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  1. There’s still the hidden kill that can only be done on an actual Friday the 13th during a full moon at night (your timezone) by The Chad solo with the Sacred Branch near an in game radio blaring Crazy Lixx’s XIII. You will know if the kill is in play if when Jason gets close to you the radio changes the song to Killer by Crazy Lixx. A car can be used in the place of the radio for the music.
  2. No, but the Resident Evil chapter for Dead by Daylight is looking real good.
  3. I was looking forward to more maps and playable counselors/Jasons. Just more content in general as this game had a lot of potential. My best memories are all from the earlier years of the game. It’s those memories that will bring me back to play again from time to time, but it’s just not the same for me nowadays. Creating the Sacred Branch lore with The Chad was some of my best fun as I could play that in solo quick play and still have fun.
  4. I know I’m the leader for most total time holding the Sacred Branch and having the most attacks with it. Probably demasks with it too.
  5. That twinkle in his eye. It must be The Chad wielding the Sacred Branch! P.S. Story time soon???
  6. Actually I think the notification is when you first step into the shack. Drug a few bots in there back in the day. Which was funny that she's all alarmed while I'm bringing the victims in. I'd leave them there and after awhile, I'd get renotified every so often. Then why does that bucket next to the toilet look suspicious/used?
  7. It's true. Up against a slashing Jason, the Sacred Branch will be heard. That being said, part IV Jason is the Sacred Branch's nemesis. Still kicking myself after accidentally deleting a clip this last weekend where I demasked said part IV while in a limping state with the Sacred Branch. I blame being tired at the the time.
  8. With the lack of sprays and that god awful grab, it's no wonder Jason slashes. At least you should get a few licks in before dying if you're trying to fight him at the very least.
  9. You can find a lot of glitches and bugs messing around. That's always fun. Last weekend my friends made the outhouse bridge.
  10. My favorite part of the video was either Adam grabbing a map, or Buggzy opening a window.
  11. I think we're missing the most important question here if these ever got made: Whose butt will be bigger? Tiffany or AJ?
  12. I've looked at the books before , but couldn't pull the trigger on the price. They're still probably awesome though. And I want that poster too! Hoping the people that buy this sell theirs. Or wait for the ultimate slasher collector's edition price to well, uh, get slashed.
  13. Sure seems like it. I'm not seeing as many of the old regulars around here like I used to.
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