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  1. I made a similar Topic but as a poll, everyone seems to want it except Jason players. Just goes to show you who it really benefits :/
  2. I feel you, I used to play Friday all the time when I was free it was my favorite game. After a while it really just died out... I haven't played it in a month and i'm not sure if I want to go back on it. Well, until the next update of course (for single player challenges).
  3. Those were easy the only trophy I find annoying is the boat repairs but that's the whole point.
  4. Ignore them lool. I'm so glad there is an ignore option on this site lolol!
  5. Lol! They should dress him up like Buzz Lightyear
  6. PSN: BangkokHard Preferred counselor. I cannot play as Jason at all! Very good at staling/trolling for a bit. Add me (Always in a party)
  7. haha hilarious it's a matter of giving the counselor time to run because they don't have anything 100% I wouldn't mind but everyone is always screaming :/ For all you guy's who are jumping down my throat about what I said, I asked your opinion I never said I wanted it. Thank you guy's for telling me what I should do in order to survive when i'm spawned at the phone box house. As for the assholes that take everything to the heart, good looks loool!
  8. I'm always looking to make more friends.. I absolutely love getting to know more people so if you're interested in playing FT13 or any game for that matter, add me on PS4. Username: BangkokHard If you guy's play on PS4 and want new people/friends to play with, don't be shy leave your username below and i'm sure someone is bound to add or talk to you.
  9. My rant is relevant to me because it came from me. Thank you for your input. All this "we don't need" is your opinion and I respect that, but that don't mean it won't happen.You disagree. Congrats. Dev get's their shit together by scouting and seeing how many people are complaining about certain things and what they think they should be changing. I'm pointing out the obvious. I disagree with you. I believe that we shouldn't spawn at the Phone House.
  10. You guy's are totally right lets all hide in the house so that when Jason breaks everything such as doors and windows he finds us. OH! and not to mention the fact that the counselors scream when he is near... lets also complain about the fact that some players don't like it and they are labeled as " non skilled" as soon as they ask something that will benefit other players of course it benefits you though right? When you're Jason? Let's also ignore the fact that a player get's killed as soon as the game starts and has to wait until everybody either escapes or dies. SHIT! I have an idea! why don't we all be Jason if that's what the game is all about. Oh wait we can't. Why? Because Jason isn't shit without people to kill. make it fair, if not you're always going to hear complaints. "I like being killed by Jason" bull crap.
  11. I find it really annoying how i'm always the one to be spawned where the phone house is and die first.. Do you guys think they should make it to where you don't spawn near the phone house? I mean there are plenty of houses to spawn at. That's the first place Jason goes to, most Jason's are asses and of course are going to go for the kill.
  12. I voted Yay because i think it's about time they do something for the counselors and i'm excited not only for myself but others as well. It's happening oh well sorry Jason players
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