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  1. Hello everyone! Didn't see any discussion about it here, maybe it's forbidden, which is strange. But nevertheless I will try to ask. First, I am sure that you have probably already heard about this new version of the game, which is being created by the players themselves (there is evidence that the authors of this new version are the people who killed the current game on PC by creating hacked servers). What do you think about it? Second: how does GUN relate to this? Will there be an attempt to block the distribution of this version? Will the GUN ban players for using it?? (It will be installed on top of the official Steam game and will not work without the purchased game). In the current environment, this appears to be a light at the end of the tunnel for the F13. However, I and many others have serious concerns about this. I would like to know the opinion of both ordinary players and the publisher (GUN).
  2. I think restoration of stamina after beating Jason should depend of each character stamina. Example: Vanessa 10/10 Stamina. The blow will bring her 10% Eric 2/10 Stamina. The blow will bring him 80% Kenny 5/10 Stamina. The blow will bring him 50%
  3. + 1 But for the teamkilling there must be a more severe punishment. May be level decrease? (for example -1000 xp = - 1 lvl)
  4. Answer is simple. They can't Two possible reasons: 1) They just don't know how to do it (in favor of this says a huge number of bugs that exist since the game release). 2)They do not want to. Since the transfer of all data accounts to their own servers from users' computers is too difficult and expensive for them (it is important to note that there are still no dedicated servers for consoles - OMG)
  5. Playing around 20 hrs after update (PC - Steam): 1.More than once I came across this. People chose a particular counselor or Jason, but with the start of the match they became different characters. 2.There is no sound at the door, sometimes at the knives that Jason picks up. 3.Awfully poor-quality textures on any graphics settings, except the highest (ultra). 4.Graphics settings are not saved (with each new entry you have to enter again). 5.Each exit from the game is accompanied by a message about a fatal error. 6.Several times the action team (button E) ceased to work when playing as counselor (can not open / close doors and windows, pick up an item). If you escape from the Jason grab, then everything comes back to normal. 7.Sometimes Jason's abilities are cut off. (Before, everything turned off and nothing worked at all.) After updating, not all abilities are disabled. Personally, I had SHIFT turned off twice during the game as Roy). 8.The old problem of a year ago. Sometimes the message "Saving Profile Data" hangs in the lower right corner and does not disappear during the whole game (until you get to the main menu). 9.On the Pinehurst map when you approach as Jason to the phone, the color correction is dramatically changed. 10.The most annoying thing. When changing Jason weapon, during the kills models of the counselors shakes in different directions. 11.During a call on the radio (Tommy) or on the phone, the hands constantly fall inside these items (it was before, but not so much). 12.Near the light sources, the heads of the counselors (or rather their hair) literally begin to glow. 13.Some objects float in the air, stand far from the walls, etc. (in the screenshot hang the leaves in the air).
  6. + they have also 3 new kills for pickaxe (future dlc probably) Does anyone even deal with the steam community? I created a guide where I showed Jason's masks that I created and offered to those who are interested in how to do them or even buy them, contact me. A day later guide was removed. So... ok. But nevertheless for several days and weeks there are these guides. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1394266180 https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1394913274 https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1395306214 https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1395397702 They detail how to get free Savini Jason, Jason X, new kills for the pickaxe, millions of points, all the packs of clothes (DLCs). All the files necessary for this are laid out absolutely FREE. Anyone can download it. These manuals have been there for a long time, some more than MONTH. Obviously, everyone does not care. These cheaters did not receive any sanctions, as they played, they still play. GJ
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