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  1. Maybe your fear is too high making it dark lol
  2. My favorite caped person (Yeah nobody probably recognizes this guy)
  3. The Tommy

    Creighton Duke?

    How about some other info about yourself?
  4. @Ghostboy20 and @Truth thanks for making me hungry for food I can't have unless I drive a few hours to Chicago for some lol. And I don't believe I've seen any tapes either. I've been asking other players in lobbies as I thought it was just my luck.
  5. The Tommy

    Animated signatures (warning: Image heavy)

    I had a feeling. Since you're not doing voluntary Photoshop right now, it sounds like you could be bribed 🤑 hahaha jk! I'm anxiously awaiting this, but I know the wait will be worth it.
  6. The Tommy

    Attack of the Vanessas

    The best main there is!
  7. The Tommy

    Attack of the Vanessas

    This is very true. @JennyMyers1984 all @BeautyNumber2 was doing was showing you the flip side of this.
  8. The Tommy

    Attack of the Vanessas

    Do you really expect The Chad to repair? The Chad? He orders everyone else to do his dirty work! Seriously though, this point and the other are mostly correct with the few exceptions. I'll try repair if there's no other player with better repair around. I try my best to take Jason's traps out and either assist a repair player or keep the Jason heat on me in hopes the repair player isn't hiding in a closet or under a bed. Or that they're not scared of Jason's traps/will use their pocket knife to remove the trap to fix the last part of the car or to call the cops.
  9. What about Shemp?
  10. Fixed your quote so it could English. I'm sorry you could not comprehend my counterpoint, so you got triggered and just made something up about me. No lie. Thank you.
  11. And yet you named the other movies correctly. BTW my response was a joke too. If they ever made a sequel to Jason X, would it be Jason XX? And the third Jason X be
  12. First off, no way dude. Second, it's Jason X.
  13. But will the PS5 game have dedicated servers?
  14. The Tommy

    So, I hired a "reputable" contractor to finish my basement...

    That was the first thing I saw in that photo lol
  15. The Tommy

    Today/Tomorrow's Thursday!

    With it no longer being Thursday, what will happen next Thursday?