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  1. yea i did that sound bubble things against random noobs on pinehurst, its crazy how far you can hear when they sprint because i zeroed in on some 8 stealth charchters very far away. But they are irrelevant when there are better players because you will be busy focusing on near objectives usually. They become more relevant as amount of counselors go down
  2. but when the point comes when you are 1vs1 against jason, likely half of the game has passed its very very unlikely you will be in the lowest fear state unless you are just waiting in a well lit house all the time edit: i think i remember sense range expanding with time, not suddenly grow bigger when hit rage but it reaches its peak at rage. And as above guy said more the fear more innocent christmas lights jogging in the distance
  3. i dont think this is true at all, tests i did before and my experience fear multiply the range a lot and i doubt tiffany will stay happy outside. ALso blimps arent much of a problem when jason can smell you from long distances
  4. ah i would love to make a sense avoidancec build like that :D. i always dream of doing one on AJ but my maximum right now is like %40. It would be so fun hiding from jason but also being on the move you know. right now if you are alone jason finds you tops 1-2 minute if its like huge map and much faster in smaller ones because huge sense radius so avoidance would really shake up how you play the game, it would be such a tense experience not knowing where jason is or is he stalking you
  5. yea they roll faster when you join a lobby but thats still somewhat slow
  6. As i said it may be harder for less experienced people and cant they just add a invisible wall there or sth like that
  7. Why this hasnt been fixed for 2 years? Jason hits car with a throwing knife, car flips, i get ejected to barn roof in higgins. Lame, and they are banned from new content that shold give em way more time to fix these
  8. so sad they didnt fix it since today. arent they even banned from adding new content? Why arent they fixing issues like these?
  9. i tried every way when someone got up there and couldnt get up there, only after match finished i went offline and i could climb it. some new player or even 150 player like me may not be able to figure it out or get it right on the spot. knives dont work as the person who knows the glitch stocks up on med sprays, first time i had rage early so i collected around 10 knives and hit target 7 times but they healed twice, another match same guy did the same thing, this time though i think i collected 12 knives and hit 11 of them but this time he had a melee weapon and blocked all my knives(even switched to machete after his bat broke) then used spray too,i gave up before using my last knife. long story short it should be fixed regardless ::p i never saw the spot ur talking about btw maybe it was more popular before?
  10. yes jason can get up there, *if you know how*. When you encounter this for the first time you might panic and not be able to get up there, like me, its basically a buggy spot thats not intented to be in game.
  11. I have 170.000 CP and rolling perks is too slow, there should be an option to make instant rolls or i will never be able to spend all of my CP.
  12. but devs thought about it right? i had seen devs talking about this in the forums. i just want some good healing/sense avoidance perks and i have 180k but these poor rolls scare me lmao
  13. i thought i read somewhere this higher level-better perk was implemented in the game. It might be in one of the patch notes but im not sure...
  14. I used a lot of my time to become 150 level so my perks would come out better. Has this been changed? Right now i still roll a lot of poor perks even though im 150.
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