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  1. Your favourite forum member?

    I know thats the joke....
  2. What kind of pets do you have?

    Holy, why does a lot of people have an abundance of animals, that is super expensive. I only have a dog and a cat.
  3. Your favourite forum member?

    I would have to say @Cryna hes a pretty cool dude
  4. Best horror character ever?

    Tbh I think The Thing would be a good contestant, its a shape-shifting being that can transform into your friends, so you can't trust anyone.
  5. Anti-Valentine's Cards

    oh i just thought of one roses are red roses are red things would be better if you were pronouced dead good?
  6. Anti-Valentine's Cards

    hands one of these to someone gets punched on mugged thanks alot
  7. Best horror character ever?

    Best horror character ever? Lets have a civil argument about it.
  8. Michael VS Jason

    Yeah me too
  9. Michael VS Jason

    I like Jason too, I'm not picking Michael just because I like him, I picked him because of what I have seen.
  10. Michael VS Jason

    Lol yeah, but not likely
  11. Michael VS Jason

    Nah, that would be bad, seriously image it, Michael Vs Jason Vs Ash, yeaahhhh no.
  12. Michael VS Jason

    Honestly this would be a great movie idea, Freddy wants revenge against Jason for beating him in their previous fight, so he summons Michael to go after them, but they both turn on Freddy and kill him together.
  13. Michael VS Jason

    Im saying thats what they would be like, not say. Also I don't think they would be friends, I'm disagreeing with your idea
  14. Michael VS Jason

    Im not saying they would be friends, just like they would be like "Yeah thx for help me kill Freddy, Michael." "Np" "So you just wanna leave and never speak of this again?" "Sure" *Michael and Jason both walk away from each other*
  15. Michael VS Jason

    Re-read that again "Jason has died and came back many times" how many times has Michael died?