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  1. I usually do this to Jason to draw his ire, or when I've accepted my fate. I just laugh when I'm Jason. I really don't care. It's not like later I'm still gonna be thinking about the counselor(s) that crouched on me.
  2. I think I'd start to get some DbD vibes if Jason starts kicking fences. I get where you're coming from though.
  3. Let's talk about bear traps.

    Like what can I say man? It was playing my jam! So are you saying you're a Defender of the Holy Doors? Lol http://forum.f13game.com/topic/17615-defenders-of-the-holy-doors/ *The Chad approves of traps on either side of the door, but for the inside ones learn proper placement!
  4. Carrying Matches

    All right, I will man. Yeah the PS4 can be dumb sometimes lol
  5. Friday the 13th and Friday crossover

  6. Carrying Matches

    Oh man I've seen you on a few times, but figured you were in a group so I didn't want to bother you. Know this though: I may roll the speedy Chad, but I will escort/cover you as The Chad values a good repair player.
  7. Friday the 13th and Friday crossover

    How sad is it? Let's ask Vegeta. Lol that being said I will gladly take a cupcake as I laugh thinking there's another post of mine with no replies buried a little deeper in "Off Topic" that's like a week old which ties in nicely to my next quote. I need your input on my Jefferson vs Jason topic since you mentioned Fast Times at Ridgemont High. I think it's on page 2 currently hahahaha That's be pretty sweet too. I'd like to think what they'd call a Friday the 13th and Friday crossover if they tried to make sure you knew both franchises were involved. As for your idea, I got Wet Hot American Friday the 13th. Original, I know, 😂
  8. Jason nerf

    Oh my word. Yokozuna! Hahahaha! Perfect @Alkavian. Just perfect.
  9. Oct. 11 Mode

    First time I saw it, I had to ask if his mask was still on, or if it was a bug and I was seeing things. Yup.
  10. Animated signatures (warning: Image heavy)

    If @stoney knows what they want, go ahead and get them. I've been sick and work has been kicking my butt. Just happy to be on the list for when I'm ready.
  11. Share Your Experiences

    If I was that Vanessa, I wouldn't have gone for a seat that was already taken. However, if I'm lingering by the car that's already got enough passengers, it's to fight Jason when he shows up.
  12. Bloody skins for counselors.

    That's exactly what I do to my friends sometimes. I whack them and say, "Bloody skin DLC. You're welcome."
  13. You'll just have to settle for an Legendary Thick Skin then. And as everyone else has pretty much said, nope on spending now.
  14. Carrying Matches

    I've done this too. It's pretty bad when The Chad has to lead the charge. As a Chad, I agree with you. @lazerus_86 yes many of the players in QP seem entitled. They want help, yet won't give it. Numerous times I save someone just for them to leave me to die. Then I get to watch them die very shortly after that.