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  1. Same bro. All of a sudden I’m a different nat type and can’t connect to shit. Have to repeatedly try into my friends party’s and game invites to hopefully get in. The only game that does this by the way. H1z1 I didn’t have a problem connecting
  2. Thicker skin is key to surviving in this world. On a chat I’m almost positive no one would know either way what sex you are attracted to unless announcing it. I can’t see the dilemma! Forgive me for not understanding. I’ve been told by many under the age of 10 how they fucked my mom lol. So take into consideration for yourself that people don’t know you. You’ll survive the night. Hang in there
  3. 1:01 on the timer and 2:00 challenge won’t pop challenge 3
  4. Well folks considering what we got for a little over a million I’m ok. But in this game the trolls can screw you out of time and rewards so bad that most of my friends broke their copies. The trophy system is to keep you playing rediculous amounts. They need to fix the inner workings of the game and then fuck yeah I would pony up for round 2. I’m a trophy hunter and this game is the dumbest for trophies I’ve ever seen. But loving the idea I would platinum and keep playing.
  5. Me and my friends do private matches as with all the rage quitting and shitty servers messing up our progress. And since the no update last Friday the 13th only shitty players are on lol
  6. Me and my friends have been searching relentlessly since the tape weekend and have found 0 between all of us. Fix this shit. The north remembers
  7. Same reason you can be a hot dog in tony hawk, it’s hilarious
  8. They should add ted Bundy or John Wayne Gacy as a councilor
  9. The remake is New line cinema as well as Freddy. I don’t get it
  10. PhD in murder is glitched or its not saving my kills when the server or host takes a shit
  11. Straight bullshit. The servers are shit some of the time and hosts and Jason rage quit constantly.
  12. Do we keep additional stats earned in a MP game even though the server or host is being an asshole?
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