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  1. Maybe The Chad if he comes with the Sacred Branch, but he would need at least 3 outfits: Tiger speedo, Cobra Kai, and the original.
  2. Blah blah blah Until you openly offer and post a challenge for some of the best in the forums to accept, your argument doesn't impress me much. Nothing worse than braggart Jason players that are all talk. @GeneiJin What do you think?
  3. First match I found a Tommy tape in the first drawer I checked.
  4. Are you for real? That thing is broken. Just like the game.
  5. The original post that started it all!
  6. The Tommy

    Happy Friday the 13th

    Lol what competition?
  7. Happy Ft13th everybody! Here's some fun stuff: Enjoy Jason's day!
  8. No, I'm pretty sure that one is about Austin 3:16 whoooping ass lol
  9. I'd like to see an event where there's like an 1000% increase in Sacred Branch spawns. C'mon Gun, let's have some fun! @GunMedia_Ben @wes @Randygbk @ShiftySamurai
  10. Don't forget the trash can on Jarvis map (I'm sure that's a hidden dig at it lol). It's so sad to go to a campfire and only find that damn cooking pan instead, although @Tommy86 is highly skilled with it. One day I'm gonna be able to pick up that Sacred Branch on the canoe by the campfire close to the Party House on Jarvis map. Until then, it torments me. The best cabins in the game are the one doors that have it proudly displayed on the top shelf. Of all the things to memorize in the game, I memorize Sacred Branch locations.
  11. Flaming machete no less.
  12. True, but sometimes lately my person slides out and is pretending to hide next to the bed out in the open. The dirty sock smells must have gotten worse!
  13. And ambush Jason. He'll never see it coming! I prefer jumping out of a closet lol In regards to the Sacred Branch, always:
  14. The mighty stick is not for everyone. Using the Sacred Branch in the game is a true test of courage and faith with doom definitely involved. Branchiness lol.
  15. I can always dream, but sadly that would probably fall under new content.
  16. Oh that sucks and explains it. I still wish there was some more available slots for storage. I'd like to tinker with some unorthodox loadouts, but no room really.
  17. Well according to @sfosterjr, some people have heard my teachings on PS4. I know some of the people I play with pick it up in honor of me when I'm not around. And if I am on, they'll call out the locations of it for me. Having a blast is exactly what I'd want if this was ever made an event. Getting a random lobby to have a good time is so much fun. With mics, the Sacred Branch amazes and humors. Always great to be able to to have friendly trash talk while wielding the Sacred Branch vs a Jason player. Thanks and I agree with you. The Sacred Branch is my wheelhouse lol
  18. Clothing attributes would be interesting. And The Chad is a perfect example. Nothing wrong with talking about the greatest counselor in the game.
  19. "for short" hahaha Thanks, but it's the best idea lol! Just trying to be creative with the assets already in the game.
  20. Yes. We're getting to the real heart of the matter here.
  21. The Tommy

    How the hell do I get into the car on ps4?

    I had one game where it wouldn't let me in the drivers seat. Only the passenger seat had interaction.