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  1. The "slasher edition" couldn't possibly be a funding event to deliver dedicated serves right? Duh. Um yes they're coming after the new physical game. Judging by the polls... nobody is any good with math (at least not the 2+2 formula, it's pretty advanced), does nobody bother to think? I really doubt the majority is that dense. So might as well call this poll F##k F13, and gun media.... then they can merge it in with EVERY OTHER TOPIC in the last 2 months... sheeple
  2. Yup... Just trying to be cute. Not trying to bring positivity to an amazing game that means a ton to me and other F13 fans who grew up waiting for the game to follow the nes version. No actual meaning... Just being cute (badly, I guess). You see right through me.
  3. VoorheesGt101

    Alternative Trap Spots

    I love trapping map stands lol. I'll do it as early as i can in most cases just because peoples reactions are AWESOME! Chad isn't the only dick😃!
  4. Exactly! Just because they "announced" no more content ever doesn't mean they won't pick back up. They said that after a barrage of hate and the last thing they would've wanted was to give this negative, demanding mob another rock to throw at them if they couldn't deliver. You make me laugh. Touting how unreliable their past announcements were, while taking this ONE announcement as fact. As I said before; only negativity will actually kill this game. Btw I love the hypocrisy amongst the negative people here😂
  5. Hear this ALL... the game was a MASSIVE underdog/success! The only reason they'll pull the plug is because of the negativity exhibited by you "fans" . give gun a reason to continue work after the lawsuit. This is a shock and unfortunate but if they feel WE support them they'll pick it back up after litigation. STOP SPREADING TROLL HATE. this game is a phenomenal singularity. Support it, regardless of the outcome instead of falsely crying fowl. Just once can we rally rather than insult?? One. Time. Just once
  6. Brand new info! Check it out... only for true fans and not "know it all" forum complainers. #JasonLives
  7. VoorheesGt101

    Questions About Future Content

    At this point, I kind of hope if they continue with the game after the legal battle in single player only. They've shown they can. It'll cut cost of servers... and they won't have to deal the toxicity of an online community that assume they "know all" just like every other online game forum. Honestly, I am greatful for the experience and meeting some amazing people in game, but I would have bought it launch day if it was single player only due to the fact that any online gaming community has these same people who act as though they programmed the game and campaigned the ads themselves .... Not quoting you to argue, I fully agree!
  8. VoorheesGt101

    Questions About Future Content

    They knew of the suit, I do believe they also thought it would never affect the game initially. The way the events unfolded lends credibility to my theory. I believe the deadline was imposed unexpectedly. Why would any publisher tease content they knew would never release? The idea that they were aware of the deadline long before we were informed is absurd to me.
  9. VoorheesGt101

    Questions About Future Content

    Their time management is a grievance for sure. But they can't "make good" on many promises based on the fact that there is a LEGAL ACTION prohibiting it. Their lack of communication was wrong as well but understandable considering the reaction they receive from any announcement, let alone a negative announcement they couldn't control. Imo, they finished what was close enough to finish and put it in the game before the deadline. I honestly think they were not going to be affected by the suit and probably had to scramble to get the SP challenges and update out in time once they learned of a legal deadline... that would explain the many bugs, they could legally fix them later. But no amount of bitching will grant them rights to give you what you want. Period.
  10. VoorheesGt101

    Questions About Future Content

    People need money to sustain. This game WAS DEFINITELY a labor of love but everybody tries to profit... even if it was created from passion. I do totally agree money was not their main motivation. That's proved by looking at the fact that they only EVER charged for cosmetic changes and kill packs. But they would be working for free because the suit prevented them adding any content. So even if Uber and the Grendal was close to finished.... it has to by a finished model, plus it was not placed publicly in game before the deadline.. therefore adding anything to the game would technically be contempt. So why is everybody mad at gun/Illfonic? Its out of their control .our best action is to support and help them so they're labor of love doesn't seem like it's entire fan base is hating! Jason stll whoops a## 😎
  11. VoorheesGt101

    Most annoying thing about QP

    This seems like a legit poll. I'm definitely interested in the results. Trolls can invade any thread... you, or the thread can't be held accountable. Plus if all we get from Gun is patched bugs and game fixes this data should be valued by them as well.
  12. VoorheesGt101

    Optimists Welcome! #CantKillJason

    You ARE NOT remembering correctly lol. F13 was not a period piece started in 1855. Btw Can't kill Jason. The fact you keep showing and recalling scenes in which he died proves this... he came back... 5 times (including Jason X but not Freddy vs Jason) So... Cant. Kill. Jason. @BrokenFattHardy , quit hating (no don't lol, your controversial views are amazing and I love it!)
  13. VoorheesGt101

    Bans for standing on unreachable rocks

    Personally, I just love to link the gamertag to the glitcher and troll them in game til they take their plague out of the lobby... it's kind of a hobby. I'll actually kill only that player and gleefully allow all others to exit if I'm jason in upcoming rounds... people follow suit rather quickly😈
  14. VoorheesGt101

    Optimists Welcome! #CantKillJason

    If this is your approach to "proving Jason dead"... better check about 8 more films... Hard to follow current events from 20 plus years ago lol #jasonlives #CantKillJason