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  1. Best answer. I think it's a lot to hope for a new hero character tied to a map. I see why so many people are disappointed by every new update.?
  2. Hmm. This is definitely the more fun option (plus I main with A.J.) I just feel like the intangibles are too high to count on for any kind of grinding. A good Jason round can net 4000+ this weekend, but still, the wait times are too deleterious.
  3. Ok. Thought so. Also, I didn't expect the 15,000+ hike after 102. Ugh. I started the weekend at 61, and I'm sitting at 81. (I've got 2 little ones...play time is limited.) With this new information, 113 is definitely impossible this weekend. Shoot.
  4. Has anyone else been able to earn greater than 2,990 xp after an offline match during this 2.3x weekend? My best possible is: Resourceful --- 400 Kill --- 800 Party Crasher --- 50 Trapper --- 50 2.3x Anything I'm missing?
  5. Pardon my ignorance, but how is a character's specific role to knock a mask off? Is there a different technique to it than just cracking him with a weapon?
  6. So you guys don't think it grows exponentially? Surely it did from 1-25. Right?
  7. Oops! Sorry. Thanks for the heads up! Thanks for the welcome, too!
  8. Yeah, I hit offline bots hard during the last Double XP weekend. I'm not a HUGE fan of grinding, though. I'd rather have an experience (than gain experience, hehe.) I tried out a lot of the environmentals and messed around with some of the underused J's (Part 7 and 9 for me,) but I got bored, too.
  9. Awesome, thanks! Just posted my intro. I'm at level 49. I have two kids under 2, so game time is limited, but I have been playing in bursts since launch. I didn't even have 44 when Part IV came out, so I had to grind pretty hard for that. It all seems like a slog after Part 9. That sounds like I'm complaining...I'm not. I'm just curious how much longer it'll take to get some of the new kills.
  10. Hey, I'm new to the forum. HUGE F13 fan. Obsessed with the movies and horror in general. Backed the game on Kickstater, and have been playing it (PS4) since release. I think the game is near perfect. Sure there are bugs and warranted gripes, but as far as creating a slasher experience that emulates the tone of the movie, I think it's perfect. Fight me. I also love F13 trivia, tidbits and Easter Eggs. PS4 gamertag: IAmMikeWhite Main counselor: AJ Main Jason: Roy, for now. Usually part 8. Favorite F13 movie: Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter
  11. Has anyone figured out a loose calculation for the XP earning scale? I've had the game since it came out, and I do pretty well for myself, but I'm only able to play 10-12 hours a week. Obviously, the XP needed for each level increases exponentially (duh,) but has anyone figured out the amount needed for each level? I'd love to hit the level cap, and I'm gonna hit the game hard this weekend, but how many hours am I looking at?
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