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  1. Freddie Mercury

    Official 21:9 Ultrawide Support

    Yeah... But where's the after picture?
  2. Freddie Mercury

    Starting to look like.....

    Ah Sony... Always Late wth the updates... Feel bad for PlayStation users.
  3. Freddie Mercury

    Hey Guys

    Welcome to the forums! What part of the update are you looking forward to the most? I'm looking forwars to SP challenges and weapon swapping. If you want, you could check out the forums rules in the " Rules and Regulations" section of the forum. To get a general idea of what you can and can't do here. You could also visit "gamer tags for f13" thread. If your looking for a group to play with. Finally, just watch your back on here... Or you'll be finding a axe in it.
  4. Freddie Mercury

    The killing me is the wait.

    9pm for Uk... 5pm for US... Those are my bets.
  5. Freddie Mercury

    Question on single player

    Yes, you can change weapons in SP challenges(If you've unlocked it).
  6. Freddie Mercury

    The real Chad releases a Video to celebrate the new update

    My faith in humanity lost just now...
  7. Freddie Mercury

    Question on single player

    There will be certain missions were it requires you to play as a certain Jason. But other than that, you will be able to select your own Jason on each mission.
  8. Freddie Mercury

    Patch Notes - 05.24.18

    Damn! Thats going to be one big udate! Thanks for posting this @[IllFonic]Courier!
  9. Freddie Mercury

    Update for 5-24-18

    Oh... Thanks for letting me know! Edit: @T.W thanks as well!
  10. Freddie Mercury

    Update for 5-24-18

    They have yet to release the patch notes... But, guess i'll try... Patch notes: Update 1.25: - Update unreal engine from 1.14-1.18? -Added SP Challenges. -Added alternate Roy skin. -Added weapon swapping(level 113 unlock). -Made changes too P7 Jason. -Added new counsellor: Victoria Sterling( level 42 unlock). -Added legendary perks. -Salt Mines added. - possibly new kills? - added Violets dance emote(Free of charge). -Various bug/Glitch fixes? -Added Rain back too xbox. -Jason tickets added. And thats it... i think?
  11. Freddie Mercury

    Is This Game Policed?

    Such a stupid thing of them to do...
  12. I agree, both sides should be trying. Even though it may be pointless, at least the counsellor tried.
  13. Freddie Mercury

    Anniversary XP & Tape Drop Event

    Thanks for clarifying this Shifty!
  14. Freddie Mercury

    New Friday the 13th tv show

    Yeah! Why not!