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  1. Alright, bye my dears! And I'm not bluffing this time, i'm gone for good now. See you, bye bye!
  2. There is, it's rated M... It's just parents just don't give a shit about the ratings, which is why there're so many kids playing this game unfortunately...
  3. Broken promises.... Never forget....
  4. We'll have a delay on interacting with objects due to the servers blowing up. Running as a counsellor will become useless due to lag. Sparkly blood will be on all the maps now. Stuck in loading screens because... BUGS! They'll reset all the kills and perks, so you'll have to spend 5 mins applying the ones you had on before the patch. I can only come up with 5 more tbh... I aimed for 6, but 5 is the best i can do.
  5. They weren't my accounts.... How many times do I have to say this?
  6. C'mon. It's Gun and Illfonic we're talking about here... what patch hasn't been a cluster fuck up?
  7. Well, this is a actually my PSN. I'm not on very often, but add me if you want. I only have F13 and dbd on my PS4 in terms of online games though... I'm not good at dbd at all, I'm ok at F13 tho.
  8. Bananas... Banana Tree? But yeah, it was painted by a Tacoma artist named Chuck Knigge. He does a lot of... As he calls it: " Mashing two things that are related, but not really". An article about his "Queen Mercury" series: http://www.quirksee.org/2013/06/26/freddie-mercury-lives-on-as-famous-queens-in-tacoma-artists-series/ Anyways, back on topic.
  9. I just guessed... Because most arguments on here are caused by disagreements usually.
  10. @El Harry Estás sugiriendo que son las hélices que mataron a Jason en la parte 6, debe ser añadido en el juego? Si es así, siento decirlo pero. Los Devs no planean hacer más contenido nuevo. Así que, no hay mapas nuevos, asesinatos, asesores, o de Jason. También, ¿entiendes inglés?
  11. @The Wolf with that Toast, @Soggy biscuit Both of you, stop derailing the thread! It's ok to disagree on certain things, but if you're going to start an argument. Just take this argument to the PM's.
  12. Musharana, a really weird Pokemon design. I usually use Musharana as a back up Pokemon, because it has good hp and defence.
  13. Yep, got three individual speakers just blaring away .
  14. You're a mod on there? Well congratulations! I'll check it out.
  15. @ShiftySamurai, @Slasher_Clone Yeah I know that now.... No Hard feelings Shifty? @ShaunAburame You're making a big deal out of something that doesn't matter... @MrBeefy I don't like the silence anymore than you, but if he doesn't have anything to share right know. Don't hassle him about it...
  16. Shifty... There is a "Remember me" option when signing in y'know... I have it set to this account(i now realize that it was a stupid decision to make)and he's probably done the same with the other accounts. So of course it's only going to take minutes for my bro to switch between the accounts... I was oblivious to this because he would sign back into my account when he was finished... Why would I lie about this, especially to an administrator? I'm not that stupid... But, if you decide to ban me, then whatever. I've explained the situation, and it's your call as to what happens next.
  17. I just noticed this as well, I swear it wasn't me who created those other accounts. My little brother must've created those accounts, he does use my PC and table when I'm not on. I'll go ask him if he did this.
  18. Yeah, @Magical Fetus got banned for no reason whatsoever.
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