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  1. They may not be the most seasoned devs, but this game had way more heart and soul put in it than any other horror movie licensed franchise IMO. In a lot of ways they nailed it. However, lack of the virtually unlimited resources possesed by AAA developers shows through. I know a AAA developer would never pay attention to making a game authentic to the liscence... most would have board meetings on how to best turn F13 into COD lol. Profits speak louder than passion amongst corporate developers.
  2. Larry Zerner (@Zernerlaw) Tweeted: Here's a video interview I did with @SlashNCast explaining (as best as I could) the Victor Miller v. Sean Cunningham lawsuit over the rights to Friday the 13th. https://t.co/djc2JCzBLc This will answer many questions on a legal standpoint that cannot be answered by persons involved in the suit. Now you don't have to sift through miles of legal documents... Shelly lays it out.
  3. VoorheesGt101

    We're Still Here

    I really don't get that impression from the original post... Regardless, if it was sarcastic it must be an inside joke and rallied actual supporters. So... Bravo!
  4. VoorheesGt101

    We're Still Here

    @AldermachXI Thank you for creating this topic! I was fearing this game that I love so much was going to die. All the negative people polluting the forum got me to the point that I all but abandoned my F13 YouTube channel. Seeing the overwhelming positive support and unity you brought to one place gives me so much hope and motivation to start making videos again. Please send a link to where you stream so I can support and bring some of our optimism there!
  5. Imo, it by far surpassed any film licensed game in the way it actually captures the feel of the films and found a game type (1v7 closed map) that could embody that feel. Of course Golden eye 64 will always be the standard ( i literally played hundreds of hours of it as a young teen). But in terms of originality, and being as real as possible to the films. F13 is #1 in my book... Alien Isolation also did this well but with much more budget and many more resources at hand.
  6. Exactly, if he gets rights he has potential to be a smart investor and as insignificant as many of you believe this game is in the grand view of the whole license... it's actually spurred an unparalleled interest in the franchise and in my opinion not only made it massively relevant after a long dormant time but also has intrigued enough horror fans with very little knowledge of F13 to watch the films for context in the game. It's a GREAT modern investment. Period. However to echo myself and many others: attacking, insulting and even Threatening Miller is a knee-jerk (hurt) reaction without understanding the breadth of the suit. BUT HARRASSING IS PETTY, not to mention a DUMB ass way to make the possible licenseholder care about the game. After reading some of the hate on social media, I would not blame him if he terminated the game on shear principal (I hope not) but if this happens the game community (or bullies within, rather) are to blame... Not Gun, Not Illfonic, not even Miller... the uninformed bullies that made us as a community seem ignorant. Thank you
  7. Just a thought: if this lawsuit is uncertain, and the possible future owner of the license could possibly not invest any interest in this game, and take financial rights to all game assets than it is smart to not release anymore content... they would be in the same boat as Miller (allegedly and unofficialy), someone would take ownership of the game and everything they've created. I am unbiased after reading all court docs. It's a very complex case however they may be delaying content (regardless of court deadlines) until they are sure who owns the license. If it's Cunningham, proceed as planned, if Miller... at least gauge his interest before just handing over hard work. They aren't abandoning the game lol... they are being smart with their creation. I could elaborate more on my opinion (which is solid) but will not here as it could hurt the creators if I'm right. Just remember this was a massively successful kickstarter game born of love for F13. Stop asking for answers that could implicate them legally. Duh All the links to FULL court documents are linked all over. Quit asking Gun to explain because you're too lazy to read! They cannot discuss an ongoing legal battle. I'm no lawyer but even I know that.
  8. That's a VERY GOOD point... in the original screenplay the son of the killer was named Joshua by the writer. It was an executive decision on a company level to use the name Jason. This coupled with the fact that the only thing tethering the license to the EMPLOYEE that wrote the screen is Pamela. Other than that the lore is entirely independent of the screenwriter. I hope the court has considered this as well...
  9. This is what I believe. A newer engine was probably needed for console certification of dedicated servers due to security exploits. Unreal 4 has massive potential but it's probably a steep leaning curve compared to programming patches on the engine it was built on and designed for. Don't get me wrong I'm highly disappointed with the current state and am upset because I've finally had time to play recently... and frankly, even I am not playing for long at a time before encountering a glitch that causes me to quit in disappointedment. That being said, the potential for this game with the new engine is exciting and I do believe they'll figure it out... I just hope it's soon enough, before my favorite game dies. IllFonic, please don't let the game become a "great game turned wrong" subject. You should be proud of what you've done with the franchise, but get outside help to code things properly... you didn't upgrade engines for a game you planned to end, right? P.s. How did counselors end up locked out of using the "action" button when one of the goals was fixing that glitch for jason?
  10. Thank you. As soon as I have time I will cover all of these in tutorials. I've not posted much except just kills and speed matches in a while because of the time required for good match footage and editing, but I want to get back to helping newer players ASAP! That was my whole original vision.
  11. Hey Alk, as always I'm super impressed with your keen observations and tips. I wanted to add that I've noticed "Nerves of Steel" is an amazing perk to run on low composure characters. It adds a -fear bonus plus not losing your mini-map helps to find a place to recoup stamina regardless of fear level. I've been really busy as well which is why I've not made many new tutorial videos, but I'm hoping to make time in the upcoming weeks. Any ideas would be much appreciated 😀
  12. I actually had a s#!t talking Chad rage quit, 2 Debra' s and and AJ after realizing their car was a lost cause after I stopped it, and a Mitch that managed to quit just before I initiated the kill(after chasing him for 4 mins😲)... not one Vanessa in a while. She's not OP if you are a proactive Jason. Balance seems ok, let's focus on glitching and bugs before nerfing either side. Btw on psn some hosts are able to dash out and make it look like YOU lost connection. That needs to be investigated. I DO NOT quit and I've had matches abruptly end as soon as the host dies, yet me and other living players get salt...
  13. Get better at stalking... or shift-grabbing. Don't go after Vanessa first, or second or third lol. Her main purpose is as a DISTRACTION. Just practice, don't try to change the game due to your deficiencies. I'm not trying to be mean, just helpful. In essence, that would be the same as nerfing Debra in repair or AJ in stealth. All Jason players have their kryptonite. Adapt.
  14. Jarvis house: This works well in the log main house, go to the room with all the savini masks and makeup, open drawer in the back corner and crouch there. 3 out 5 Jason's will not even bother coming in far enough to notice. Pinehurst: used to be upstairs in savini makeup room In closet at back but many people are aware of this so it's dangerous since you are STUCK if he finds you. Instead open as many windows on ground floor and hide beside couch near window in the fireplace room or behind painting. Don't dread Pinehurst as a counselor, just pick a kiter like Chad or Vanessa. Pinehurst is a survive it out map, not an escape map. I can literally troll Jason around the Pinehurst mainhouse for 6 minutes just using " hide in plain site spots" near windows: if he finds you, jump out, Sprint in, crouch to another window spot, repeat.