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  1. So I've had it give me suicide after escaping in the car a couple times and I've seen the match end early without time running out and with counselors still in the game and without Jason leaving match. It could say 4 minutes left with 2 people remaining after someone escapes by car and then match ends.
  2. Dude that happened to me alone when escaping with my friend in the car and then next time we escaped we were both fine but the third time we escaped we both got suicide.
  3. I disagree. I think most are playing to either play for fun, earn trophies and or earn badges and also level up. My whole idea for the Pamela and Tommy tapes was so if while you're doing that if you see there are none in the map you can feel more at ease instead of worrying if someone else will find it first or if you and a friend are boosting in private matches and rotating as who is jason and who is the counselor it would tell you if there was any reason to waste 10 minutes searching all the houses/drawers. I mean I've done everything else except for the 1000 matches as Jason (have less than 200 to go after almost a year of playing the game) so it would be nice to not have to play a ton of matches searching just to find my last 7 Tommy tapes. I get what you guys are saying so if nothing else I'd say at least in private matches show up for those who are just trying to find tapes.
  4. So a few friends and I were thinking it would be cool if on loading screen or even overall map (like when you hit to view it) if it would just say that there were any or not while checking drawers. So like if there were 0 Pamela tapes but 1 Tommy tape then maybe show on the corner of the map 0 Pamela tapes 1 Tommy tape and then those searching know if there will be one or not in the map and maybe it'll change to 0 when someone finds it.
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