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  1. I do this pretty often. The average solo queue lobby is filled with idiots who will go through entire buildings and completely skip an item. Or atleast not pick it up and drop it; I find myself as chad bringing items, repairing the car quite often. If I do the entire thing on my own, Im taking the car Im not stopping to wait for some moron to diddle his anus till he orgasms then he comes to the car. On the other hand if someone helped. I do my every best to help them escape.
  2. This is the problem. Its not even good Jasons, the average Jasons are learning how to do this. Heck I do this and im just a bit above the average Jason. I see people doing the Dead by daylight 360s to bait jason into baiting them into them baiting Jason but, still. Fear is an issue for me as chad.
  3. Ive been maining chad for a while because I thought luck meant stun chance. The main issue I have with chad is hes a big pussy. He gets scared and his stamina drops to shit right away. the main reason I liked him was speed and stunning jason
  4. Still needs a fix. If you can exit a house without this bug, the car needs this fixed too. This is a relatively new issue that did not exist when the game came out.
  5. I get out of the car, Run miles away from Jason, he just hits grab for fun, and I teleport back to the car. Please fix this damn bug.
  6. This is not my fault. Every time I clicked submit it said error try again in 4 seconds. It was not rendering. Blame the spaghetti code as usual, not me.
  7. If someone else wants to be nasty I will respond. Im not being nasty, the person above claimed he was unemployed.
  8. So has everyone, what you havent done is repair a car all on your own being the last survivor.
  9. Jason is overpowered. The only way to beat him is literally perfect cooperation and a bit of luck. Ive had games where the boat, the car, and the phone were all within a shifts distance of each other (Pinehurst). Good luck getting away with that.
  10. Ive had games where like 4 hits with a vanessa machete stripped me in my birthday suit. Other games we stun jason atleast 20 times with a bat and nothing happens
  11. Ive had it atleast 1/3 Jason games and its frustrating when youve grabbed a speed hacker and cant do jack shit because its stuck.
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