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  1. 2 minutes ago, Bropollocreed79 said:

    Let me know if I missed anything.

    1. We'll have a delay on interacting with objects due to the servers blowing up.
    2. Running as a counsellor will become useless due to lag.
    3.  Sparkly blood will be on all the maps now.
    4.  Stuck in loading screens because... BUGS!
    5. They'll reset all the kills and perks, so you'll have to spend 5 mins applying the ones you had on before the patch.

    I can only come up with 5 more tbh...

    I aimed for 6, but 5 is the best i can do.

  2. On 9/28/2017 at 8:37 PM, Rev_Bartholomew said:

    Console: Ps4

    PSN: Rev_Bartholomew

    Well, this is a actually my PSN.

    I'm not on very often, but add me if you want. I only have F13 and dbd on my PS4 in terms of online games though...

    I'm not good at dbd at all, I'm ok at F13 tho.

  3. 30 minutes ago, NthnButAGoodTime said:

    your current avatar is BANANAS!

    Bananas... Banana Tree?


    But yeah, it was painted by a Tacoma artist named Chuck Knigge.

    He does a lot of... As he calls it: " Mashing two things that are related, but not really".

    An article about his "Queen Mercury" series: http://www.quirksee.org/2013/06/26/freddie-mercury-lives-on-as-famous-queens-in-tacoma-artists-series/

    Anyways, back on topic.

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  4. 28 minutes ago, ShiftySamurai said:

    Posts occurring within a minute of each other, from the same device, on numerous occasions is pretty compelling evidence that it is the same person. 

    Although there has been a forum rule for a while about there being a one account per device policy for a long while. 


    There is a "Remember me" option when signing in y'know...

    I have it set to this account(i now realize that it was a stupid decision to make)and he's probably done the same with the other accounts. So of course it's only going to take minutes for my bro to switch between the accounts...

    I was oblivious to this because he would sign back into my account when he was finished...

    Why would I lie about this, especially to an administrator?

    I'm not that stupid...

    But, if you decide to ban me, then whatever. I've explained the situation, and it's your call as to what happens next.

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