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  1. Jason Voorhees Panel Finally came across a link to the Jason Voorhees panel. Pretty entertaining watch.
  2. It was. Should be video of it on YouTube in the next week or two. A lot of videographers recording it. Steve Dash was practically running the show. They all came off really well and had a few interesting stories. Ken didn't say much and Tom Morga isn't one to command attention. It was nice being able to tell they all had a lot of respect for each other. Quite a bit of jokes and ribbing back and forth, but it was a lot of fun. I'm on the lookout for some of the other panel videos, so when I come across that one, I'll post it here.
  3. I was there as well! I'm also about 20 minutes from DFW and have been to TFW about 6 times, I think. Yes, left to right Ken Kirzinger in FvJ, Ted White as Pt 4, Morga as Pt 5, CJ as Pt 6, Steve Dash as Pt 2, and Kane as Pt 8. I was playing Crazy Ralph. It is crazy that Ted White is in his early 90s. Came out in the Friday night panel that Steve Dash had his 6th or 7th heart attack the week prior and doctors told him he shouldn't travel. Got pictures with them out of costume at their tables. I have a lot of fun. Also got a Clive Barker photo-op and had him and the Cenobites there sign a Mondo poster. Had some of the Child's Play guests sign promo photos.
  4. I wanted to get in on some online play, but just can't muster up the motivation to do it. Regret not getting in some games with you guys. I played a bit of Offline Bots. Went up from level 44 to 50. Online play has been such a beating, but I've only ever played quick play.
  5. I like the Savini pitchfork. Combat stance door smashing is great with it. Don't remember feeling the same with the spear, but I don't play as part 6 too often. I do remember the slashing being horrendous though.
  6. I haven't played in about a month, but will get in some playing time this weekend. May not get started until later in the night when wife goes to bed, but I'll boot the game up at some point. I'll usually play late into the night. Xbox: PainIsGod
  7. I've spent more time playing other games. I echo the frustration in not getting progress towards the achievements. I'm an achievement whore and want to work towards my PhD in Murder achievement, but that seems to be an exercise in futility. Progress is broken for Offline Bots on it and you can't rely on getting proper credit in online games. Seems hit or miss whether it counts when a player quits or host quits ... just frustrating. I enjoy playing the game, but too much time spent feels wasted.
  8. Thanks for the suggestion! Saw it was on Prime Video and ended up watching it last night. The technology references do not hold up, but it wasn't a bad movie. I liked 13 Cameras better, but still enjoyed it.
  9. I voted no because it is easy enough for me to leave if I don't like a room or encounter people that don't play the game properly. An ability to kick players would bring more problems than it solves, in my opinion.
  10. Was it in previously? I had read that and noticed the exclusion but had heard of people reporting it before.
  11. Can't we report Jason helpers to the bug site if we have video proving the accusation? I haven't voted because I like the idea of kicking Jason helpers, but agree that it would be abused. I'm sure I'd get kicked every game trying to roll out Savini Jason. I don't see the benefit of, "Well, if these are the types of people that would do that, you don't want to play with them anyway, so it's a good thing!" No, I disagree. People can be jerks and trash talkers while still playing the game properly and I have no issue. Makes a kill or escape that much better. Or, if it doesn't work out for me in that game, fine, wait for the next. Maybe this will change with dedicated servers down the pipeline. What if the person you want to kick is the host? If you realize you don't want to play with Jason helpers, and one is in the game you're in, leave and join a new game.
  12. My wife hasn't seen any of the Friday the 13th movies (maybe the reboot), so we've been watching them from the beginning. I'm the big horror fan, so I watched all of these growing up, seeing some of the later ones in theaters on release weekend. It has still been a decade or two since I've watched many of them though. Last night was Friday the 13th Pt. 2. Obviously enjoyed it. Would probably give it 8/10. Not my favorite in the franchise, but still a classic. Very cool watching some of the special features on the them to get some of the backstory. I stayed up and watched 13 Cameras on Netflix after that. I give it 6/10. I enjoyed it, but wouldn't rant and rave about it. I liked the concept of a landlord having hidden security cameras throughout a rental house where he spies on the tenants. More of a suspense film. The old dude that played the creepy landlord was an awesome character. The story line didn't do too much for me though. There are a lot of directions that idea could be taken. Some neat aspects, but I don't think I'd ever need to re-watch it.
  13. I gave it 4*s. Might be a little generous, but I've enjoyed them. I think I picked up that blu-ray box set at a convention, but haven't even opened it yet. I remember renting the early films in the franchise from Blockbuster and enjoying them growing up. Haven't seen the most recent ones and it's probably been a decade since I've sat and watched any of them, but it has a warm place in my cold, black heart. On further thought, checking out lists of other horror franchises, there are quite a few I'd still rank above Puppet Master ... F13th obviously, Nightmare on Elm Street, Halloween, Child's Play, Evil Dead, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Hellraiser, Exorcist ... quite a few others would be in that conversation. I'd have to watch all of them again to be completely honest, but I think I'd personally have Puppet Master ahead of things like Gremlins, Critters, Leprechaun, Tremors and then many of the more recent franchises like Paranormal Activity, Insidious, and The Purge.
  14. -Shift and -Traps is a detrimental combo, for sure. Starting with only 3 traps means you have to be pretty selective with where you place them on objectives and doesn't give you any spare traps if you want to trap some cabin windows while chasing counselors. +Destruction is one of my favorite strengths though. So much of my time as Jason is spent breaking down doors that getting there in 3 hits is a boost to get the jump on some counselors. If you took Part 4's shift weakness away and put it on something else, like Less Hit Points, I think he'd instantly be one of, if not the best Jasons. I still feel, as it is, there are tradeoffs to each one of the Jason characters. I would not be in favor of making changes that put one Jason above all of the others. I'm all for balance and I don't think improving Part 4 would improve balance.
  15. I'm fine with -Shift the way it is. There are 8 Jasons to pick from (9 if you include Savini). They can't all be winners. Parts 2 and 4 have decent enough strengths to compensate. I don't have any issues leaving Part 7 as a dud Jason.
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