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  1. Will anybody buy the ultimate slasher collectors edition i will
  2. Ok but what if my conecction is bad and i leave the mach becuse of a network error does it count than or not
  3. Hey guys i am trying to get the Ph.D in murder and i was playing as part 3 jason and did all his weapon kills in one game but later the host left do the weapon kills count or do i have to do them again
  4. Hey guys just a quick question can i go in a private mach with my friend and kill him/play as jason 500 times will i get the trophy/achivment (i think i will but just want to make sure)
  5. Hey guys i lost a track of the kills that i have done for the Ph.D in murder can i see what kills i have done or not
  6. I am so sad with the game dying i just wanted to get all the trophies and enjoy the game i just bought all the DLC and i am not mad at myself for bying the DLC i am just sad that the game is dying i am a big f13 fan and this game became a part of my life so when this game dies so does a part of my life 😢😭 GOOD BYE
  7. I have a problem in the game i bought the disc version of the game and on the cover it says "exclusive clothing pack and bloody skins" i had the bloody skins but after the new update i dont have them anymore is it a glich or not P.S. I have the game on my ps4
  8. Steven

    Legendary Perk Bonus Stats

    This is really good keep up the good work
  9. Hey guys i bought friday the 13th (disc version) for my ps4 and i didn't bought any of the DLC but last week as i was playing the game i saw that i have the 1984 spring break is it becuse i have the disc version or not
  10. Hey guys i am trying to get the Ph.D trophy/achivment and i am doing fine i only need 10 more kills but there is a kill where you put a conselour to a tree and you pull out conselour's hands but i dit it on a lamp post those it count
  11. Steven

    Jason Selection Update

  12. Steven

    Jason Selection Update

    Ofcours it will be on April the 13th the first friday the 13th in the year and on july 13th the second friday the 13 in the year are we going to get something new. I hope this update will be great becuse this is the best game ever and and friday the 13th movies are the best. Keep up the good work
  13. What do you guy's think Friday the 13th the game is better on PC,PS4 or Xbox one. For me PS4