason135135. My list for a part 4 re-work... Here are the strengths... Strengths: +Can run. + Destuction. +Weapon strength or stalk. Now the Weaknesses... Weaknesses: -Morph or Shift. -Traps. -Grip Strength. There you go... My re-work of part 4 Jason.
  15. My favorites are the final chapter and part VI... I love all the movies, but. These two are the ones i watch the most. @Yoshman2523 Yes, i did mean part 6... God damn! I'm dumb...
  16. That'd be a good one! I think I'd change mine to "Musical Prostitute".
  17. No "Dude" at the end... Dude? Seriously though, welcome to the forums dude!
  18. Like what @Dead Meme said: Running is for catching out of stanima/injured counsellors... And Shift is used for catching counsellors in general. Eg: Shift grabbing,stopping the car, shift slashing, [under] pressuring... So yes! A mixture of both, but. shift is better...
  19. I've seen it happen to other people, but. I haven't experienced it myself yet.
  20. @Brigadius what about Musican avatars? For example: Dio, Freddie Mercury, Kurt Cobain, etc. These are some good avatars though. Good work! Edit: @sedaiv I've got a site with some good gifs! Of Freddie mercury. Here: https://giphy.com/search/freddie-mercury It's where I found the "haters gonna hate" Mercury gif... Just search the musician you want.
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