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  1. Yeah, exact same thought...
  2. Really? How old are you bro? Its a floppy disk btw... And it means the game is saving data... Oh c'mon! Everybody should know what that symbol means... It means you have a bad connection to the host...
  3. Freddie Mercury

    (spoilers) Wow the nudity!!

  4. Freddie Mercury

    Your Weapon Combinations!

    I could, but i like Roy with the Machete more. I was originally going to keep Roy with the Shears, because. Like @DamonD7 said. It was his most iconic kill in that movie. But. In the end, i decided to make the swap. Because, Roy uses the Machete in more scenes of the movie.
  5. Freddie Mercury

    Your Weapon Combinations!

    @The Wolf with that Toast I like this game to be accurate to the films, so. I gave 6 Jasons movie accurate weapons. I kept the fire Axe on part 8 Jason, it suits that Jason more imo. With part 3, i gave him the NES look, swapping out the axe for the pig splitter(Yes, i know NES Jason uses a axe in that game. But, that axe looks more like the pig splitter imo). So, here's the movie accurate swaps: Part 2- Spear(definitely fits that Jason more). Part 4- Double Bit Axe(He used it in the movie, so. I'm using it in-game). Roy- Machete(Same reason, i want to keep it accurate to the films). Part 6- Machete(Same reason, i want to keep it accurate to the films). Part 7- Part 3 Axe(He used it in the film). Part 9- Machete(He used it in the film).
  6. Freddie Mercury

    (spoilers) Wow the nudity!!

    Sure... Your just "interested" to see if Adam has a dick.... Don't worry pal, we won't judge... Everybody has their own fetishes....
  7. Freddie Mercury

    Some people.......

    You can never fix a multiplayer game. No matter how many patches they release, bugs are always going to be an issue. You just have to accept that.
  8. Freddie Mercury

    Some people.......

    6 months? It's been broken since release lol. I agree, you find some friends to fuck around with, it'll make the game instantly more enjoyable to play. Sure, it's still broken. But, if i play wild West online with my friends. I ain't focusing on how shit that game is, I'm to busy having fun with them. And that's what games are made for, so you can have fun. I mean, at the end of the day. It's only, why they heff to be mad?
  9. Freddie Mercury

    Some people.......

    Yes, the bugs are the only thing I hate about this patch... Do i think they break the game? Imo, no. They don't break the game at all(well, not yet anyways).
  10. Freddie Mercury

    Some people.......

    Well, here you go my broken brother! I thought the patch was good overall, the only issue I have with it is the bugs. Apart from that, I'm liking it so far.
  11. @AldermachXI You deserve a like for that.
  12. Freddie Mercury

    Some people.......

    @BrokenFattHardy Would you like me to light that cigarette for you? Seriously though, I'm not surprised that people have been complaining about the recent patch, it happens every single time the devs release something new. People immediately look at the negatives, and don't give much light on the positives in their complaints. There's not much I can say, except... Haters gonna hate.... (It you don't like the gif, I can remove it for you)?
  13. Freddie Mercury

    Game is too dark now.

    It's brightness Einstein...
  14. Freddie Mercury


    Probably not, they thought " Well... People like pizza. And people like Creme eggs.. So, lets combine the two together and make a dish of satans shit". And the worst part! I wasted $10 on that fucking pizza! I took one bite, and that was it... Spat it back out, and put that sucker where it belongs... The trash! Never again...