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    Is there a trick to the Jason stuns?

    I thought I was the only one!!!!!! I just played a match the other day like this. There were only like 5 people in the lobby when the game started, so I was like "please let me be Jason" lol. And sure enough I was. A couple minutes into the match I grabbed Vanessa trying to repair a car. Chad was right there and hit me with a wrench, but I didn't get stunned, I just dropped her. Like she fell out of my grip. So I was like "okay whatever". I grabbed her again, he hit me again and I dropped her again (but still not stunned). So I started to go after Chad and he hit me again and stunned me. I was like "okay 3 for 3, lucky". Then he hit me a fourth time and I was stunned/mask knocked off. Throughout the match whenever I came into contact with this Chad he stunned me every single time!! And I'm talking like 8 to 10 stuns. I ended up killing him, but I've never had this happen before. Because of this I ended up killing 3/5 andTommy. And I have a pretty good kill ratio with Jason 80%-100% depending on the counselors strategy. I'm playing on PS4 and this happened like 2 days ago (Feb 15th).
  2. Hey all! I just wanted to make a quick post about a couple things I just thought would be cool for F13. First off I feel like host migration would be a great thing to include in the multiplayer. I don't know if this is something that has already been discussed or not (I just recently joined the forums), but I can't tell you how many games I have been kicked from because of the host disconnecting. And it is always unfortunate when the host is a counselor and quits the game when they get killed. Anyways I think this is something many f13 gamers would appreciate. A little off that subject I think it would be cool to have the Jason from the 2009 reboot! I really liked this film and the way they portrayed Jason. That's just my opinion. Ya know...because I'm a gamer who cares.
  3. Bonafidechrisp

    Patch Notes - 01.30.2018

    Jason Climbs. I am a digital artist/game designer from the United States, so when it comes to balance, mechanics, aesthetics and player experience I naturally appreciate the best qualities of a game and critique qualities that could be even better. I just want to start off by saying this is one of the better, more descriptive posts I've seen about the recent patch. You have a very good point on a lot of the aspects of the game. I do want to expand a little more on the topic of "balance" in the game and kind of give my opinion. It is of no surprise that Jason Voorhees is OP in the game. F13 was definitely designed to give Jason the upper hand and make it difficult for the counselors to escape unless they work together. This is a strong concept that creates the experience of feeling "powerful" as Mr. Voorhees and "inferior" as a hormonal counselor. Overall I feel that this patch has created a much better balance in the game by restricting the med sprays (there were quite a few of them) and not having the fuse spawn in the same house as the fuse box (honestly I've never found it in the same house anyways). In my opinion though I do feel like there were a fair amount of pocket knives in the game, previously. Now here's my explanation. The game is obviously made to have the counselors work together, but this is not always the case especially when the other players don't have mics, are playing for 'themselves' or are not playing the game seriously. This in return causes the serious players to have a slightly less fortunate game experience. What I mean by this is you will be in a game where many players have pocket knives, but none of the players utilize them for setting of traps. Before the patch I felt like there was a good 'balance' in the game as far as pocket knives to players to bear traps. It becomes a thing where you feel a little 'powerful' as a counselor because lets be honest the pocket knives were not a game changer, but in the right hands they could definitely enhance the gameplay. Having a few extra pocket knives in the match just allows the enthusiastic players to have a better chance of survival, but still doesn't make them invincible (especially if its a butcher-Jason). And honestly I liked playing as Jason and feeling like there was more of a challenge. Again Jason was already OP, but before the patch I actually felt like it was going to be a little more difficult to kill all the counselors. I liked that feeling! My heart was racing every time I was Jason, like the pressure was on! I don't quite get that same feeling now. I almost feel like I put in a cheat code and made it harder for the counselors to survive. I to have to say though, I agree with you Cash1980 as far as maybe allowing the host to have more options/control on the game settings like spawns for pocket knives, med sprays and weapons. This is something I would definitely be okay with. In the end F13 is definitely a great game and I only see it getting better. This is all my opinion. Ya know...because I'm a gamer who cares.
  4. Bonafidechrisp

    Gamer Tags for F13!

    PS4 PSN ID: KRaZy_91
  5. Bonafidechrisp

    BonafideChrisP Checkin in!!

    Thanks for welcoming me, Damon. I'm looking forward to being a part of the community and helping make the game the best possible experience. I will definitely check out this thread as well. Hope to see you around the forums! Cheers!
  6. Bonafidechrisp

    BonafideChrisP Checkin in!!

    Hey everyone, my name is Chris and I am from the United States, in middle of the mitten (Michigan). I am a digital artist and game designer. I am always interested in new games and exploring what makes them good and what could even make them better. So I just thought I would join the forums to get all the cool updates on one of my favorite online multiplayer games, and maybe give some positive opinions/critique about the game in the process. Ya know...because I'm a gamer who cares.