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  1. Total serendipitous shift grab😎. Btw music for entertainment only and all rights to music owned by artist. My fastest round. Ignore the pip in mask... it was a promise to subscribers.
  2. That's what we're saying... there is no host quits anymore because there isn't a host. Only JASON quoting can end a match. And that makes total sense.
  3. You are not any level of deep. A good level of dense... But certainly not deep. There have been multiple valid points brought up on EXACTLY why your proposed game changes would make the game unplayable for 7 of the 8 players. But YOU didn't bring up those, and since you didn't say it, you didn't hear it. You must be a horrible Jason player AND a horrible sport... so stick to bots (on easy) and you should feel the unstoppable feeling you need... plus us reasonable players won't have to deal with you. It's a Win Win?
  4. I agree entirely with this^^^ I think the game is fun as jason or as a counselor at this point. I'm ok with killing 5 out of 7 against skilled players. For all of you wanting their jason rounds to be "auto-win" there is always bots... They act more like the teens from the films anyway lol.
  5. ummm.... no. Did you miss the lawsuit thing? (Just minor, no big deal... oh, WAIT! It is the single handed reason we can't have updated new content). No matter. Early alpha beta Jason is the reason ?
  6. Here's a couple. The mask thing was just for fun... plz don't judge lol?
  7. I agree, dashing out must evade the salt tracking system. It's a shame... was such a great idea. But now we just see trolls exploiting this.
  8. Fyi: I've been around since soon after the release and never asked or pandered for Savini Jason. I fully understand you got him for being a visionary early on. However, the game is in bad shape and I was curious how ACTUAL backers felt about the rest of us getting to try Savini to try to expand longevity. Plus I've always wanted to at least try him out (but not without input of those who got him rightfully first. IF NO, JUST TYPE NO. that should've been option 2...
  9. The "slasher edition" couldn't possibly be a funding event to deliver dedicated serves right? Duh. Um yes they're coming after the new physical game. Judging by the polls... nobody is any good with math (at least not the 2+2 formula, it's pretty advanced), does nobody bother to think? I really doubt the majority is that dense. So might as well call this poll F##k F13, and gun media.... then they can merge it in with EVERY OTHER TOPIC in the last 2 months... sheeple
  10. Yup... Just trying to be cute. Not trying to bring positivity to an amazing game that means a ton to me and other F13 fans who grew up waiting for the game to follow the nes version. No actual meaning... Just being cute (badly, I guess). You see right through me.
  11. I love trapping map stands lol. I'll do it as early as i can in most cases just because peoples reactions are AWESOME! Chad isn't the only dick?!
  12. Exactly! Just because they "announced" no more content ever doesn't mean they won't pick back up. They said that after a barrage of hate and the last thing they would've wanted was to give this negative, demanding mob another rock to throw at them if they couldn't deliver. You make me laugh. Touting how unreliable their past announcements were, while taking this ONE announcement as fact. As I said before; only negativity will actually kill this game. Btw I love the hypocrisy amongst the negative people here?
  13. Hear this ALL... the game was a MASSIVE underdog/success! The only reason they'll pull the plug is because of the negativity exhibited by you "fans" . give gun a reason to continue work after the lawsuit. This is a shock and unfortunate but if they feel WE support them they'll pick it back up after litigation. STOP SPREADING TROLL HATE. this game is a phenomenal singularity. Support it, regardless of the outcome instead of falsely crying fowl. Just once can we rally rather than insult?? One. Time. Just once
  14. Brand new info! Check it out... only for true fans and not "know it all" forum complainers. #JasonLives
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