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  1. Chase themes

    I also face that problem as well, I don't remember hearing the part 4 theme when I'm playing as part 4 Jason
  2. Unmasked Jason

    The bloody Jason's aren't in films, so unmasked Jasons should be an option, in almost all the movies he's unmasked.
  3. Part 4 Jason's chase theme doesn't work sometimes and when I play as that Jason, Part 6 chase theme should use this theme - Part 7 chase theme should use this theme at 0:40 -
  4. "Create" a Jason

    How would it? In the movies alot of the sequences are dreams or the victims memory of how he looks. In part 3 at the beginning he's wearing the part 2 clothes with his new look
  5. Day Maps

    A huge portion of the films take place in the day time, this wouldn't affect anything, you could still hide, still have fear, still need to use sense and etc
  6. "Create" a Jason

    We should be able to change clothes in the film, it would still be film accurate to be honest. We should be at to choose what clothes, face/body model and mask we want to use, and if we want to use him unmasked we should, In Part 2 Jason unmasked was likely a dream, in the beginning of 3 we see that Jason in his part 2 clothes at the beginning of the movie in the store, so if we want to use part 3 with the part 2 clothes we should Also for alot of part 3 he's unmasked in the movie, so if we want to use him unmasked from the get go. Also part 3 unmasked could be considered a dream, as part 4 was intended to look like the accurate adult version of Jason, so if we want to use the previous movie masks and clothes on him we should. We should be able to mix and match the masks, clothes and models
  7. Devs, does the backdoor in virtual cabin open or not? I want to know whether I'm wasting my time or not, if there's more to discover after the 3 endings
  8. We need Roy added and Pinehurst map Camp Forest Green map as well
  9. About our recent update

    How come you have time to respond to this stuff yet don't respond to real questions. For example, what happened to the map that was supposed to be released before winter and is it still coming? When will we get more news on paranoia mode? Are there more than the 3 endings in virtual cabin or is that it? Will Roy be released as a skin? Is Pamela under development? Is Pinehurst and camp Forest Green going to be a map?
  10. So there's no more endings after the 3? You should let us know, it would let me know if I'm wasting my time or not
  11. I'll ask the none spoiler question then, Are there more than the 3 endings in virtual cabin or is that it?
  12. That's what I'm trying to figure out as well as the passwords for each counselor
  13. Dude, Try going back to Jason X room
  14. The question is why does the music ques when you place it on the podium and what should be done next?
  15. We must ask why the music ques when the Pamela badge is placed, perhaps there's a date that correlates with that or a password? Did you check all around including the coming soon door again after you placed the badge on the podium?