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  1. Steven

    Legendary Perk Bonus Stats

    This is really good keep up the good work
  2. Hey guys i bought friday the 13th (disc version) for my ps4 and i didn't bought any of the DLC but last week as i was playing the game i saw that i have the 1984 spring break is it becuse i have the disc version or not
  3. Hey guys i am trying to get the Ph.D trophy/achivment and i am doing fine i only need 10 more kills but there is a kill where you put a conselour to a tree and you pull out conselour's hands but i dit it on a lamp post those it count
  4. Steven

    Jason Selection Update

  5. Steven

    Jason Selection Update

    Ofcours it will be on April the 13th the first friday the 13th in the year and on july 13th the second friday the 13 in the year are we going to get something new. I hope this update will be great becuse this is the best game ever and and friday the 13th movies are the best. Keep up the good work
  6. What do you guy's think Friday the 13th the game is better on PC,PS4 or Xbox one. For me PS4
  7. No i meant do you have to repaer the phone box 100 times and the electric box 100 times as well for exsample can i repear the phone box 76 times and then the electrix box 24 times and get the trophy or not
  8. There is a trophy that requries you to repair 100 electric boxes and 100 phone boxes but can you perair one of them 100 times or bout of them 100 times (totall 200 times)
  9. There is a trophy called "Face of" and you need to remove jason's mask 13 times i removed jason's mask once but when somebody removes it i get 50+ XP and it count with my badge but does that count for the trophy
  10. For the trophy jack of all Jason's you need to play a multiplayer match as every jason exsept part 4 and 5 but i played evry jason in a multiplayer match but did not get the trophy but i played with the retro part 3 jason does that count
  11. For the trophy roll credits you need to kill jason but do you need to kill him like tommy or does it count if you are conselour and somebody who is tommy kill him
  12. Steven

    Super fan

    Yea but what if i spawn as tommy jarvis and die or survive will that count
  13. For the trophy super fan you need to play one match as every conselour once it doesn't matter if you survive or die but those it count if you die and then spawn back as tommy and then survive or die