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  1. Yep, happens to me nearly everytime i try to kill Jason. That's why i make sure that the cars are repaired or the cops have been called, so. I know i still have a chance of escaping if it goes wrong.
  2. Jason Selection Update

    Like I said before, it was pretty obvious to tell that the Paranoia tralier teased Roy. The blue chevron hockey mask that was shown during the tralier and the hashtag "WhoisFiVe". Which, is clearly a reference to part 5s "A new beginning". So, yeah. He was technical teased several months ago, but wasn't announced until January. But after the paranoia tralier, it was obvious that Roy was going to be part of the game either exclusively in paranoia or as a Jason to use in the normal multiplayer mode.
  3. Nothing that concern's you Rev, where have you been anyway? "Watch"? Don't you what? Anyways back on topic, stop talking about.. Um... F13 " pictures".
  4. There should be a sixth option of "I don't care" because Thats how I feel right now. Stop making duplicate threads as well! You've already made one. There's no need to make another dude.
  5. Jason Selection Update

    @uberXJoshua it's pretty obvious that the hashtag was a tease for Roy as well as the blue hockey mask, yes. He wasn't official announced until a week before he was released. But he had been speculated and rumoured for months about his inclusion in the game. So, yeah. He was technically teased for several months ago. Gun\Illfonic has always used "Coming soon" in every announcement (apart from Roy). They can't always give a date on when new content is being released, if they did give a date. And had to delay the content, then. The player base would be unhappy and have a tantrum over it. It's better to say coming soon, because. It gives illfonic more time to develop and look over the content, making sure its perfect. Than to just rush it to try to met a deadline they set and it being bug ridden and broken. They'll release the content once their happy with it, just be paitence and wait.
  6. Jason Selection Update

    I would guess, the earliest being April.. And the latest being July. We'll just have to wait and see tbh.
  7. Jason Selection Update

    OK.. I think this is going to be.. Well... Interesting, to say the least. So these tickets are supposedly going to stop players from being picked as Jason over and over again.. Right? Thats how I see it, I just.. Hope it works tbh. "WhoisFiVe?" at the end of the tralier, plus. The blue chevron hockey mask.. And their was an official tralier announcing Roy and Pinehurst.. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=MczKDqmonths So, yeah.. They had been teasing Roy for the past 7 months before he was official announced, via the link provided.
  8. Hey!

    Welcome @HTMLRulezdOOd1 to the forums . Glad to know that you've already posted your gamer tag in the F13 gamer tag thread, already on top of things. Which is great! Just follow the rules and you'll be fine, treat the fellow forum members(especially staff) with respect and you'll get along with everybody quite fine . Hope you enjoy it here .
  9. R34 would disagree with you @Cokeyskunk. Also, who said it had to be with the zombie Jason's? It could be with the human ones or Roy . In all seriousness, if I saw a F13 adult film.. I think I'd have to bleach my eyes and start going to therapy.
  10. Yeah! Totally up for it, I think 15 players in one lobby would be enough tho. Don't want things to get to wild, between Jason & the counselor's. If you know what i mean . I mean, those beds aren't just for hiding .
  11. Come on now! We're all adults here, there's no need to call him stupid @SmugDoka.
  12. It seems like it would be fun and it's a very Interesting idea, but. Like @Cokeyskunk said: players are quick to adapt to new modes. Therefore, this would present no challenge to the counselor's and Jason once they've played it after a while(IMO). It's a interesting idea and it could be fun, but. Once players now what there doing, it becomes easy and repetitive to play. I don't want the game to be easy, I want it to be challenging. Thats why I don't really play the game anymore, because its become to easy to play as a counselor and Jason. If it was a single player mode? Then fine, Whatever. I'd play it for sure. But when it comes to multiplayer? Then no, I don't think it would work as a online mode. Everybody has their own opinions dude, you may think this is a good idea, But. That doesn't mean I'm going to think the same.
  13. Hey Everyone!

    His kills are pretty mediocre to me, when there's a new kill pack released. It should be for the spear(seeing as though weapon swapping is coming to the game). I just don't like the spear, can't wait for weapon swapping to come out. I'll just be using the machete with him.
  14. Recent new hack being used

    Have you reported the issues yet? If not, report it to: http://www.jasonkillsbugs.com(thats if you managed to record it/take a screenshot of the issuse). If you didn't, PM @wes or @[IllFonic]Courier to see if they can ban the player using the hacks.