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  1. I have the original friday game on my ps4 but i want to buy the slasher edition but will i have all my data saved or do i have to start from lvl 0 (i want to buy it on disc)
  2. Hey guys i've veen playing this game for a while i got it on january 4th 2018 and now every time i play as jason i kill al counselors but i still dont have the kill 666 counselors trophy can i see the progress somehow i play on ps4
  3. Hey guys i know you have to play 500 matches as a counselor to get the caml counselor trophy but if you spawn as tommy jarvis thoes it cou t or not
  4. Ok i am going to ask my cousine to help me if he won't i need to find somebody else
  5. I have my spawn preference set as jason but i never play as him and when i do everytime the host leaves how should i get the platanium trophy before the game dies when i cant play any mach with jason when will i get the "play 500 and 1000 matches as jason"
  6. Hey guys i am trying to het ph.d un murder trophy and i did one kill on tommy but while i was doing the kill he dissconected does that kill count like i did it or do i have to do it again
  7. Will anybody buy the ultimate slasher collectors edition i will
  8. Ok but what if my conecction is bad and i leave the mach becuse of a network error does it count than or not
  9. Hey guys i am trying to get the Ph.D in murder and i was playing as part 3 jason and did all his weapon kills in one game but later the host left do the weapon kills count or do i have to do them again
  10. Hey guys just a quick question can i go in a private mach with my friend and kill him/play as jason 500 times will i get the trophy/achivment (i think i will but just want to make sure)
  11. Hey guys i lost a track of the kills that i have done for the Ph.D in murder can i see what kills i have done or not
  12. I am so sad with the game dying i just wanted to get all the trophies and enjoy the game i just bought all the DLC and i am not mad at myself for bying the DLC i am just sad that the game is dying i am a big f13 fan and this game became a part of my life so when this game dies so does a part of my life ?? GOOD BYE
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