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  1. 1. Indentured servitude, they weren't slaves they were workers, and they lived equally with their employer, not only did they have to pay them but provide them food and a place to live, that's better than modern employment. 2, it isnt abhorrent as refuted above, but playing your games and pretending it is, what Objectively makes it abhorrent? Without God there is no Objective Morality 3, Incorrect, Levticus is specifically for the Leviathans, not all of humanity, they had these very specific prohibitions for a reason. For general laws you're going to have to go back to Genesis 9:3 where God/Jesud Christ says you may eat any animal, so yes you could eat pork and shrimp. The Law is summed up by Jesus Christ in Matthew 7:12, "Treat others the same way you could want them to treat you", which sums up The Law, and sums up the 10 commandments. 3, As far as "homosexuals" that's never condemned, being gay isn't a sin, the word for the passage in Hebrew of Levitcus means anal sex, this was to the Leviathans, especially when it came to worshipping false gods. Lumping specific prohibitions/laws for Leviathans as the Law is a fallacy, it's as fallacious as lumping in interpolation or mistranslation with original text
  2. In this entire illogical diatribe, you didn't refute a thing and simply demonstrated that the facts are for whatever the reasoning, inconvenienent for you. The universe is fine tuned, Objective Morality requires an Objective authority. I have no feelings as to what I accept or decline, if something is illogical then I reject it, hence why I rejected atheism after intensive study, it is simply unscientific. In no way scientifically, morally, historically and even logically is it even plausible for God/Jesus Christ not to exist. Atheism is a fairy tale of wild imagination, the idea that any unconscious property could produce a conscious property when it lacks the properties of it(mindless cannot produce a mind) is utterly absurd.
  3. After all that's happened with this game since launch, not only will I not buy it, I recommend others not to. As for proof of whether it happened or not, it certainly did happen and is scientifically proven.
  4. Its been a ride, I'm happy that the defenders of this game saw the light.
  5. Seeing as they showed photos of the spaceship, I want to see photos of Camp Forest green, the Shepard residence, Manhattan and the Lazarus boat that were all going to come out.
  6. You didn't get a game based on Friday the 13th films, where's Pamela, where's camp forest green, where's Tina, where's the Shepard map? The Lazarus boat? Manhattan? The game is incomplete, forget about future/extra content, they didn't even make basic content. They fix all the bugs and the players will still leave. This game in it's multiplayer state won't continue with a low amount of players who only care about bugs(as if that's what's gonna make the game fun) over those who are burnt out, wanted new content and left, those people are the majority of the playerbase, hence why so many played each time an update with content came out.
  7. Whether this legal claim is an excuse to stop producing content or whether it's legit and they can't make future content until the lawsuit finishes I predict this happening. Here's a bold prediction: After the lawsuit finishes, even if they don't return to make content immediately after the lawsuit, they eventually will return as whatever projects they have after this won't reach the level of success as this project did they will return to this project and continuing building and releasing content.
  8. That game, which was on nes has nothing to do with this game, that game was made by ljn, they're not gonna be able to offer the film experience on that platform. Current gen? No excuse, even in the last 3 gens there wouldn't be an excuse for only 5 maps.
  9. From General FAQ by Ben, first paragraph: "...when we got the rights to Friday the 13th we knew we had to make the game better, with more features and content that complements the franchise. To put it bluntly, we wanted this game to be every bit as big as the franchise on which it is based." Easy question for you truth, Is this game a true Friday the 13th film series video game adaptation?(at least parts 1-8) Yes or No If Yes them every map from at the very least parts 1-8 should be in the game. If not then it's a demo/incomplete
  10. It does, otherwise it's a demo. What the game doesn't need is dlc/extra content. Those maps and etc they left out weren't extra content, they were basic content that should've been on disc. If anything the biggest bug fix needed is the missing maps from this franchise. Without that we have a demo. Extra content would've been something like a custom map and etc.
  11. The priorities should've been in this order: 1. Complete the game/basic film series content(each map and skin from each movie under the original series) 2. Fix bugs 3. Extra content
  12. Thats the terms your company came up with, not something I would phrase it as. Anyways point still stands, this game doesn't cover the full Friday the 13th film franchise, there's no camp Forest green, no Shepard residence, no Manhattan, no Lazarus ship, no Tina Shepard, and no Pamela as playable character. This game merely covers parts 2-5 with some asesthetics from parts 1 and 6-8.
  13. I don't want content every month or week or etc, I simply want a full game. If this happened after all the maps from each movie were in the game, I wouldn't care, I'm not this content hungry dude these folks are trying to make me out to be, I simply want the full gaming experience, not a demo. This game doesn't even have the replayability of a ps1 game. Think about it, this game only covers parts 2-5 from the film, Doesn't cover part 1 as there's no pamela, doesn't cover parts 6-8 as theres no maps from those movies. It would be nice to have extra content like custom maps but I let that slide since that's extra, I'm not ungrateful, I paid 40 for a gaming experience of the films and only recieved a demo. They fix all the bugs? Fine, but I'll still be left with a bug free demo, getting this game out with the complete content should've been the priority, then bugs and then dlc/extra content.
  14. Without more content this is a demo/sample f13th experience, the franchise didn't consist of merely 5 maps and a few skins. I can get more replay value from a ps1 game.
  15. Yeah and those games I played as a kid prior internet had content to last year's, not 5 maps and a few skins. That's why this comparison doesn't work, I'm not some kid who expects content every week and etc, I'm not into video gaming like that anymore, I only play a section number of games now, I simply want a full game with full content, not a demo that has little replay value.
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