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  1. What if, you wrote a friday the 13th movie?

    The subtitle jason or freddy or any of them being 'dead' was supposed to be MISLEADING as EVIL never dies. How many sequels since then for freddy or jason ? But , I agree,with you, we all know the monster SEEMINGLY dies at the end of each movie going in, but they could've been more ORIGINAL with the title. They really wanted freddy to be dead, but that won't ever happen to freddy or jason until we see them burning in HELL. But, it's FICTION so yeah, they can still come back.So the subtitle is as fake as jason or freddy . Great comment !!
  2. What if, you wrote a friday the 13th movie?

    Wow !! What an imagination you have. May I use this post as inspiration when I come to that part in my screenplay ? I am on script buddy ,message me if y'all want the code to read what I have so far and feel free to contribute, for a co-writing credit , of course.
  3. F 13 : The Origins of Evil screenplay

    Saying don't write the story is NOT constructive to me. Hearing that makes me sick. If someone doesn't want to participate , just don't post, is the way I see it. I'm pretty sensitive , sorry. I AM on script buddy , message me if y'all want the code to read what I have so far. I'm hoping Alkavian will help polish it up. Thanks for the kind words, I will take them to heart. I will check out that thread, thanks again, you're a beautiful person !!
  4. F 13 : The Origins of Evil screenplay

    Rob Zombies Halloween had NOTHING to do with the Original or any other Halloween movie and was ROBs ideas . It explained Michael Myers as portrayed in HIS movie. It was ok , I guess but told us Nothing about the Original Michael Myers . Nada, zip, zero !! My JASON story is going to have plenty of killing , just gives a little KNOWLEDGE about Mom and her psychology . Why don't y'all STOP complaining and you don't have to participate or bring the Community down ? I won't FORCE you to READ IT , I Promise I won't !! You know why they don't make Friday the 13th movies anymore ? Because BLOCK HEADS that just want them to make the same , uninspired, TIRED movie when they can put on Part 1 and be SATISFIED , not me folks. You like '80's movies and in the '80's we thought they SUCKED. By part 5 , JASON was ROY and I don't hear anyone LOVIN' that Ridiculous ,SHIT SHOW . All you kiddies probably think it's the best part, don't you ? If I made a freakin' COMEDY about JASON , you would watch it , if only to see how bad it is . T H A T I S H O W the INDUSTRY works, make bank and to HELL with the FANS that BUY the tickets. I'm not only trying to do something original but something GOOD for the Friday the 13th the game Community , but I don't expect ANGRY HATERS and TROLLS to understand Community . I'm disabled and trying to DO something and you HATE ! What are YOU doing for ANYONE ? Shame on Y'ALL !! Way to participate in the community . Thanks , you're very HELPFUL .
  5. F 13 : The Origins of Evil screenplay

    Then you'll enjoy rts 2 - 11 OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER , I hope that dosen't hurt your eyes , Mr. I'll watch any MINDLESS killing. You must love Rob Zombies Halloween , RIGHT. I'm sure glad y'all DON'T work in HOLLYWOOD . I am going to write this and if you don't want to participate in the COMMUNITY , your loss.
  6. F 13 : The Origins of Evil screenplay

    We are NOT in the INDUSTRY , that's the WHOLE POINT !! I don't work for HOLLYWOOD , do YOU ? Ever hear of INDEPENDENT films ? Yeah, they're all the RAGE in CANNES !!
  7. I'd like a comment by the devs about this April / October timeline. No servers 'til October , WHO'S gonna be STILL playing this game until then ?I know how people are - their FICKLE and IMPATIENT . I don't want to lose 3/4 of our little COMMUNITY !! But, what can we lowly JASONITES do ?
  8. Best obscure slasher films?

    Hers a few fine flicks for you : That Kane Hodder flick where he starred as , was it Ed Gein ? Monsters in the Woods 2011- A horror movie shoot in the woods turns deadly when real-life monsters attack the cast & crew. Pelt - 2010 - Don't go off the trail while hiking and The Eves - 2011 - Headed to the beach for Spring Break , car trouble in the boondocks means a killing spree. Don't forget Peter Jacksons Dead Alive - not sure of year but right before he did the Lord of the Rings movies. ENJOY !!
  9. F 13 : The Origins of Evil screenplay

    I'm sorry, I think it's time for some NEW Jason , quite frankly, I am tired of going over movie from 40 years ago !! To be HONEST , after part 3 , people at the time thought anymore parts were just UN-NECESSARY . And , KIDS, I WAS THERE !! I like backstory , or else I would just be watching another story of a KILLER.. JASON should be UNIQUE , not like Michael Myers or ANYONE ELSE !! If put on a mask and filmed a KILLING SPREE scene, y'all would say "So WHAT, W H O CARES about this guy" . Anyone who want a BACKSTORY can HELP, if not , SIMPLY Don't Participate . STOP bringing EVERYONE ELSE DOWN, please. My stories are FREE and if you don't like the SHOW , feel free to CHANGE the CHANNEL.
  10. F 13 : The Origins of Evil screenplay

    So , you'll watch any old show about a killer in a mask then ? You have tons of them to watch then . You must really LOVE the SCREAM movies, no , wait, they explauned who the KILLER was in those movies !! You must HATE almost ALL HORROR MOVIES then,. Humm, SORRY about that.
  11. F 13 : The Origins of Evil screenplay

    OK , thanx for the info. So I can just add on to original post ?
  12. Free dlc packs

    Oh , ok thanx , just checking. Check out F 13 The Origins of Evil screenplay / contest in general discussion .
  13. I heard that there was free clothing dlc , is there anyway to still get that ?
  14. Someone needs to write the ORIGIN STORY of JASON and Y'all been elected. So , what I want to see are some ideas. You make the story and I'll write the screenplay , ok ? We'll have MEMBERS vote for best ideas, then work them into a story Sean Cunningham can APPROVE. We'll submit it to him as a community but will list all winning ideas and thier owners names. What , you want a PRISE too ? How about we find members to DONATE prises , like a mask or poster. I know 90% of members probably make authintic movie mask, donate a few . We'll even have a contest at the end to see which mask will show up in our movie. EVERYONE can help shoot too !! Just use you phone or camera to film videos of some spots near home that look like JASON would be around . Shoot 30 seconds of videos and take some STILL location shots. OH HELL , we gonna make the 1st Internet fan movie . Who thinks this could START a Film REVOLUTION ? I see $$$$$$. We have another screenwritter in oru mitts, ALKAVIAN , he may choose to participate and in the end we will have something F 13 the game community and DEVELOPMENT TEAM can PROUDLY present for approval by Mr. Cunningham . WHAT SAY YOU ? In one scene we can have Jason the Mongoloid born. Should we see parents hooking up ? Two mental patients ? Then see Jason baby being examined. Then see Jason playing with kitties. Now as a cat lover, it would be repulsive to me to see Jason EAT kitty. So , that's the next scene, naturally . Then Pamella , on the run for ? Killing Jasons dad ? gets a job at our favorite campground . What comes next ? JASON being picked on and Pamella complaining to the counselors and even Mgt. Jason gets killed , Pamella looses her mind and we see a brief montage of her killing spree. Now, how does JASON get his powers ? Well, if you bought into the part where the girl used TELEKINESIS to wake JASON , you'll LOVE that Pamella was in Mental Health in the 1st place for being a WITCH !! The whole coven raised Jason right after Pamellas death. I submit this entry for YOUR APPROVAL .
  15. Part 3 is the first !! 2 was ok , better if you watch 2 & 3 together . I loved the progession of mask ( except that freakin' Roy mask, that don't even count )As Jason got hammered on , they weather his mask. They could've put brand new mask on him for each film, like in Halloween , but Sean Cunningham decided to be original and keep the continuity .